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<a href="http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Globespotting/entry/
corruption-couched-in-inefficiency">Corruption couched in

Indrani Bagchi
21 March 2011, 05:37 PM IST

Ask Indians about overseas aid and they get all self-righteous about
it. To anybody who says that India is now a middle income country and
really should not be getting overseas aid, Indian officials, even
politicians will say how large swathes of India’s population live
below poverty levels so there remains a valid case for foreign aid.

Ask the foreign officewallahs and they will wax eloquent about how US
aid for Pakistan is diverted against India, how they are building up
their defences using aid that could have been better used for
development in Pakistan.

Fine. What do you then say about India which, at last count, failed to
utilize external assistance of Rs 1,05,339 crore, according to the
latest report by the Comptroller & Auditor General? The CAG chided the
Manmohan Singh government -- in 2009-10 India paid a penalty of Rs 86
crore for not utilizing funds. We’re more comfortable paying a fine
for not using overseas aid, but not willing to stretch ourselves to
use cheap money to make our lives better.

It's an important point in governance: that inefficiency too is a form
of institutional corruption.

The CAG report has outlined 16 sectors where overseas aid has remained
unsued. These are urban development (Rs 23,883 crore), roads (Rs
11,617 crore), agriculture and rural development (Rs 9,557 crore),
water supply and sanitation (Rs 8,995 crore) and power (Rs 7,959
crore). Not to speak of railways, health, environment and forestry,
atomic energy and rural development.

Irony: as I write this, India is signing for $391 million of loans
from Asian Development Bank (ADB).

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Sid Harth says:

March 23,2011 at 01:59 AM IST

Indrani Bagchi makes a valid point. While Indian media, especially
those related to the economics/stock market/finance/real estate/
industry/manufacturing/marketing proclaim from time to time that India
has not only arrived in the big-boys exclusive club but India would
surpass such countries as Japan, Russia, China and Brazil in near
future. The way Hindutva fanatics play their superiority games for the
uninitiated with fancy slogans and fake projections of India's future,
one gets the impression that India has solved all her problems, past,
current and to some extent of the future. India is not only not
anywhere near to the hallowed glory of the developed countries, big or
small but Indians need a strong medicine to wake up from their stupor,
if not stupidity. ...and I am Sid Harth

Somak says:

March 22,2011 at 08:31 PM IST

Probably not as easy to siphon off money from foreign aid, so netas
and babus are naturally not keen on using it. The only incentive to do
work is to make a personal profit for our netas and babus. With better
checks and balances in place at aid giving banks, I guess it would be
much harder to explain how money was spent but work was not done (what
routinely happens with internal money), so no one wants to take a

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March 22,2011 at 10:16 AM IST

From The prime minister to councillars THE ELECTION COMMISION to make
them only TWO TERMS

G.Mani says:

March 22,2011 at 09:44 AM IST

If what Indrani Bagchi says is really true (it needs to be verified
again & confirmed by Central Govt.) it gives a dismal picture. It is a
fit case to probe and find out why the Central Govt. (the relevant
authority) failed to expedite apportioning funds to each sector to all
the States. The responsibility has to be fixed on those erring
Officers & action against them are taken. A high-powered, impartial
"Inquiry Committee or Commission" has to be formed to find out the
root cause of such mistakes & Central Govt. must ensure that such
mistakes are not repeated again. Will the Cenral Govt. do this & take
needed action? "G.Mani"

Sthithapragnja says:

March 22,2011 at 09:35 AM IST

Indrani Bagchi Ji, It is very rare to come across such articles
brimming with brilliance in presentation !! I had read somewhere that
"Electricity saved is equivalent to Electricity generated ??" That
does not mean that concessional aid Not spent or utilised is money
saved by not spending ?? When you juxtapose THE scenes of debates
taking place in the parliament of INDIA,U:K:, & U.S.A. you can discern
and distinguish wihout anyone goading you as to how disciplined and
enlightened the repreentatives of the people of the respective
countries are ?? No prizes for guessing ?? An expert physician/Doctor
by examining the pulse/breathing of the patient can easily identify
the cause of the ailment/diagnose the ailment! I HASTEN TO CONCLUDE BY
collective wisdom of individual ignorance "" When you juxta

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Srinivas says:

March 22,2011 at 09:24 AM IST

The Economist gives out an article on the Congress way of rule:

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fida siddiqui says:

March 22,2011 at 08:33 AM IST

Moneylaundering and transfer of large sums by indivisuals & companies
should be tabbed strictly by Agencies , a mechanism to bring govt
babus for accountabilty should be brought up, in case of inefficiency
by babus they should be punished.Union Government needs to effectively
decentralize the decision making process to the States since the
States are closer to the electorate and are more answerable to them
than the Central Government.

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Devinder K.Sharma says:

March 22,2011 at 08:24 AM IST

Apart from paying penalty by way of commitment charges on the
contracted external assistance but not utilized, the most shocking and
interesting aspect of the sectoral story of the un-utilized external
assistance is the cruel fact that almost all of it is dedicated to the
so called flagship programmes of the UPA government. This truly
reflects the pathetic implementation of these programmes under which
thousands of crores of rupees are lying un-utilized with the States,
leading to underutilization of the contracted external assistance. For
the flagship programmes to succeed, the Union Government needs to
effectively decentralize the decision making process to the States
since the States are closer to the electorate and are more answerable
to them than the Central Government.

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Bharatbachao says:

March 22,2011 at 07:09 AM IST

I think the Indian politicians and Babus are thick-skinned like
animals. They are totally shameless. We need to punish them like
animals - public flogging - one flog for every rupee lost.

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Sachetak says:

March 22,2011 at 02:31 AM IST

Irony is we are going for loan/aid overseas and pay interst on it; but
we are not seriouly collecting the taxes which are many times more
than the loans/aid we seek. Apart from this, no action is being taken
to bring back the blackmoney of over 400 lakh crores stashed abroad by
Sonia Gandhi and others in foreign banks. What a shame.

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Mayank Mishra says:

March 21,2011 at 10:49 PM IST

Thats a shocking information.Bizzare.we are paying penalities for not
using oerseas money.Hows that possible.The goverment must make a reply
on it.

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(Reply to Mayank Mishra)- Son Of India says:

March 22,2011 at 10:10 AM IST

Because the Babus and Netas could not find ways and means to make
their cut in those schemes.

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Daisy Boy says:

March 21,2011 at 10:27 PM IST

Wherever there are accounting processes attached to aid / loan, it
will be seldom utilized. There should be enough leeway to play around
with funds for it to be utilized or rather consumed by the powers that

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Shreepad says:

March 21,2011 at 08:57 PM IST

Notion that MMS was a or is a great economist, is such a lie fed to
the public (and so repeatedly so by English Media) that the effect is
similar to Aryan Invasion Theory! He was and is a socialistic thinking
theoretical person. He was always a yes master and whatever he did to
liberate the licence raj(to a small extent) was as being TOLD to do so
by PVN. It was done under duress, not out of vision or belief in the
strength of the nation to move on with free market system! Also, any
one ingenious in approach(a visionary) won't like the idea of joining
hands with scoundrals! In developed world, by now, he would have been
in jail with Raja, for the proven grafts that have taken place. It is
better that GOI does't transact anything; that way further damage
could be averted!! It is pathetic! God Save India!!

Jitendra Desai says:

March 21,2011 at 08:14 PM IST

Thanks! We never knew that not only our tax money but even foreign aid
too are not utilized.We even pay penalty! That should count as
greatest sacrilege.It is common for state governments to fail to
utilize the budgeted amounts at the end of year.This is one more
feather in our cap. You have done a great service by providing the
areas for which this aid is available.Entire country is screaming for
improving all of these sectors.And here we have a regime that pays
penalty for non utilization of money.Any one for PIL in SC for this?

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Rajeev says:

March 21,2011 at 08:05 PM IST

Indraniji, are you sure you have not confused "Aid" with "Alms"? Aid
is generally a soft loan, grant to some NGO or assistance to an
existing entity. Further aid is generally not a free lunch- it does
come with strings attached e.g. a Trade agreement or whatever. I am
therefore not arguing for or against aid but it needs to be looked at
in right perspective. Also if we could fix the corruption issue and
bring back the looted 400,000 crore stashed in safe heavens abroad,
then we could perhaps become a net aid giver.

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(Reply to Rajeev)- B.S.Chandra shekhara says:

March 21,2011 at 09:49 PM IST

Mr. Rajeev you are perfectly right in your opinion about foreign aid.
A few years back, as I remember, an honest forest officer in Karnataka
Government rejected an offer of an international aid to develop forest
in the state. As per that scheme of that aid, a big percentage of
money would go back for supervision and other office maintenance and
had many strings; but the state had to repay it with interest. So it
is better to take international loans on easy terms without strings or
hard conditions, if necessary. Probably we have good reserve of
foreign exchange and a good part of our contribution in World Bank. So
it is easy to get loans. As for the heavy money stashed in foreign
banks, I have no hope of bringing it back in near future. I request Ms
Bagchi to verify this.

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(Reply to B.S.Chandra shekhara)- Rajeev says:

March 21,2011 at 11:02 PM IST

Thanks B.S.Chandra shekhara ji. I believe that one of the biggest side
effects of economic "reform" is the decentralisation of loan process.
Sadly this has resulted in a massive debt trap across the country and
very small amount of money is now left with governments for
developmental work after repaying the interest on these loans. Sadly
there is no strict audit and approval requirement of commiting to
loans and whats more worse is media also doesnt raise this.

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Kcgupta says:

March 21,2011 at 07:26 PM IST

The loan money is not utilized because corrupt netas and babus were
not able to find the means and ways of getting their cuts. Untill
there is accountability in the law for any money used by these babus/
netas let it remain as unutilized. Better to pay 86 crores as penalty
rather than siphoning of the whole loan amount.

Sughosh Bansal says:

March 21,2011 at 07:23 PM IST

The HR Policy for the Government Officials including IAS and other
central services provide only the rights of these Government Officials
completely devoid of (1) Duties; (2) Reponsibilities; and (3)
Accountability. In other words, the Government Officials are not
supposed to be efficient. Numerous efforts to (1) institute
performance linked incentive; (2) award penalties for non-performance
etc. have not been implemented for any such measure shall make the
Officials to work. When there is an indictment either from CAG or the
CVC, the best Government does is to increase the level of decision
making. For example, the decisions which used to be taken by Office
Suprintendent (a little lower than the currently Section Officer)
aound 1947, is these days wait for the involvement of at least the
Director (higher than Under Secretary but lower than the Joint
Secretary). As a result the chain upto Under Secretary are no better
than the dignified clerks, and the seniors who are supposed to think
and guide their people are more involved in file clearing. Delay
breeds Corruption and Efficiency cannot be brought in unless the
culture of corporate working is implemented. Just read the article of
Anil Dhar in Times Crest of 19th March 2011 and same point is
stressed. Are we prepared to bell the cat?

Ashish says:

March 21,2011 at 07:06 PM IST

When we have the most incompetant and corrupt Prime Minister as Man
Mohan Singh, what shou we expect?

Shilpa says:

March 21,2011 at 06:18 PM IST

Please stand up against this corruption. Join
Indiaagainstcorruption.org to bring a STRONG ANTI CORRUPTION LAW.
Protests are being carried out in several cities on APRIL 5th.

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(Reply to Shilpa)- Jana Hitwadi says:

March 22,2011 at 04:58 AM IST

In my opinion the movement is proceeding on a incorrect path. There is
a need to prepare for fighting against corruption. suitable path in my
opinion is at http://janahitwadi.blogspot.com/2010/10/preparations-needed-for-fighting.html
All of us should force our leaders at all levels to modify system.

krishnamurthy says:

March 21,2011 at 06:16 PM IST

WELL SAID. is very sad that DR.MMS is not using his only forte being a
renowned economist.DR.MMS has no control on other areas and he has to
look elsewhere.It is very sad that he is slipping on all fronts and
may be best for him to go

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F. Vas says:

March 21,2011 at 06:08 PM IST

Could it be that those responsible for utilising it are finding it
difficult to take a slice of it and put it in their own pockets? So,
'if I can't have some of it why should I bother to work on it'?

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(Reply to F. Vas)- krishnamurthy says:

March 21,2011 at 08:29 PM IST

yes this is the valid reason as the loot sharing would have entered
some hitch.May be these tranches are to small for sonia and MK as they
are targetting mega loots.Good judgement on this.Otherwise our
politicians will not leave a rupee on the table even by default and
these would not have reached DR MMS who is only a nodding authority
and can only lament after being a party to all these

(Reply to F. Vas)- Snigdha says:

March 22,2011 at 06:25 AM IST

That, plus the fact people's needs are met in areas listed above, such
as urban development, roads, agriculture and rural development, water
supply and sanitation and power. Not to speak of railways, health,
environment and forestry, atomic energy - no one will vote for the
corrupt political parties.

hari says:

March 21,2011 at 05:56 PM IST

its great to see that govt inefficiency is published in the
newspapers, but i think there should be a followup mechanism to bring
the babus to task . A mechanism were babus are forced to reply to the
queries raised and action taken against them.

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...and I am Sid Harth
2011-03-23 11:34:41 UTC
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Everything you always wanted to know about India and more

← India’s Superpower Euphoria CCLXXXVII

22/03/2011 · 10:59 am

India’s Superpower Euphoria CCLXXXVIII

Hindutva Hoodlum Narendra Modi

Cable Cake

NEWS THe India Cables
CHENNAI, March 22, 2011

Engaging Modi the U.S. way
Suresh Nambath

PTI Facing the possibility of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi
assuming a leadership role at the national level, the State Department
sanctioned meetings in 2006 at the level of the Mumbai Consul General.
File photo

Confidential 2006 cable reveals complex calculations in the event of
the Gujarat Chief Minister ‘making it to the national stage’; wants a
clear message delivered on U.S. concerns over ‘human rights and
religious freedom’

Having declined to engage with him at the ambassadorial level because
of his role in the 2002 Gujarat communal violence and anti-Muslim
pogrom, U.S. diplomats found themselves, in 2006, facing the
possibility of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi assuming a
leadership role at the national level. Conscious that the United
States would have to deal with him at a later stage if he rose in
stature on the national stage, the State Department evidently
sanctioned meetings at the level of the Mumbai Consul General on the
understanding that such interactions would also enable the U.S. to
deliver a “clear message on human rights and religious freedom in

In a cable dated November 2, 2006 (84043: confidential), the Consul
General in Mumbai, Michael S. Owen, underscored the importance of
interacting with Mr. Modi “whose B1/B2 visa we revoked in 2005, at the
level of the Consul General” over the Chief Minister’s role in the
2002 communal violence. Such interaction, Mr. Owen said, “will also
shield us from accusations of opportunism from the BJP that would
invariably arise if we ignored Modi now but sought a dialogue with him
in the likely event that he makes it to the national stage.”

On the basis of discussions with leaders of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak
Sangh and the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Mumbai Consulate concluded
that Mr. Modi had set his sights on national politics. Interestingly,
many in the BJP leadership believed that the Gujarat Chief Minister
was the “only person of the BJP’s many aspiring leaders who can
reinvigorate the party and stop its further slide into oblivion.”

While there was no consensus on Mr. Modi’s chances for success at the
national level, some in Delhi and Gujarat strongly felt that his rise
was inevitable, Mr. Owen added.

The Mumbai Consulate’s 2,850-word assessment, which was cleared by the
New Delhi Embassy before being cabled to the State Department, was
carefully considered, nuanced, and telling. The disquisition could
well form the core of an M.A. thesis in politics:

“If Modi does eventually get a national leadership role in the BJP in
the foreseeable future, the USG [United States Government] will be
obliged to decide how it wants to deal with a figure of national
prominence whose B1/B2 we revoked. We believe it would dilute our
influence to avoid Modi completely. If we waited to engage Modi after
he attains national stature within India’s largest and most important
opposition party, many in the BJP would likely view this as an
opportunistic move and only deepen the suspicions cultivated by some
BJP leaders in western India since the visa revocation.

“Since the riots of 2002, we have declined to engage Modi at the
Ambassadorial level, but Mumbai Consul Generals have routinely sought
meetings with Modi whenever they visited Ahmedabad. We will continue
to seek such meetings at the level of the CG to emphasize that the USG
does not have a formal no-contact policy… and to demonstrate to the
BJP that we are interested in cultivating relationships with the party
while it is in the opposition. Direct encounters with Modi will also
enable us to deliver a clear message regarding USG concerns for the
state of human rights and religious freedom in Gujarat.”

On Mr. Modi’s strengths as Chief Minister that could aid his national
leadership ambitions, Mr. Owen’s analysis was: “Modi has successfully
branded himself as a non-corrupt, effective administrator, as a
facilitator of business in a state with a deep commercial culture, and
as a no-nonsense, law-and-order politician who looks after the
interests of the Hindu majority. Modi’s backers in the BJP now hope to
convince the party leadership that he can use these positive traits to
attract voters throughout India. Some BJP leaders believe, or hope,
that voters will forget or forgive Modi’s role in the 2002 bloodshed,
once they learn to appreciate his other qualities.”

Not ‘if’ but ‘when’

The Consul General quoted Harin Pathak, a BJP Member of Parliament
from Gujarat, as saying that the BJP national leadership, and
particularly former Deputy Prime Minister L.K. Advani, were convinced
that only Mr. Modi could rejuvenate the party. Ram Madhav of the RSS
also voiced similar views, “going so far as to say that Modi’s
ascendancy is not a question of if but when, and the USG must start
considering now how it will deal with Modi when he becomes head of the
BJP and leads the party’s electoral campaign in the national elections
scheduled for 2009.”

Mr. Owen also drew attention to what he saw as divergence between Mr.
Modi’s public image and his private actions. “In public appearances,
Modi can be charming and likeable. By all accounts, however, he is an
insular, distrustful person who rules with a small group of advisors.
This inner circle acts as a buffer between the Chief Minister and his
cabinet and party. He reigns more by fear and intimidation than by
inclusiveness and consensus, and is rude, condescending and often
derogatory to even high level party officials. He hoards power and
often leaves his ministers in the cold when making decisions that
affect their portfolios.”

(This article is a part of the series “The India Cables” based on the
US diplomatic cables accessed by The Hindu via Wikileaks.)

Keywords: Cable84043, The India Cables, WikiLeaks, Cablegate, Narendra
Modi, visa denial, post-Godhra riots, Muslims in Gujarat, Vibrant

Thank you.
Your comment has been received and will be moderated.

America is a superpower. However, America has not kept a balanced view
over Indo-Pak relations. Havining kept a closer relationship with
Pakistan for one or other reason, America has neglected a fast rising
India. Part of this complex relationship can be blamed on India’s
attitude also. Since Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru’s declared stand on the
so called non-alignment movement and much closer relationship with
such communist countries as USSR, China and Cuba, America has kept
India at a distance. Times have changed. America is fast losing her
economic superpower status. America needs all the help from whichever
national party is in power. However, the leaked cable suggests a very
superficial attempt at establishing direct, face-to-face contact with
Narendra Modi, a much adored Hindutva poster boy. He may be a
wonderkind to some of the saffronites for whatever reasons but has no
national stature. His personality is pompous, acerbic and threatening
to the general population. Especially to the minority segments. He has
used all his cunning, power and charisma to interefere in a due
process of law to avoid a direct link between Godhra carnage. Not
proven guilty by state judiciary, highly manipulated by him
personally, does not mean he is not guilty. All dictators have used
his techniques all over the world. America is famous for having an
excellent relationship with dictators of all sizes, shapes and colors.
Perhaps, they wanted to test the saffron waters for a change.

…and I am Sid Harth

News » The India Cables » The Cables

March 22, 2011
84043: Modi sets his eyes on national politics

Direct encounters with Modi will also enable us to deliver a clear
message regarding USG concerns for the state of human rights and
religious freedom in Gujarat.

84043 11/2/2006 12:42 06 MUMBAI 1986 Consulate Mumbai CONFIDENTIAL
01 OF 05 MUMBAI 001986



E.O. 12958: DECL: 11/2/2016 TAGS: PGOV, PREL, CVIS, PHUM, KIRF, KISL,


REF: A: MUMBAI 1719; B: MUMBAI 818; C: 05 MUMBAI 1727

CLASSIFIED BY: Michael S. Owen, Consul General, Consulate General
Mumbai, State. REASON: 1.4 (b), (d)

Summary and Comment


1. (C) Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has his sights on national
politics. Everyone we spoke to during a recent trip to Ahmedabad told
us that Modi will use an expected state election victory next year to
make a bid for the national presidency of the BJP. RSS and BJP leaders
in Delhi echo these sentiments. Many in the party leadership believe
that Modi is the only person of the BJP’s many aspiring leaders who
can reinvigorate the party and stop its further slide into oblivion.
No one doubts that Modi will be reelected as Chief Minister of Gujarat
in elections scheduled for late 2007, since he remains immensely
popular among Gujarat’s largely Hindu voters. Modi has successfully
branded himself as a non-corrupt, effective administrator, as a
facilitator of business in a state with a deep commercial culture, and
as a no-nonsense, law-and-order politician who looks after the
interests of the Hindu majority. Modi’s backers in the BJP now hope to
convince the party leadership that he can use these positive traits to
attract voters throughout India. Some BJP leaders believe, or hope,
that voters will forget or forgive Modi’s role in the 2002 bloodshed,
once they learn to appreciate his other qualities. Views differ in
Gujarat on whether Modi can overcome his negative baggage to assume a
national role. Some think that the memory of 2002 will turn off
voters. Others say his arrogant and blunt leadership style will
alienate the BJP hierarchy in New Delhi as it has in Ahmedabad, or
that Modi’s lower caste origins could become an obstacle at the
national level.

2. (C) Against this backdrop of opinions, we believe that Modi’s rise
in the BJP seems likely. In coordination with Embassy New Delhi, we
intend to continue our policy of interaction with the Chief Minister,
whose B1/B2 visa we revoked in 2005, at the level of the Consul
General. Since 2002, Mumbai Consul Generals have routinely sought
meetings with Modi whenever they visited Ahmedabad. Such interaction
allows us to deliver a clear message on human rights and religious
freedom directly to the source. It will also shield us from
accusations of opportunism from the BJP that would invariably arise if
we ignored Modi now but sought a dialogue with him in the likely event
that he makes it to the national stage. End summary and comment.

Modi Sets Sights on National Politics


3. (SBU) Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi remains immensely
popular among the state’s non-Muslim voters. Everyone we spoke to
during an Oct. 7-8 trip to Ahmedabad predicted that Modi would easily
win the next state elections, scheduled for late 2007. Views differ
only on how large his victory will be.

4. (C) Our interlocutors were also unanimous in their belief that Modi
has already set his sights on national politics. Modi hopes to use an
electoral success as a springboard into the national BJP leadership,
we heard repeatedly. The BJP national leadership, and particularly
former deputy prime minister L.K. Advani, were convinced that only
Modi could rejuvenate the party, Gujarat MP and BJP politician Harin
Pathak told us. According to our interlocutors, Advani and former law
minister Aroon Jaitley are the biggest Modi votaries in the central
leadership, as no other clear successor to the party’s aging
leadership is in sight, and Modi’s relative youth and obvious
leadership talents are attracting more attention at the party center.
The RSS’s Ram Madhav told Embassy New Delhi the same thing, going so
far as to say that Modi’s ascendancy is not a question of if but when,
and the USG must start considering now how it will deal with Modi when
he becomes head of the BJP and leads the party’s electoral campaign in
the national elections scheduled for 2009.

5. (C) Separately, Piyush Goyal, General Secretary for the BJP

MUMBAI 00001986 002 OF 005

in Maharashtra, said the BJP leadership is convinced that Modi can
appeal to wide segments of Indian voters outside of Gujarat, and that
his role in the 2002 bloodshed will not necessarily damage his
popularity. Goyal said many within the BJP believe that Modi has the
potential to become Prime Minister, and that voters may forget 2002
once the Chief Minister’s other qualities become widely known. The
attributes that have made Modi so popular in Gujarat are the qualities
that the BJP would use at the national level as well, Goyal said.

Modi the Administrator


6. (C) Most BJP insiders tell us that Gujarat’s voters like Modi
because he has successfully branded himself as an effective
administrator and a pro-business, no-nonsense, law-and-order
politician. Supporters and critics alike acknowledge that Modi is an
effective administrator. He has successfully cultivated the image of a
clean politician who has reduced corruption in public life in Gujarat.
Views differ on how clean and non-corrupt Modi actually is, however.
All our interlocutors acknowledge that Modi is a modest man who,
unlike many elected officials in India, has not used his position to
enrich himself or his family. Most contacts also say that he has
purged the state administration of petty corruption at the mid- and
lower levels of the bureaucracy. However, several people tell us that
big ticket corruption is still common. Journalist Javed Rahmatullah
claimed that Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) paid a large bribe for
permission to expand its refinery in Jamnagar. The money went into the
BJP’s party coffers, Rahmatullah claimed, and not to Modi or any other
individual. Other contacts have told us that business money flows to
the BJP in Gujarat, but nobody had been this specific. We have been
unable to verify Rahmatullah’s claim.

Modi and Business


7. (SBU) Modi’s supporters claim that the state’s economy has
flourished under his leadership. They cite the state’s annual growth
rate of around nine percent, 15 percent growth in industrial
production, sizable public investment in infrastructure and Gujarat’s
top ranking among Indian states as a destination for domestic
investment. Among the five state governments in our Consular district,
the GOG is the most visibly active in its attempts to attract
investment, both domestic and foreign. One state agency recently
supported a road show to the U.S. aimed at attracting foreign
investment. The GOG is aggressively promoting special economic zones
(SEZs) as a means to create new jobs and modernize infrastructure in
the state.

8. (SBU) Modi’s pro-business stance has won over the state’s large
business and trader community. Most businessmen say Modi has created a
positive business climate in the state. Under Modi’s leadership, red
tape has been reduced, and most government officials support business
rather than act as an obstacle to it, we hear repeatedly.

9. (SBU) The economic reality of Gujarat, however, may be far more
complex than the ebullient statements of Modi’s supporters suggest.
Although Gujarat tops all Indian states in terms of investment
intentions, actual investment is far less, and certainly less than the
neighboring state of Maharashtra. Despite the presence of a few well-
known international companies, FDI flows into the state are relatively
small. Gujarat received less than four percent of the FDI coming into
India in the past five years (Note: Delhi and Maharashtra, the top two
FDI destinations, got 28 percent and 22 percent respectively. End
Note) Ahmedabad does not have the visible construction activity, and
increasingly noticeable foreign presence, of Pune in neighboring
Maharashtra, for example. Many Gujaratis will say that the state is
still not sufficiently known abroad. Some contacts are confident that
investment will increase in tandem with growing awareness of Gujarat’s
business climate spawned by the GOG’s aggressive marketing. Other
sources were far less sanguine, and argue that the stain of the 2002
riots and the poor human rights record of its leadership continue to
deter foreign companies fearful of further communal

MUMBAI 00001986 003 OF 005

violence. Arvind Agarwal, GOG Industries Commissioner, conceded to us
that the riots continue to negatively influence images of the state

Modi, Law-and-Order and Hindutva


10. (C) Modi has successfully cultivated the image of a no-nonsense,
law-and order politician among Gujarat voters. This image of Modi as a
strong, decisive leader is what his BJP supporters hope will help him
establish a foothold at the national level.

11. (C) Modi’s role in the 2002 bloodshed continues to divide
Gujaratis and Indians in general. While he remains repugnant to large
numbers of people, particularly Muslims, human rights activists and
educated urbanites with liberal or leftist leanings, many in the Hindu
majority view his actions in 2002 favorably. Negative attitudes
towards Muslims remain firmly anchored among Gujarati Hindus. Many
feel that they, and not the Muslim minority, are the true second class
citizens of India. Muslims often “”stepped out of line,”" prior to
2002, we often hear, demanding and receiving exceptional treatment by
politicians who felt the need to placate them on the basis of
perceived injustices carried out by the Hindu majority. That changed
when Modi came into power in 2002, they say. While no one will openly
condone the bloodshed of 2002, many Gujarati Hindus feel that Modi
“”put Muslims into their place.”" The BJP continues to echo these
themes in its national political stance, especially over issues such
as Hajj subsidies, the Muslim civil code, the singing of Vande
Mataram, or other such religiously sensitive concerns.

12. (C) Modi continues to support a Hindutva agenda in the state, with
the recent passage of amendments to the state’s anti-conversion law
(ref A) being seen as a concession to his supporters on the Hindu
right. Both supporters and critics of Modi confirm that the state
government continues to use administrative tools to marginalize and
ghettoize the Muslim minority.

13. (C) At the same time, most interlocutors tell us that Modi cannot
gain anything more by openly pursuing an aggressive Hindutva agenda.
He already has the backing of those who applaud his firm stand against
Muslims, and he risks alienating swing voters in Gujarat by being too
openly communal. Modi understands that, outside of Gujarat, his role
in the 2002 riots has damaged both his reputation and that of the
state. He also realizes that outbreaks of communal violence in Gujarat
will harm both his chances in the state and nationally, and hence he
has given law enforcement agencies clear instructions to act swiftly
if violence breaks out, we have been told. Several interlocutors cited
Modi’s rapid reaction to the communal rioting in Vadodara in May (ref
B) as proof of his new strategy. Modi allowed federal army troops to
establish order, and he even visited hospitalized Muslim victims of
the riots in an attempt to portray himself as a leader of all

Modi’s Leadership Style


14. (C) Views remain divided on whether Modi’s leadership style will
help or harm him if he enters national politics. In public
appearances, Modi can be charming and likeable. By all accounts,
however, he is an insular, distrustful person who rules with a small
group of advisors. This inner circle acts as a buffer between the
Chief Minister and his cabinet and party. He reigns more by fear and
intimidation than by inclusiveness and consensus, and is rude,
condescending and often derogatory to even high level party officials.
He hoards power and often leaves his ministers in the cold when making
decisions that affect their portfolios. His abrasive leadership style
alienated much of the state BJP leadership in 2005. He was able to
quell their subsequent rebellion by branding them as corrupt
opportunists who were angry because he denied them the tools of
political patronage and corruption (ref C). Modi maintains the support
of most MLAs in the state because they understand his popularity with
voters. His leadership style has created many enemies within the state
party, however. This opposition could

MUMBAI 00001986 004 OF 005

come back to haunt him at the national level, some critics hope. In
any case there is consensus that Modi has failed to attract a
sustainable, loyal cadre of followers within the state party, and that
his few confidants will likely be pushed out of power and influence if
and when Modi leaves the state for New Delhi. At the national stage,
he will have to depend on opportunists who want to latch onto his
bandwagon, some believe.

Modi and Caste


15. (C) Caste resentments exacerbate the bad feelings between Modi and
much of the state party’s leadership. Modi heralds from a so-called
Other Backward Caste (OBC), while many of his opponents are from
higher castes, and in particular from the Patel caste that dominates
public life in the state. The Chief Minister is openly distrustful of
the higher-caste party officials around him, yet is careful not to
make caste an issue since he seeks the support of the Gujarati
commercial class, most of whom are Patels or other higher castes.
Gujarat Congress spokesman Himanshu Vyas told us his party hopes to
play the caste card in the 2007 elections to divide Modi’s support
among Hindus, yet none of our other interlocutors believed that caste
issues could endanger a Modi victory at the polls. Some believe,
however, that Modi’s lower caste status could create problems for him
in national politics.

Econoff’s Unscheduled Meeting with the Chief Minister

——————————————— ——–

16. (C) The USG has not met Modi since his B1/B2 visa was revoked in
2005, yet Embassy Econoff had an unscheduled courtesy call with the
Chief Minister on the margins of our recent visit to Gujarat. While
paying a personal visit to a family friend who works in Modi’s office,
she was quickly whisked through the several perimeters of security
surrounding the Chief Minister and introduced to Modi himself. Modi
was pleasant and, conversing only in Gujarati, asked her the purpose
of the USG visit to the state (Note: The local edition of the Times of
India speculated earlier that day why USG officials were in Gujarat
and indicated they might be on a “”secret”" mission. End note) After
Econoff clarified the purpose of the visit to meet with contacts to
assess Gujarat’s political, economic, and social environment, Modi
seemed surprised that U.S. officials would travel to Gujarat, saying
the USG had warned the state is “”unsafe.”" Econoff responded by
stressing that while the USG has serious concerns about human rights
and religious freedom, we do not restrict visitors or opportunities
for U.S. companies to invest in Gujarat. Modi also asked what our
contacts said about the current state of human rights and religious
freedom in Gujarat. Econoff replied that the opinions were mixed.



17. (C) Modi’s dominance of Gujarat politics is likely to continue for
now, and by all accounts he should get reelected easily next year.
Among our contacts, there is not yet a consensus on Modi’s chances for
success at the national level, but some feel strongly in Delhi and
Gujarat that his rise is inevitable. If Modi does eventually get a
national leadership role in the BJP in the foreseeable future, the USG
will be obliged to decide how it wants to deal with a figure of
national prominence whose B1/B2 we revoked. We believe it would dilute
our influence to avoid Modi completely. If we waited to engage Modi
after he attains national stature within India’s largest and most
important opposition party, many in the BJP would likely view this as
an opportunistic move and only deepen the suspicions cultivated by
some BJP leaders in western India since the visa revocation. Since the
riots of 2002, we have declined to engage Modi at the Ambassadorial
level, but Mumbai Consul Generals have routinely sought meetings with
Modi whenever they visited Ahmedabad. We will continue to seek such
meetings at the level of the CG to emphasize that the USG does not
have a formal no-contact policy (Note: The CG requested a meeting
during his initial visit to Gujarat in 2005, but Modi was traveling
that day), and to demonstrate to the BJP that we are interested in
cultivating relationships with the party while it

MUMBAI 00001986 005 OF 005

is in the opposition. Direct encounters with Modi will also enable us
to deliver a clear message regarding USG concerns for the state of
human rights and religious freedom in Gujarat. End comment.

18. (U) Embassy New Delhi cleared this cable.


Keywords: cable84043, The India Cables, Narendra Modi, post-Godhra
riots, Muslims in Gujarat, human rights violation

ews » The India Cables

CHENNAI, March 22, 2011
Caste politics at work in Gujarat
Sarah Hiddleston

Modi holds his friends close, his enemies even closer

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi used “caste resentments” to
“tighten his grip on power,” after his “autocratic leadership style”
provoked consternation in the Bharatiya Janata Party and forced an
expansion of his Cabinet in 2005, the U.S. Consulate in Mumbai

The August 10, 2005 cable (38300: confidential; only partial extract
accessible), which was issued under the name of Public Affairs Section
Director Linda C. Cheatham days after the expansion, took a close look
at its timing and the allocation of portfolios.

Mr. Modi’s moves, the cable explained, were the result of a direction
from BJP president Lal Krishna Advani following criticism from party
members. According to the cable, “Modi consented under the condition
that the BJP appoint a state party president loyal to him. In early
June, Advani kept his part of the bargain when the BJP appointed
Vajubhai Vala as Gujarat BJP president.”

The Gujarat Chief Minister made the most of the development, the cable
said, explaining that he “ingeniously weakened his critics by only
appearing to devolve some power to them and by securing pledges of

The cable noted: “Many contacts, including journalists Anosh Malekar
and Uday Mahurkar as well as BJP official Pankaj Mudholkar, told us
that none of the new ministers will have any significant policy-making
clout or sizable budgets that can be diverted for political patronage.
The newcomers received departments such as women and child welfare,
employment guarantee and fisheries. The CM and his core supporters
still control the most important portfolios, such as Home, Finance,
Industry, Irrigation and Rural Development.”

“Modi timed the expansion of the cabinet,” the Mumbai Consulate cable
pointed out “to take advantage of the absence of the leader of the
rebels, former Gujarat chief minister Keshubhai Patel. Patel is
currently in the U.S., where his wife is undergoing medical treatment.
Modi reportedly focused on two influential Patel supporters and
enticed them to join his cabinet under conditions that Patel himself
would probably never have supported.”

The Consulate’s reading was that Mr. Modi appeared to “be using the
cabinet expansion to change the power equation among castes.”

The cable elaborated: “Tensions between the sizeable, landowning and
better-off Patel caste and … ‘Other Backward Castes’ (OBC) have long
simmered in Gujarat’s politics. Modi belongs to a small and
economically weak OBC group…Our contacts tell us nine of the 11 new
cabinet members are from the OBC grouping. They are also drawn evenly
from all regions of Gujarat. Having effectively manipulated religious
strife to strengthen his power base during and after the 2002 riots in
Gujarat, Modi is now using caste/class resentments within Hinduism to
tighten his grip, many of our contacts believe.”

The Mumbai Consulate surmised that the refusal of BJP MLA (and a VHP
member) Govardhan Zhadapia to take the Cabinet posting offered to him,
and the appointment of Purushottam Solanki, wanted by the Mumbai
police for “extortion,” could potentially alienate both VHP and urban
middle class voters.

However, the confidential cable concluded that “in a BJP beset by
internal struggles, Mr. Modi’s revival sets him up nicely to influence
the king making when the time comes.” In fact, he seemed “stronger
than at any time since the rebels took their opposition public” —
indeed a “force to be reckoned with.”

(This article is a part of the series “The India Cables” based on the
US diplomatic cables accessed by The Hindu via Wikileaks.)

Keywords: Cable38300, Narendar Modi government, caste politics,
Patels, OBCs, VHP, The India Cables, WikiLeaks, Cablegate

News » The India Cables

CHENNAI, March 22, 2011
When Modi was denied the visa
Suresh Nambath

The Hindu The Ministry of External Affairs made a pitch for restoring
Narendra Modi’s U.S. visa. Photo: P.V. Sivakumar

UPA government, having “gone through the motions” by protesting, was
“unlikely to ratchet up the pressure further”; Modi’s “America bashing
has made many” in the Congress and the BJP “nervous”

Sometimes, diplomacy is more about keeping up appearances than about
achieving concrete results.

After India urged the United States in March 2005 to reconsider its
decision to revoke the visa of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi,
the U.S. Embassy made an action request to Washington seeking a
“review” of the case. However, the ‘action request’ cable of March 18,
2005 (29140: confidential) also had a revealing accompanying note:
“Post does not expect any change, but would appreciate a cable telling
the GOI [Government of India] we took a fresh look and decided to
maintain our decision.”
Grave concern

The cable was sent by the New Delhi Embassy under the name of
Ambassador David Mulford after India’s Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran
called the Deputy Chief of Mission in the Embassy, Robert O. Blake, to
his office on March 18, 2005 to express India’s “grave concern” over
the revocation of Mr. Modi’s visa.

Evidently, the Embassy’s only interest in sending the ‘action request’
cable to the State Department was the diplomatic and political
necessity of responding to Mr. Saran on March 19, 2005, the day Mr.
Modi was to travel to the United States.

During the meeting with Mr. Blake, Mr. Saran characterised the U.S.
decision on Mr. Modi’s visa as “uncalled for” and as a display of a
“lack of courtesy and sensitivity.” The Foreign Secretary conveyed
that the refusal had already “incited a controversy and threatened to
spark just the kind of divisiveness the US alleges Modi himself

Reporting on the meeting, the confidential cable said: “Saran argued
to the DCM that the USG [United States Government] had made a decision
based on opinion, an opinion that even some in India hold. That
opinion, however, is a separate issue from the fact that Modi is a
constitutionally-mandated office holder whose position derives from
the people. Saran argued that the US as a democracy would appreciate
this, and argued that the dignity of the office of Chief Minister
cannot be overridden. Calling the USG determination that Modi had
failed to act in Gujarat during the 2002 riots a ‘subjective
judgment,’ Saran suggested that perhaps Washington had not considered
that this was a separate issue in the Indian mind.”

While appreciating the importance that the United States government
attached to religious freedom, Mr. Saran cautioned that this
determination could have an effect opposite from that intended: “a
strong emotional reaction which had the potential to polarise the
Indian people.” This, he noted, would not be in the interest of
religious harmony, or shared U.S. and Indian objectives.

Highlighting the political ramifications, Mr. Saran said the Bharatiya
Janata Party (BJP) was “up in arms.” The incident, he added, might
“open up an odd type of standard to give or not give visas.”

On his part, Mr. Blake explained to Mr. Saran the two parts of the
U.S. decision – the refusal of the A2, and the revocation of the B1/
B2, “highlighting that we had acted in accordance with our own law and
democratic constitution.” The U.S., he told the Foreign Secretary, had
taken into consideration independent reports, including that of
India’s own National Human Rights Commission. “The decision was not
taken capriciously, but involved many people in Washington.”
‘Position deteriorating’

Another cable sent three days later (29231: confidential), also under
the name of Ambassador Mulford, reported that the United Progressive
Alliance (UPA) government, after having “gone through the motions” by
protesting the U.S. decision, was “unlikely to ratchet up the pressure

The New Delhi Embassy’s reading of the situation, even if it was
arguable on Mr. Modi’s “position deteriorating” in the national
leadership stakes, must have reassured the State Department: “Congress
has long viewed Modi as a vulnerable target and will, at the
appropriate time, use the visa incident as further ammunition against
him. Both Congress and the BJP particularly value the US-India
relationship and Modi’s America bashing has made many nervous. Both
parties will likely move to ensure that the negative impact on the
relationship from this incident is minimal. With Modi’s position
deteriorating, the BJP leadership could decide to quietly push him
aside at the appropriate time. This could become a further liability
for [BJP president L.K.] Advani, who [was] the senior party leader
most visibly supporting Modi.”

The Embassy cable also reported that in private conversations with
American diplomats, “Indians have expressed overwhelming support for
the US decision.” Initial shock at the denial was now turning to
embarrassment and “Modi harmed himself by making vitriolic anti-
American statements that are not resonating well.” One former Director
of the Central Bureau of Investigation, the cable said, told DCM that
“Ninety five percent of India stands with you.”

(This article is a part of the series “The India Cables” based on the
US diplomatic cables accessed by The Hindu via Wikileaks.)

Keywords: Cable29140, cable29231, The India Cables, WikiLeaks,
Cablegate, BJP, visa denial, Narendra Modi, U.S. Embassy, 2002 Gujarat
communal violence, Godhra train carnage

ews » The India Cables

CHENNAI, March 22, 2011
2002 riots an ‘internal Gujarati matter’: Modi told American diplomat
Suresh Nambath

AP EYES WIDE SHUT: While the State looked on, 790 Muslims and 254
Hindus were killed, and 223 more people were reported as missing in
over four weeks of rioting. A 2002 file photograph of rioters in

U.S. itself is guilty of “horrific human rights violations” says
Gujarat Chief Minister.

When an American diplomat raised the horrific Gujarat communal
violence of 2002 with Chief Minister Narendra Modi in November 2006,
he got more than what he had bargained for: a lecture on the “horrific
human rights violations” by the United States.

Michael S. Owen, Consul General in Mumbai, was the diplomat at the
receiving end of Mr. Modi’s tirade during a November 16, 2006 meeting
in Gandhinagar. This was the first such meeting since the March 2005
revocation of Mr. Modi’s U.S. visa on account of his role in the 2002
communal violence in Gujarat — in which (according to an official
ministerial statement made in Parliament in 2005) 790 Muslims and 254
Hindus were killed, and 223 more people were reported as missing. The
genocidal attack on Muslims by mobs of Hindu extremists and fanatics
followed the burning of a coach of the Sabarmati Express by a local
mob of Muslim extremists and fanatics at Godhra on February 27, 2002.
The coach was carrying kar sevaks returning from Ayodhya. The police
failed to quell the post-Godhra anti-Muslim pogrom that went on for
several weeks, which lent credence to reports of state complicity in
the violence. Mr. Modi was questioned on March 27, 2010 by the Supreme
Court-appointed Special Investigation Team headed by R.K. Raghavan,
former Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation, in connection
with the Gujarat riots.

In a revealing Mumbai Consulate cable, which was sent on November 27,
2006 to the State Department and copied to an interesting selection of
U.S. embassies, consulates, and other destinations (87085:
confidential), Mr. Owen recounted what followed after “a relaxed”
Chief Minister had given him “a glowing overview of his Government’s
achievements in building infrastructure and promoting economic growth
in Gujarat” and he had responded appropriately. The Consul General
then moved on to a taboo subject, an issue that Mr. Modi evidently
considered to be none of his business: “while we are very pleased with
our business and people to people relations with Gujarat, we remain
concerned about communal relations within the state. In particular, we
remain concerned that nobody has yet been held accountable for the
horrific communal violence of 2002, and are further concerned that an
atmosphere of impunity could lead to a further deterioration of
communal relations. What is the Government of Gujarat’s view on this,
he asked.”
‘Modi visibly annoyed’

“A visibly annoyed Modi,” the Consul General reported to the State
Department, “responded at considerable length.” The Chief Minister, he
said, made three essential points: “the events of 2002 were an
internal Gujarati matter and the U.S. had no right to interfere; the
U.S. is itself guilty of horrific human rights violations (he
specified Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and attacks on Sikhs in the U.S.
after September 11) and thus has no moral basis to speak on such
matters, and; Muslims are demonstrably better off in Gujarat than in
any other state in India, so what is everybody griping about?”

Mr. Owen correctly pointed out that it was not only the U.S. that was
concerned with this issue. “The Indian National Human Rights
Commission report itself cited ‘a comprehensive failure on the part of
the state Government’ to prevent the violence of 2002. We are
reflecting a broad cross section of opinion that no one has been held
accountable for the violence and that consequently a climate of
impunity is developing. Secondly, Abu Ghraib is precisely the point:
Americans can also commit human rights violations but when they do we
have a clear procedure to investigate, prosecute, and punish those
guilty of wrongdoing. This is what we and others would like to see in

To this, “Modi grumbled that the Indian National Human Rights
Commission was biased and its reports wildly inaccurate. More broadly,
he claimed, the U.S. relied far too much on ‘a few fringe NGOs’ that
don’t know the real picture and have an axe to grind. In any event, if
officials are guilty of wrongdoing, then it is up to the courts to
prosecute and punish them, and the Chief Minister could not interfere
with the judicial process.”

The Consul General reacted that it had been well over four years since
the violence occurred and nobody had been sanctioned; this gave little
confidence that anyone would ultimately be held accountable. “Modi
noted (accurately, alas) that the culprits in the 1993 Mumbai bombings
are only now being sentenced, so we should not have ‘unrealistic
‘Evasive, backtracked’

When the diplomat asked if there was in fact an active investigation
of the Gujarat violence still under way, “Modi was evasive and
backtracked to his claim that Muslims in Gujarat are better off than
in any other state in India. He noted that the BJP had won big
victories in recent local bodies elections in Muslim districts, and
that a recent study had found literacy among Muslims was higher in
Gujarat than in any other state. The 2002 violence had involved a ‘few
miscreants’ and had been blown out of proportion by ‘fringe elements,’
he said. Communal relations in Gujarat are now excellent, he claimed.”

Mr. Owen responded that the U.S. acknowledged the many positive
accomplishments of the Modi government, including economic growth and
education: “These are to be applauded, but do not diminish in any way
the importance of holding accountable those persons who are guilty of
inciting or carrying out communal violence…failure to do so will
create an atmosphere of impunity in which radical elements would feel
emboldened in the future. He concluded by underlining that the U.S.
Government considers human rights and religious freedom to be
extremely important, and we will continue to monitor developments and
engage his Government in these areas.” Mr. Modi, switching to an
apparently more conciliatory note, allowed that he understood human
rights and religious freedom to be important to the U.S. because “you
people keep raising these issues all the time.” The meeting concluded
with the Chief Minister saying” with a touch of irony that he hoped
Consul General would return to Gujarat on a regular basis. ‘All
Americans are always welcome in my state,’ he said.”

Consul General Owen’s concluding comment in the cable is: “Modi is
clearly not going to apologize or back down on the violence of 2002,
but we think it is vital for him to hear that we are not going to let
the passage of time erase the memory of these events. Despite the
chilly atmosphere of the meeting, Modi did take on board the message
that human rights and religious freedom are important issues that we
will continue to monitor carefully. We believe Sinhji’s comments on
Modi are indeed accurate: ironically the man most hold accountable for
the communal violence of 2002 may now be the most ardent defender of
communal harmony, at least on the surface. It remains to be seen to
what extent Gujarat’s economic boom will lead to genuinely improved
communal relations over time.”

The reference is to an “interesting point” that former Congress party
MP and former Minister of Environment Yuraj Digvijay Sinhji made to
Mr. Owen: “The fact that Modi clearly has aspirations for national
leadership makes him, ironically, one of the greatest protectors of
communal harmony at this stage. Modi knows that another outbreak like
2002 would doom his chances, so he is going to be particularly zealous
to ensure there are no further problems on his watch.”

But that was not all that Mr. Sinhji said in his lengthy meeting with
the Consul General. “Asked whether Modi could become a national
leader,” the Mumbai consulate-general cable relays to the State
Department,” Sinhji (himself the scion of the princely Wankaner family
and a Cambridge grad) sniffed that Modi ‘lacks the polish and
refinement’ to become a national leader. But Sinhji raised another
reason why Modi could face challenges in becoming a national leader:
Modi’s reputation for being completely incorruptible is accurate, and
if he were to become a national leader he would crack down on
corruption throughout the BJP. There are too many BJP rank and file
waiting to line their pockets once the BJP returns to power, Sinhji
said, and the prospect of Modi cracking the whip on corruption is
entirely unappealing to this crowd. Modi would have a hard time
clearing this hurdle, according to Sinhji.”

(This article is a part of the series “The India Cables” based on the
US diplomatic cables accessed by The Hindu via Wikileaks.)

Keywords: Cable87085, The India Cables, WikiLeaks, Cablegate, 2002
Gujarat communal violence, Narendra Modi government, religious
freedom, Godhra train carnage

Opinion » Interview

March 22, 2011
The behaviour of guilty men: Julian Assange

AP WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: “We want as much in the
historical record about how governments and organisations actually
behave. So we can use it to understand our world, adapt it and adjust
to it and to engage in the democratic process. Without that we are
sailing in the dark”. File photo

‘We are working with The Hindu because we have seen its good work.
What we have seen in India is ‘an attempt to distort the record and
fool the public about the nature of the material…If this cable on
bribery is incorrect, the U.S. Ambassador in India has a lot to answer
for. ‘‘There is no doubt whatsoever that the cables are authentic’

WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange speaks to NDTV Chairman
Prannoy Roy on the impact of WikiLeaks worldwide, the consequences,
the challenges the network faces, the significance of the India
Cables, the partnership with The Hindu, freedom of speech versus
privacy, and why governments should be more open. Excerpts from the
extended interview telecast on NDTV 24X7on March 21; this is published
with permission from NDTV. The interview was conducted over a
satellite link.

You are under global attack… Your home country, Australia, accuses you
of treason. America wants to arrest you… In Sweden you have been
accused of rape. The West prides itself on the rule of law and its
institutions of justice. Are you shocked by the ferocity, and the
illegalities, of the attacks on you?

I’m disappointed that the U.S. administration has decided to betray
the traditions of the founding fathers, and those great traditions of
Franklin and Madison. Now the Codified Bill of Rights has within it
important protection for freedom… in the First Amendment. So that’s
depressing. I would like to say that it is not shocking. We have been
following the U.S. military for four, five years now, in this process
of WikiLeaks. And in other countries. But we can see that there is a
burgeoning security state that has spread out not just for Washington,
because the centre of gravity is around there. It goes into all the
Western countries, and there is a Western alliance that responds very
aggressively. Previous publications have received some of that
response. But it is really the size and the scale of the publication
which has received [such a response], and been stimulating such
aggressive attack.
Egypt, Tunisia, safest

Now, with so many countries hunting you down, where can Julian Assange
live safely…? In the end, do you think going to jail is inevitable for

Right now, it is not clear if there is any country that is safe for
[us]… But we do have the will of the majority of the people. My
friends in Egypt and Tunisia say that these two countries perhaps
would be the safest for us now because of the revolution…

You have got the U.S. Vice President, Joe Biden, calling you a high-
tech terrorist, a former Speaker saying you should be treated as an
enemy combatant. Have you been threatened privately?

We do receive threats from time to time; there are many of them. But
we do not take those threats too seriously. It is the people who are
not making the threats and are concerned for us that are important.

You mentioned that the U.S. President is like the super-president of
us all. In the recent leaks about India, the diplomatic cables
released by WikiLeaks, the overriding feature is America’s efforts to
influence policies in India. Are you surprised at that, or was it

Looking at what the U.S. has done with other countries, which we have
revealed though these cables, it’s not at all a surprise, and it is
their modus operandi. When I first started reading this material I
thought, my god, everything those South American Marxists in the 1960s
were complaining about in relation with the State Department, it’s
actually true. It is not just that they are making political rhetoric.
Actually it does appear that the State Department is an instrument of
U.S. industry of all types, and it goes around the world clicking
political intelligence, interfering in unions and all. We even saw
this in Australia where the Australian Cabinet Minister from the Labor
government was a confidential source for the U.S. Embassy, going there
frequently. [He] said he has been that way throughout his political

There is of course an alternative point of view that what you revealed
in these cables is a set of opinions and assessments made by some
American diplomats in the U.S. Embassy. And you were just saying that
my task ends there in revealing these secret cables. But there are
other points of view that… it leaves a lot of collateral damage where
opinions and assessments by these officials are taken as facts to
embarrass and weaken their states. And people ask you, was that a fair
thing to do, just leave this out and wash your hands of it?

Absolutely not. It is not correct to say that all these cables are
mere opinions by U.S. diplomats; that’s not true. These are [part of]
official correspondence sent by Ambassadors, sent in their official
capacity back to Washington. Their motivations are to improve their
career prospects, generally. So they want Washington to understand
that they are engaged in the country. They are getting good sources of
information and they are reporting back. This seems to be the
predominant thing. But they report what they say are facts, and they
also present opinions. It is important to keep these two different. In
the case of these Indian cables, which are causing such a furore about
bribery… such an interesting case.

It is very hard to understand why U.S. Embassy officials would lie
about that to Washington. What is more interesting is: under what
basis was he told that information?

But when we look at the cables in other contexts, they have been used
and accepted as evidence in the [Charles] Taylor case in The Hague;
they have been using quotes in Spain to reopen a rendition case. They
have been used in a number of places; they have been accepted as
quotes, as probative evidence, as genuine official documents. Of
course, what the officials say, and how they gain their knowledge, too
must be investigated and interrogated. But the comment I have been
hearing from Prime Minister [Manmohan] Singh — these, to me, seem like
a deliberate attempt to mislead the public by suggesting that
governments around the world do not accept the material and it is not
verified …absolutely false! Hillary Clinton last year in December
spoke to the Indian government, perhaps to Prime Minister Singh or at
that level, to forewarn that this material would be coming out. There
is no doubt that these are bona fide reports sent by an American
Ambassador back to Washington, and these should be seen in that
context. That does not mean every fact in them is correct: you have to
look at their sources and how they gave this information.
They’re official reports

But when the cables come from the Secretary of State, millions of
them, it is not actually her writing…

That is absolutely correct, there is no doubt whatsoever that the
cables are authentic. That is why we are being so heavily attacked by
the Pentagon. That is why young intelligence officer Bradley Manning
has been imprisoned in the United States for 299 days now. There is
absolutely no doubt. The content, of course, varies on a cable by
cable basis. It is wrong to suggest that these are just opinions,
these are official reports made by U.S. Ambassadors. Sometimes it is
opinion, sometimes not. It is done in a serious capacity. For example,
if this cable on bribery is incorrect, then the U.S. Ambassador in
India has a lot to answer for because he has been sending back very
serious reports to Washington about senior politicians and behaviour
in Indian Parliament, which casts it in very negative light. It would
affect the relationship between India and the United States, So either
he has committed a grave error that would damage Indian and American
relations…or the material was correct and he was reporting correctly
and he had checked his fact before reporting back to Washington.

We have actually heard from our senior former diplomats [that] all
cables from India, no matter what, from a junior, go in the name of
the Ambassador, and all the cables from Washington to India go in the
name of the Secretary of State. The Ambassador and Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton may not read every single cable, it just all goes in
their name. This could have actually been a more junior person than
the Ambassador.

They don’t tend to be too much junior. It depends on the seriousness
of the issue. You would find probably a Political Officer or an
Ambassador who usually clears it. By reading the content you will see
that PolOff — that’s the Political Officer — was told that. The
content of the cable does not fabricate the Ambassador’s name. For
example, suppose when there is a meeting between the Embassy official
or employee or Political Officer or Ambassador, they are named as
that. What is written at the bottom of the cable, going back, is
frequently the Ambassador or the Political Officer that wrote most of
the material, but there is a reason for that: the Ambassador is made
to read the cable and sign it off …
On Bradley Manning

You talked about Bradley Manning. Now he is in jail and is being
treated terribly, is being kept naked for hours, but the U.S. media
and society do not seem to be doing anything about it. Why do you
think there has been no angry reactions to what has been happening?

Bradley Manning is America’s foremost political prisoner. The
allegations against him, whether they are true or not, are of a
political nature and he has been kept in solitary confinement for 299
days. As a result of the political allegations that he has revealed,
information like this for political reasons demonstrate the inequities
and abuses that were happening. There are people in the United States
who are angry about this. The State Department spokesperson resigned
over this issue. However it is not getting any big media play…it is
bubbling there but is not being aggressively picked up, and that is
the nature of the mainstream press of the United States. It is a very
destructive thing for all of us. When dealing with The New York Times
over Afghanistan, I discovered Task Force 373, [on] the Russian side.
Task Force 373 is an assassination squad working on a list of 2,000
people in Afghanistan and assassinating them. [There is] no judicial
mechanism to get on the list or to review the list. I discovered that
this group had killed seven children and tried to cover it up. It
became the front cover of Der Spiegel. The New York Times also wrote
about it. Similarly, with the cables, The New York Times went to the
White House and went and showed them everything long before anything
was published. That is [the] fact about the United States, and the
security sector has grown so fat and so influential that its tendrils
merge into most big companies and big media companies. That is the
reality of the U.S. economy and the U.S. media.

Unfortunately, the U.S. media is so strong, [an] aggressive and
sophisticated mechanism, that the bias is pushed down in the English
language all over the world and to the other English speakers in the
world, like the Australian Indians, the Canadians and the British to
somehow develop their own media infrastructure and to be able to
resist the propaganda.
The Hindu praised

I hate to be, and it is slightly immodest, but the Indian media as a
whole has been pretty uncompromising and brave in reporting and
everything quite openly. I mean, that is the aggression of the Indian
media… would you agree?

Yes, that is one of the reasons we are speaking right now. That is
also one of the reasons we are working with The Hindu because we have
seen its good work in the past and also the times India has done some
fine stories.

With these attacks are your colleagues at WikiLeaks scared? Are many
leaving WikiLeaks? Is recruiting a problem?

My colleagues are brave; recruiting members is difficult for a variety
of reasons. First of all, in this situation we have the FBI trying to
bribe a number of people, bribe even volunteers who work with Bradley
Manning support groups. Manning himself, his condition is getting
worse and worse. Most people believe that it is a result of them
trying to crack him open. He is not speaking to interrogators and they
are trying to establish a link between Bradley Manning and myself and
a few other individuals in WikiLeaks too, and try and embroil us in
our journalistic work as people [who] engage in espionage, a dangerous
thing. The new interpretation is that the only original kind of
journalism is where you are [a] completely passive recipient of
information, you never speak to the sources, ask questions or ask
them, can you prove it and send me documents…That I would rather have
you completely passive. That will be the end of investigative
journalism in the United States. As for people leaving WikiLeaks, we
have crossed two, that is not many. It is quite heartening. There are
security concerns we have. Obviously this situation is difficult and
adverse… we have had in the past four years. In 2008, we had two
people working with us who got assassinated by the Kenyan police
trying to cover up the matter. There are serious threats against us,
just like there are against all journalists who try and hold powerful
organisations to account. Our situation is a bit more unusual as we
have the full brunt of the superpower and any ally can pool in as

So do you believe in the concept of official secrecy at all, or is
secrecy and privacy for individuals only?

Well, privacy is for individuals, the governments try and use secrecy
sometimes for legitimate reasons, sometimes for legitimate periods of
time and, most often, for illegitimate reasons. The problem with
secrecy is that how do you know that it is not being abused? So if
somebody can put a stamp on internal correspondence, every time it’s
embarrassing because they are engaged in some sort of correspondence
on abuse, then I can put a stamp ‘secret’ on it. No one can review to
see whether that stamp is being correctly applied or not because in
order to review it, you have to read the material. Of course it is a
system that instantly escalates, [the] stamp starts getting on
everything, confidentiality is extremely controlled. You end [up] with
[a] corrupt, inefficient and abusive organisation. I say, of course
there is [a] time where secrecy is legitimate, but organisations and
individuals must fight for it. …there is a public appetite to know
about particular abuses and scandals, and there are people inside the
organisation who are unhappy about the situation. The information will
flow out and that is not something individuals or CEOs or
Parliamentarians jumping up and down complaining about it are going to
be able to do something about.

To my mind, it is a good thing. I see the rule of law as something
very important and something that has broken down, in relation to how
the United States, for example, has been dealing with us. However, the
law follows practice; the law is a codification of practice and
standardisation of practice. If enough people want something to happen
and act in a way that should happen, then that creates the new
standard and new laws are applied to codify it. So I believe there
should be a new standard and the new standard should be the historical
record, and everything that has been published is sacrosanct and pages
should never be ripped from historical records. By historical record I
don’t mean what happened 100 years ago but what happened yesterday.
Historical record is that on which we base all our political decision-
making, and much of our personal decision-making as well.

If we want a rich, complex and civil civilisation then we need to have
this robust intellectual ingredient, which is the historical record.
And we want as much in the historical record about how governments and
organisations actually behave. So we can use it to understand our
world, adapt it and adjust to it and to engage in the democratic
process. Without that we are sailing in the dark; all of us are
sailing in the dark without that basic intellectual ingredient
civilisations are built on.

But it is possible that people will see some money and they would not
put it down in writing, they could just talk over the phone. So they
could just shift from recorded to a non-recorded form of history…

This is something I looked into in 2006, wrote a small discussion
paper for internal use, but it became public because of a conspiracy
in governance. What happens if a large organisation decides to go off
the record, decides to stop putting everything on paper? We need to
ask why do they put everything down on paper in the first place…you
know I dealt with a case in Gitmo, where we got hold of the manual
used in Guantanamo Bay and I discovered in that manual there was an
instruction on how to falsify records in relation to the Red Cross, to
hide and conceal prisoners from the Red Cross. I was astounded to see
that there was an official manual on how to run Gitmo.

Why would officials do that? The reason they do that is because it
guards the grants, and the policy set in the centre sends them to a
high level and it is then distributed to the periphery to the hundreds
and thousands of people to get them to carry it out. To prevent the
policy from decaying into a Chinese whisper…to permit the centre to
control the whole organisation, you have to put things in writing. And
that is how big organisations are controlled by their executive: by
putting things in writing and having people to check the writings,
having to centralise repository information, centralised email records
that are hard to be stored… otherwise it can’t be controlled.

Yes, you could have an organisation in reversible form working on the
spoken word, but I say if that happens, an organisation can no longer
be efficient in carrying out that work….orders will gradually decay
with Chinese whispers. While for a small organisation that is
completely possible because everyone can meet in the room, the boss
can give verbal instructions to people while they are in the room. In
larger organisations there has to be a paper trail just to carry it
out. For systemic abuses, for abuses that affect a lot of people based
on central policy, there has to be writing. Abuse is not going to
affect a lot of people. So if everyone goes to non-written form then
we will see a situation where, yes there will be some abuses but it is
not going to affect a lot of people. To affect a lot of people you
need writing or recording that doesn’t change when it goes from one
person to another.
Personal vs political

Coming back to the cables in India, the previous set of cables,
especially the Afghanistan cables, expose the extent of Pakistan’s
role in terror against India. Does this new material substantiate that
role further, you think?

There are some 6,000 cables from the U.S. Embassy; they have been
tagged by the State Department about India. We have only seen the
first part of that now being published by our partner The Hindu. I am
sure some of the materials will be seen in the coming weeks. We will
go into some of the Pakistani relationships but what we are looking at
more carefully is the cables from Pakistan and those are something
that are yet to be published. We are working to have those published
and I am sure Indians and Pakistanis will be interested to know their
reviews. Well, I wouldn’t like to pre-judge them before the close

I know you really do not like to talk about what you have not released
yet, but you know in India corruption is the biggest issue currently,
stashing of money in foreign bank accounts. The CD handed over to you
by the Julius guy, I know it is a difficult one, but are there any
Indian names in them? You do not have to actually name them before it
is released, but are there any Indian names?

I can’t discuss that particular case, I believe. I could be wrong
since it’s been three years. Material from Julius did have Indian
names in them.

What do you find most crucial in the expose of the WikiLeaks on India?
You had a look at some others? Do you think there is more still to
come? So far what’s been your main point?

Often in these cases, it is not just the text in the Embassy cable
which is most revealing; it can be the response. In response to our
publishing, the U.S. government has taken certain steps, like
pressuring banks to cut financial transactions to us. That is very
revealing about the power connections between high finance and U.S.
State Department. Similarly, in the response to the cables alleging
that the U.S. State Embassy was shown cash boxes for bribing
Parliamentarians, we saw something rather disturbing. We saw an
immediate rush, not to deny that allegations in these facts were not
true, we want to investigate properly to make sure everything is
clear, that we are innocent. Rather what we saw was an attempt to
distort the record and fool the public about the nature of the
material. First to say they refused to comment at all, to suggest that
the materials are not verified and that no other government accepted
it. Absolutely false…that is actually the behaviour of guilty men. A
man who is innocent doesn’t tend to behave like that. That doesn’t
mean people making those statements, like Prime Minister Singh and so
on are guilty of this particular crime. It suggests something: how
Indian Parliamentarians and politicians respond to very serious
allegations. They respond through indirection and attempting to cover
up the issue for the public rather than address it fully and frankly.
The most serious issue in the cable, I suspect, is yet to be revealed.
Just looking at what happened with other countries, that doesn’t mean
The Hindu is necessarily holding back what it thinks to be most
important for Indians to the last. In other countries they have dealt
with … you know an issue can catch fire, the imagination of the public
may not be the one you first think. There is quite a bit of time to go
through the material…the material from Pakistan, from China. It is
likely to be of interest to the Indian population.

Coming back to the impact of WikiLeaks, you have heard of the
criticism that often loose conversations are released in WikiLeaks,
and some people who are named may be doing good work covertly or
working underground, infiltrating and fighting against terrorism. Once
their names are public, they are in danger. What do you do about that?

This is something the Pentagon has tried to do, throughout. Every time
it has been criticised by the press. Back to the 1950s… There is no
allegation by the Pentagon, by the State Department or by any American
official that anything we have ever published, in our entire history,
has resulted in a single individual [suffering] personal or physical
harm. Something that is repeatedly asserted without evidence can be
dismissed without argument. We have a process which has been 100 per
cent effective till date. No organisation is free from making mistakes
when you deal with things on this scale, with this seriousness. Today
we have two perfect records: we have the record of never having been
fooled by information sent to us and we have a perfect record of not
having caused any physical harm as a result of anything that has been
Not anti-U.S.

WikiLeaks has generally focussed on the United States. Is Julian
Assange anti-United States?

Not at all. We are an organisation. Through our work we aim to protect
the press and publishing, carrying on the tradition of Madison and
Jefferson. We are actually upholding the founding values of the United
States. We have published materials for 120 different countries,
exposed the assassination in Kenya to East Timor, billions of dollars
worth of corruption in Africa. So we are not at all particularly
focussed at the United States. Rather we have to publish our material
in order of significance and simply cannot turn the U.S. away because
it comes to the United States. The reality of the United States now is
that about 30 to 40 per cent of the economy is, directly or
indirectly, bound up to the security sector. So it has a lot of
secrets, a lot of computers, and it has a lot of people within its
State Department, within the government, with the military. We are
very unhappy about the way they are conducting themselves in Iraq and
Afghanistan, that leads to those brave people stepping forward to give
us material. We can try and do something about it.

Data has just come out that the people of India have been among the
largest donors of Wikipedia, maybe even WikiLeaks. That data has not
leaked yet. Does that surprise you?

It is very gratifying to hear. We don’t know where they are from. It
is for their protection, so we cannot be influenced by people, except
of course to keep us going. But I am heartened to hear India is
supporting something like Wikipedia that has goals which are not too
dissimilar from us. That is why we want to collect important
information and present it to the public. We are trying to go after
the hardest case, that is the information of spy agencies and states
that are trying to restrict. And when it is published they will go
after the publisher.
His heroes

In the life of Julian Assange, do you have heroes?

Well, I think Daniel Ellsberg, the Pentagon Papers whistle-blower, he
has become a friend over the past couple of years, fairly described as
a hero. There are others in different fields (it takes several names).
It is better to say there are people who engage in heroic acts. Every
individual is of course human. One must be careful with the hero
label. Many people call me, for example, a hero, but I am a man and a
human being, just like all of us.

One person who is a great influence in your life is your mom, and
listening to you saying all this in the position you are in, the
stands you take, she must be a very worried woman today. How do you
make her feel less frightened?

She is also concerned. However, she is also a fighter. She has been
very effective politically in calling attention to my plight and the
plight of my organisation, more broadly in Australia. And she also
came to London in December [2010], and was a very effective
spokesperson. The way she has dealt with the stress of the situation
is by firing and engaging with the situation. That helped actually.
Everyone should deal with a difficult situation and get on to the job.

Keywords: Julian Assange, Wikileaks, The India Cables, WikiLeaks,
Cablegate, freedom of speech

News » The India Cables

March 15, 2011
N. Ram

Fascinating insights: 5,100 cables, six million words; what they’re
about & what’s in store

Starting today, March 15, The Hindu offers its readers a series of
unprecedented insights into India’s foreign policy and domestic
affairs, diplomatic, political, economic, social, cultural, and
intellectual – encountered, observed, tracked, interpreted, commented
upon, appreciated, and pilloried by U.S. diplomats cabling the State
Department in Washington D.C.

The range of subjects, issues, and persons covered by the India Cables
is extraordinary. While the trained diplomat’s eye is almost always on
the ball – the developing Indo-U.S. strategic relationship and
everything that helps or hinders it – the range includes India’s
relations with its neighbours, with Russia, the European Union, East
Asia, Israel, Palestine, Iran, and the rest of West Asia, Africa,
Cuba, the United Nations. It covers issues and actions relating to
defence cooperation, nuclear policy, arms control, terrorism,
intelligence sharing, export control, human rights, Indian
bureaucracy, environment, AfPak, and much more. There is a special
focus on 26/11, Kashmir, India’s policy towards and dealings with
Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, and where the
Indian polity is headed.

Politicians of all shades, diplomats and other officials, sleuths,
businessmen, journalists, busybodies, bigwigs and smallwigs figure in
the WikiLeaks India Cache – which comprises 5,100 U.S. Embassy and
consulate cables relevant to India (not all of them originating in
India) and aggregates an astonishing six million words.

These American diplomats have been trained to listen, probe and prod,
massage egos, milk sources, report, and write (supplying accessible
and, at times, witty and elegant headings and sub-headings) to inform,
analyse, and amuse – as though they were full-time journalists. Many
of them work like wire service beavers: long lunches, yes, but very
often, same day reports of important meetings. Few things escape their
notice. Most of the time, they see Indian men, women, and matters
through the reflected mirror of U.S. strategic interests and policy.

The India Cables have been accessed by The Hindu through an
arrangement with WikiLeaks that involves no financial transaction and
no financial obligations on either side. As with the larger
‘Cablegate’ cache to which these cables belong, they are classified
into six categories: confidential, confidential/noforn (confidential,
no foreigners), secret, secret/noforn, unclassified, and unclassified/
for official use only.

Our contacts with WikiLeaks were initiated in the second week of
December 2010. It was a period when Cablegate had captured the
attention and imagination of a news-hungry world.

On November 28, 2010, five major western newspapers (The Guardian, The
New York Times, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, and El Pais) and WikiLeaks made
a huge splash by publishing a selection from the cables that provided
readers worldwide with what WikiLeaks has described as “an
unprecedented insight into U.S. government foreign activities.” These
newspapers had put the cables through a painstaking and painfully slow
process of ‘redaction,’ applying varying criteria according to their
lights. They drew on the cables to publish dozens of stories, ranging
from the sensational through the instructive to the amusing; the
newspapers’ journalists provided context, background, analysis,
interpretation, and comment.

But by now WikiLeaks was under siege. An organisation committed to
openness, transparency, and justice and its charismatic Editor-in-
Chief, Julian Assange, had come under fierce, concerted attack
orchestrated by the United States. The attack dogs were after Mr.
Assange’s blood and the organisation had to use the utmost ingenuity
to continue to function.

That it was able to do so and even spread its wings in a matter of
weeks speaks to the tremendous vitality and technological power of
“this new form of indestructible publishing” (to borrow Guardian
Editor Alan Rusbridger’s phrase) and the solidarity and practical
support this mission, which Mr. Assange considers an integral part of
journalism, has been able to inspire among thousands of people round
the world.

The WikiLeaks database made available to the five newspapers comprised
251,187 cables from 280 U.S. embassies and consulates in 180
countries. The total word length of the cables was estimated to be 300
million. From the start of our interactions with WikiLeaks, The Hindu
had its eye on the India Cables, reported to number in the thousands,
of which only 40 have been published ( /

Hopes of getting our hands on the entire India Cache rose in the
second half of December when Julian Assange spoke, in a newspaper
interview, of “the incredible potential of the Indian media” in a
context of “a lot of corruption” (waiting to be exposed), a rising
middle class, and growing access to the internet – and specifically
mentioned and praised The Hindu.

To cut the story short, our active contacts with WikiLeaks resumed in
mid-February 2011. A breakthrough was achieved without any fuss,
resulting in a detailed understanding on the terms and modus of
publication, including redacting (where, and only where, necessary)
and compliance with a security protocol for protecting and handling
the sensitive material – and we had the whole cache of the India
Cables in our hands in early March.

Unlike the experience of the five western newspapers, which were
involved in a prolonged and complex collaborative venture even while
making independent publication choices (described in two books
published by The Guardian and The New York Times), The Hindu’s
receipt, processing, and publication of the cables is a standalone
arrangement with WikiLeaks, which, as in the case of the five
newspapers, has no say in the content of stories we publish based on
the cables.

We quickly assembled a team of experienced journalists – writers,
including foreign correspondents, and editors – as well as digital
information and data specialists for the India Cables publication
project, to which we gave no particular name.

The team worked long hours in a secured office space, practically
without a day’s break, sifting through the data, categorising,
segmenting, and speed-reading the cables, searching with keywords,
redacting if necessary, making a large first selection of what seemed
most relevant and interesting, and re-reading the cables to write
dozens of stories, formatting and uploading the cables online for
global reach. Quiet, controlled excitement reigned for the most part
within the confined environment, even when fatigue set in and nerves
were frayed. It is still work in progress.

Keywords: The India Cables, WikiLeaks, Cablegate, Indo-U.S. strategic
relationship, Julian Assange


There is nothing to be studied in depth about Man Mohan Singh’s
‘goodness’ in its historical evolution. A man’s adherence to personal
ethics and values is always determined by the way he responds to the
timing and the need to uphold these values. Simply put,in his
articulations and actions at different times.His loud silence at
critical times, when his ‘goodness’ is suspected, speaks volumes.
Being an academic,one expected him to be vocal, articulate,with
exemplary clarity and eloquence on issues not only on corruption but
on all issues facing the nation. He only disappoints. He only mumbles
vague generalities. One can only sympathize that he is imprisoned in a
system of political and administrative functioning which is devoid of
from: G.Naryanaswamy
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 08:03 IST

There are some hidden facts which lead to the revelations on Kashmir.
The US never wanted the problem to be settled and the two Asian
neighbours to be friends. That will lead to overwirming development of
the region and loss to the American or western WAR INDUSTRY.
from: K.Chandrasekharan
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 08:22 IST

India needs to clean itself of its corruption. If India has to
developed as socially responsible country than the media has to ensure
that it exposes all the corrupt practice that take place anywhere.
Hindu can also expose the list of Swiss bank holders names so that
people of India know the individuals who had steal our money
corruptly. India needs a bold and honest leader who cares to the poor.
Jai ho.
from: H K Darnal
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 08:46 IST

Julian Assange spoke of ‘a lot of corruption’ (waiting to be exposed),
a rising middle class, and growing access to the internet. Brace
yourself everyone!
from: Ashutosh Grewal
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 08:47 IST

Congratulations to ‘THE HINDU’ and, particularly, all those involved
in this project!! People of India have high hopes from pro-active
journalism undertaken by ‘THE HINDU’ and, hopefully, it will
intellectually stimulate the common man of India. I, personally, look
forward to follow your series on India Cables. Thank you.
from: Ruchir
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 09:24 IST

Excellent initiative from The Hindu. This is line with The Hindu’s
tradition to provide free, unbiased coverage of issues of national
importance. I have followed many of your investigative reports
starting from the Bofors expose two decades back.I am eagerly looking
forward to these series of articles, opinions and expert views based
on the India cables from Wikileaks.
from: Shankar V
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 09:30 IST

I have been thinking lately ‘why doesn’t The Hindu do it(read
collaborate with WikiLeaks) when the time is ripe and right?’ And they
did it. Heartiest congratulations to Mr. N. Ram and attache to put
effort into opening GoI. I hope they unveil everything including the
recent interim turmoil of corruption as well.
from: RM
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 09:49 IST

I was awaiting such an initiative from The Hindu. I really appreciate
it. Please take the lead to expose the massive corruption in our
country and also the mindset of politicians. A leader always initiates
change. That’s what The Hindu is going to do with this initiative to
make our country clean.
from: Sunil
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 09:53 IST

I was hoping that there were some leaks put down. Was hoping for that
Swiss bank acc details particularly. But this turned out to be more an
intro saying its coming soon, a teaser Nevertheless, will hold breath
waiting for it to come.
from: Murali Krishna
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 09:58 IST

It is to be borne in mind that most of the leaks are viewed through
the US prism. How/what they felt/observed about some leaders or
politics may not be that meaningful except maybe to state ‘this is how
Americans think’. If some US diplomats/politicians felt that India or
Indian politicians are scared of Muslim vote or OIC etc, that does not
mean that they are right or wrong. There is no point in standing on
(moral?) judgement on their so-called observations which could range
from ‘silly’ or ‘puerile’ to ‘profound’. Some of the observations
could also be temporal given the situation in US at that time, forget
their personal disposition. Reading too much into ‘comments’ may be
from: Raghuraman
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 10:19 IST

This is terrific! I’m glad that The Hindu is where I’ll read about it
and I’m sure that you will personally see to it that there’s none of
the silly sensationalizing that would have happened in the ToI or DNA
or HT.Looking forward to reading the leaks as well as the analysis.
from: Sidman
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 10:27 IST

It is very interesting.In india the major problem is corruption it is
done by either politicians or big business persons.We need to get back
our black money which is kept in other nation banks.
from: Sivamani
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 10:49 IST

Great! Finally, someone from India takes initiative.
from: Shivang
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 10:58 IST

Exposing India- US diplomatic cable information in this open press
method is most likely going to turn devastating for India’s national
security. The negative impact is going to be over 100 years or more.
We are scaring countries with good intelligence capabilities not to
provide us intelligence anymore. It does not matter where or who or
how it got stolen and leaked. The net result, India will loose real
bad on National Security. To a normal reader it will sound like a good
movie or fiction but for future diplomatic relations this kind of
uncontextual openess is going to be severely negative impact on India.
I pray ‘The Hindu’ newspaper organization think more deeply about this
topic prior to this release.
from: Kumar Subramaniam
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 11:31 IST

An incredible initiative from Hindu. I am aghast at the thought that
the US has a direct influence on how our country is run. Any Indian
who reads the patronising views of the Americans would recoil at the
thought of how our government’s have capitulated to outside pressure.
It is demeaning at the least, to know that the US has a hand in
determining the composition of our cabinet. This is the price we have
to pay, for having a succession of spineless Prime Ministers in the
chair. All strength to Hindu and Wikileaks for exposing how 21st
century imperialism operates.
from: T.R. Raghunandan
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 11:32 IST

Kudos to Hindu, After Bofors go for wikileaks expose scandalous
politicians,Govt. Babus, Dangerous Politicians-Industries-Babus
exploiting the masses particularly the rural india, where the core of
india lies our minerals,agricultural lands
from: Mohanraj
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 11:44 IST

Benjamin Franklin said ‘remember not only to say the right thing in
the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the
wrong thing at the tempting moment.’ It is indeed tempting to disclose
such information when it is at hand. But I hope the Hindu will take
extreme care in not pushing the boundary of diplomatic relations and
state secrets in its quest for publicity.
from: KC
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 12:00 IST

Congratulations to the ‘Team – The Hindu’ for another initiative
towards crating peaceful, prosperous and progressive India. Hope this
initiative by The Hindu will lead to ‘change’ in various spheres of
the Indian Society. Thank you and All the Best.
from: Syed Ishtiyaq Hasan
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 12:22 IST

I’ll be more interested to know the US policy on Kashmir. Is it really
a Friend or a Foe of the people of Sub Continent.
from: Riyaz Ashiq
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 12:24 IST

The dark days (Emergency)are very near for the Indians. The Fourth
Estate in its endeavour to highlight corruption and the greed of
politicians is now a divided house that brings paid news to the
public. The onslaught of money has caused division between the haves
and have nots. The two newspapers, The Hindu from Tamil Nadu and
Eenadu from Andhra Pradesh have been forefront in withstanding the
onslaught but Eenadu has succumbed to the pressures because there is a
larger business interests involved in them other than the newspapers.
What is intriguing is that there is a knee jerk attitude of the Indian
people in reacting to the news else there would have been a
revolution. They have become habituated to the corruption and hence
are unable to respond with bitterness. This is helping the politicians
and it does not matter how much a Newspaper make hue and cry… Chaltha
hai. I pray to the god to break this mindset of Indians and wish the
Hindu in its endeavour
from: Vasanthi
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 12:34 IST

India population is waiting for the hidden truth and conspiracies to
be revealed before them. This may fuel educated,accountable but at
same time non-voting masses with high inertia. Peole may once again
believe in unbiased journalism which is quite less seen in indian
print and electrinic media!
from: Subhash Pophale
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 12:39 IST

In his immortal poem Gurudev Tagore wrote: “..Where words come out
from the depth of truth.. ..Into that heaven of freedom, my Father,
let my country awake.” Although our Country has professed ‘Satyameva
Jayathe’ (Truth Alone Triumphs) as our National motto our leadership
hardly walk the path of rectitude lately. In this context it is really
heartening to know that The Hindu is bringing truth to the lime light.
Good Job! Keep it Going!
from: Sudhakar Matta
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 12:45 IST

This is a huge effort from The Hindu. Thanks a lot. I hope you give a
unbiased view of the content in the wires. This will real picture of
India’s foreign relationships, loop holes, internal corruption, etc.
from: Santhosh
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 12:53 IST

Congratulations to Mr. N. Ram and his journalist team in bringing
forth the ‘India Cables’. As an avid reader of this newspaper, I will
be greatly looking forward to this series. Keep up this good work.
from: Ravinarayanan L
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 13:06 IST

Exposing corruption is the need of the hour. I appreciate the team of
THE HINDU for their efforts in this great initiative.
from: Raman
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 13:09 IST

Ever since i have come to know of the machinations used by the
American govt. to manipulate the world media, (the fake coffin
broadcast by CNN during Gulf War 1 e.g.) i have been skeptical of
media reports. During late November itself I was wondering if really
America cannot get hold of Assange if it wanted him so badly. I have a
feeling of America destabilising the world through the undercurrent of
wikileaks. I think the damage due to Wikileaks, that america initially
borne was self inflicted and to gain credibility for Wikileaks the
world over. Once that was easily established, wikileaks started
publishing secret documents of Israel, Palestine, Middle East
countries and India among others. Well now, the turmoil in MENA
(middle east and north african) countries is visible to everyone, and
an unprecedented simultaneous activism is all round the world to
overthrow despotic regimes. Though this is for good, i feel there has
been a big hand of Uncle Sam in orchestrating this. I am looking
forward eagerly to the India Cables, but i request Mr. N. Ram to be
very very cautious in publishing the details. Naxals, Maoists, and the
problems in Telangana are ready to fulminate the Indian polity if care
is not taken. And we dont want America to laugh over and wait in
hiding to declare ‘no-fly-zone” in India as well.
from: Prasant Kumar
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 13:10 IST

It is a welcome development and congratulations to HINDU for their
proactive initiative. Subsequent to the publication, even if
corruption comes down by 10%, it is worthwhile. Every Indian would
like to see a corruption free society.
from: MS Reddy
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 13:27 IST

Excellent Hindu- I was waiting for this news since long time. Since
many years I am a regular reader of Hindu and wondering why Hindu did
not start this intiative? Anyway, congrats.
from: Madhu
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 13:42 IST

There will be many big shots who will feel the heat. Let the process
start. At least the middle class deserves to know where all the money
is routed to.
from: Mrinamya
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 14:10 IST

The Hindu deserves congratulations and thanks from the Indian public
because the Indian govt treats everything connected with it as top
secret and does not declassify its papers even after many decades have
from: Krish
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 14:24 IST

Congratulations ! Indian will benefit from your bold initiative. We
hope you can bring to light some large issues and play a larger role
in the cleansing of India. Bravo !!!
from: Arhant
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 14:35 IST

I just want to ask one thing. When wikileaks started to release cables
months before , there was discussion going on , that in India
releasing such documents is criminal offense and there is no such
things as ‘First amendment’ as we have in U.S.. So how safe is ‘The
Hindu’ in releasing these cables? Really appreciate the effort and
work put up by Hindu in releasing these cables ..
from: Sivaram
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 14:38 IST

A brave initiative indeed. Hindu sets an exemplary move in journalism.
I am eager to see reports on South Asian diplomatic issues along with
Indo-Bangla relationship.
from: Asjadul Kibria
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 15:23 IST

Indian media has failed the public. Instead of exposing corruption,
they became a part of it. The grapevine is that by and large, any one
can be bought in India for a price and can be silenced. It will only
take an outside agency like wikileaks to expose as what is wrong in
India. Indians lost their conscience a long time ago and what exists
now is the philosophy of ‘might is right’.
from: R C Prasad
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 15:24 IST

Hope this will wake up our common people from the mindset of
acceptanace to corruption..and our rights.
from: Chinnaram
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 15:37 IST

I always knew it could only be the Hindu which can take this
initiative. Time for post-mortem of India’s foreign policy! Thanks for
bringing all this to light. You can even analyse other cables from the
subcontinent lying unused with Wikileaks.
from: Vikas
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 16:07 IST

Hope there are whistleblowers and Julian Assange’s of India who can
uncover some of the big corruption scandals spanning all walks of life
from: Vivek K
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 16:18 IST

Kudos to THE HINDU for taking this unprecedented initiative of
offering ‘fascinating insights’ into India’s foreign policy and
domestic affairs. This is totally unique to Indian journalism.
from: Safi Alam
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 16:30 IST

Now we will have an opportunity to know how tight-lipped are our
esteemed ministers / bureaucrats / MP’s etc. Anyway if any country’s
diplomatic cables are outed they will reveal a similar picture. Every
nation would be conducting its own assessment, from its angle and some
times these might be prone for occasional exaggeration by the cables
author to please their bosses but when seen in its entirety will
reveal a pattern of behavior from everyone involved.
from: Rahul
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 16:58 IST

I really appreciate this initiative from ‘The Hindu’. This could bring
in a lot of education to the common people about the happenings in
administering the country. I had wondered about a lot of decision (or
Indecisions) of the Government and the reasons behind those. Hope I
get some chance to unlock certain Puzzles… especially this Congress
govt. and it’s capability to hold office for such a long time.
from: Mahesh
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 17:16 IST

For the past 20 yrs, reading ‘The Hindu’ newspaper has been a routine
and addiction. And today it seem that my addiction is justified by the
Excellent initiative to provide free, unbiased coverage of issues of
national importance. I salute the very idea of Mr.N.Ram and his
esteemed journalist family.
from: B.Sreehari
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 17:19 IST
From the bottom of my heart I wish to state that the job you are doing now will go long way in cleansing the system and in future the concerned people will start thinking about well being of the nation.
from: Prakash Adhyapak
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 17:30 IST

I have long been critical of The Hindu and its glorification of
Socialist ideologies and China / Russia model. But of late I have been
impressed with its stance on critical topics affecting the nation. It
was one of the few leading publications along with Outlook, to take a
bold stance on the Radia Gate, and now it has daringly gone public
with Wikileaks. In an era where it’s clear that the ruling party is
seeking to buy out the main stream media, and in parallel block the
views of bloggers, a bold step like this by ‘The Hindu’, should serve
a strong message to the Congress, and future governments. I am
waiting, like most sensible readers, to read the full disclosures,
before forming an opinion. But some of the early responses by the
political parties on the Wikieaks show a naivety and lack of maturity
that is appalling. The Communist parties wasted no time in proclaiming
the Government has sold out to America, while conveniently forgetting
that they have wasted no time in the past in selling out to their
ideological masters in Russia or China. The BJP has been critical of
Indo-U.S camaraderie since the nuclear deal days, while conveniently
forgetting that it was Vajpayee, who rightly initiated closer ties
with U.S. Congress being Congress waits for the noise to die down,
while continuing to plunder and loot the country. In these times,
leading publications should either just present the facts and leave
the public to make the inferences, or show a more nuanced
understanding of the world in their analysis.
from: Vasu
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 17:31 IST

Thanks to The Hindu and Mr. Ram to give readers this unprecedented
opportunity to get access to The India Cables from Wikileaks. By doing
that The Hindu continues to provide free, unbiased coverage of issues
of national importance.
from: Kurt Waschnig
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 17:48 IST

There were instances in the past when a single comment by Supreme
Court judge is made, minister rushed their resignations. what is the
present position. Terribly sad situation. We preach morals to the
whole world . But ‘what the hell is going on in this country?’ as one
of the Supreme Court judges remarked recently.
from: V. Vasudevarao
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 17:54 IST

The Hindu is to be commended for its efforts to publish the portions
of WikiLeaks relating to India. Indian politicians have much to hide
and I am sure that we will learn a lot about them (not too flattering)
in the the leaked messages. India also needs to learn how the US
diplomats conduct themselves in the interests of their country and the
role they play in providing vital information about the important
politicians and others they meet in the countries they are posted in.
from: krishna
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 18:16 IST

I hope the leaks will expose this UPA government’s corrupt practices.
It should also expose the nuclear deal with US and how Manmohan Singh
played the trick to help pro American lobby.
from: Chandrakant Marathe
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 18:44 IST

Slow and steady wins the race. Needless to say I have been awaiting to
know the truth in the dealings of politicians of all shades of India
when they agree or disagree to a problem faced by India. I am sure
your revelations will be an eye-opener. Thank you is nothing compared
to the trouble taken by your team and I appreciate the language used
in the preamble. Regards to all in the team and I am proud there is
still some hope left to mend India.
from: Mani Iyer
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 18:55 IST

The phenomenon of Wikileaks has happned at the right time. India now
has the most corrupt Government in the history. I hope Wikileaks
exposes them all.
from: Ajn
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 18:57 IST

Great Work Hindu!!! I was hoping for this kind of initiative when
leaks were exposed initially.Should expose all involved in corruption,
black money holders and Anything that makes our country clean and
corruption free.
from: Shankar
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 19:13 IST

Hindu has done it again, in these dark times such acts of courage and
commitment gives the common man a glimmer of hope for a better
tommorow…well done Hindu!
from: Susruthan K
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 19:27 IST

May I just commend, once again, ‘The Hindu’ for its unstinting
commitment to journalistic integrity and, above all, TRUTH! Please
keep it up for it can only ever be a balm to soothe the mental wounds
of the people of India. We want to know and we need to know the truth.
from: Samir Mody
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 20:53 IST

You draw an interesting difference between the Hindu’s deal with
Wikileaks and that of the The Guardian and others with the now
persecuted organisation. But its surprising not to see a link of the
original memos- released and unreleased. The other papers had made
sure that they publish the originals along with their spin on the
trove of stunning documents. Meanwhile what was seen on the first day
of Indian cablegate is largely the perspective and spin of your
insightful and super-efficient team. Would appreciate if you could
publish originals as well.
from: Manish
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 21:46 IST

Congratulations and good luck to The Hindu team for their efforts in
exposing the corrupt malpractices in the Indian policy engine. If
India becomes a socially responsible, prosperous global power in
future, the contributions of ‘The Hindu’ will be at the forefront in
the least.
from: Rohit Aggarwal
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 22:05 IST

From The Bofors Case to Wikileaks, Hindu has always set standards and
precendent for the Indian Media and with remarkable courage and
display of responsible and relevant journalism.Mr.N.Ram I am waiting
to grab tomorrow’s Hindu.
from: Surbhi Tandon
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011 at 23:20 IST

Excellent Work by ‘The Hindu’ Team. I am a regular reader of Hindu and
Since the day , weakileaks were out,I was expecting ‘India’ related
cables from you.Hope this will help wake up comman man.
from: Ramesh B
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 01:54 IST

At a time when even the US Government is throwing out all pretentions
of an Open Press, jailing Manning who released the cables and
aggressively trying to muzzle Julian Assange with unrelated charges, I
congratulate and commend The Hindu’s efforts at publishing the
Wikileaks Cables. If politicians do not have anything to hide they
should not be afraid of these. They have, and they are! Nothing
cleanses politics like the harsh light of truth!
from: Narasimhan Kannan
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 02:29 IST

I appreciate this brave effort by the Hindu to take political forces
head on in the interest of journalism. Good work! I hope to read all
the interesting stories that come out of this.
from: Adarsh Bhat
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 02:42 IST

In India corruption has spread like cancer and needs to be rooted out
if the nation has to prosper. To this end if Mr N Ram and the news
experts expose all the shady activities of the people who are inimical
to progress, it will pave a long way
from: Krishnamurthy
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 02:49 IST

Thank you for making this public. Please make the actual cables also
available bellow the article so we could get the complete picture. I
must say you are a cut above the rest as a credible news organization.
That’s why thehindu.com is my homepage.
from: Joe T
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 02:57 IST

One has to be careful in interpreting the messages sent by US
diplomats. Those messages may influence the US policy but may not be
true reflection of Indian positions on variuos issues. But, it is
educational for the Indian diplomats how US thinks. I do not think
there will be any fundamental changes due to these leaks. The bottom
line is that both will act in self-interest.
from: K V Rao
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 03:24 IST

It is good to publish the cables obtained from Wikileaks. At least one
News Paper/ it’s Editor has shown a back bone to publish material
about the most corrupt politicians, and nation engulfed by corruption.
India’s young citizens are also corrupted by the so called ‘leaders’
of every party. It is sad. India’s future is the youth, and if they do
not care for the corruption etc then the country is doomed to loose in
a long run, economically, in science, in industrialization, public
service, lifting the poor from poverty, health and human services and
ultimately the military which has to protect the nation from foreign
invasion and subversion.India is a laughable ‘democracy’. Nehru’s
DYNASTY rules the country. How much money they looted is not known.
Same with Karunanidhi family, Laloo Prasad’s, Rajashekara Reddy’s,
Chandrababu Naidu’s … the list can go on for ever.These people throw
few crumbs to other politicians and buy their loyalties. They learned
to play RELIGION card to their advantage, to keep themselves in power.
Gone are the glory days of Gandhi Ji and national liberation. We have
the copy cats with NO MORALS. Wake up India. Especially WAKE UP INDIAN
YOUTH. India needs a peaceful revolution to get rid of all the corrupt
individuals, then only India can become a great nation again.
from: Srinivas Nyayapati
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 04:55 IST

There is nothing to be surprised at the US interference in India’s
internal affairs. Earlier during the pre-reform years and during the
times of the Lincece-Quota Raj, it was the erstwhile Soviet Union that
was calling the shots. Now it is the US.What needs to be seen is that
as a developing nation, India needs to balance its priorities in line
with the only superpower’s ambitions such that it serves India well.
South Korea and Japan aligned with the US and have progressed
economically. I would think that India dump its panch sheel, NAM and
other such no-good policies, get its priorities right and make
progress. This is the pragmatic way to succeed rather than be
intransigent in anything and everything.
from: Amaruvi Devanathan
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 05:16 IST

As an US citizen I wonder if the motivation of the editors of The
Hindu is more to embarass the USA than to shine a light on the
happenings in India as observed by the US diplomats.
from: Partha Raghavachari
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 06:03 IST

A commendable effort. With the Indian government ever cloaked in a
veil of secrecy, it is through leaks that the Indian citizens come to
know what transpires, or doesn’t, within the walls of North and South
Blocs. The irony is the leaks are essentially an American
understanding of the Indian scenarios. An understanding we suffer a
large dose of, every day. Not to mention our own pathetic, political
and foreign affairs analysts who come on TV and in print, happily
brainwashed by American rhetoric. While the leaks do serve some
purpose in enlightening the Indian public sphere, the media should
take care not to allow its own civic and social responsibilities to be
taken over by Assange and his team.
from: VVP Sharma
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 06:17 IST

My heartist congratulations to ‘The Hindu’ to make such a massive
effort amidst the political situation in our country to help improve
and develop this modern power on world stage by exposing and possibly
eradicating corruption, the one and only factor that shackles our
country. These small efforts by individuals and organizations will
definitely help our country go forward as we are taking pride in what
we have -India.
from: Shyam
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 07:16 IST

These truths are well known to every Indian.Truths do not require
evidence.It is not that wikileaks are exposing it. We see it, discuss
it, forget it. Most of us are intentionally blind to corruption even
in broad day light.Every one knows what is happening around in high
and low places.(the one like money for vote !) We have learnt to live
with these. In fact we cannot live without it.Many times it is even
considered as a glory or development in life. And suddenly wikileaks
is getting all those credits for exposing the explicit! If somebody is
excited about wikileak it only indicates political unrealism and
from: Dr Venkatesan Sangareddi
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 08:31 IST

This is the reason why THE HINDU, inspite of not going with it’s
perspective all the time, it can never be avoided. The team behind
this initiative deserves special praise and recognition.
from: Rajesh kumar
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 08:55 IST

It sounds like we see the happenings through american eyes. Will it
add any value or will it help the ‘Change’ we all looking for, but we
try this now. Sure, this may help to educate few more on the way. This
is a good initiative and we expect to see those involved or
circumvented would turn in eventualy. Good initiative and appreciate
all involved.!
from: Balaji
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 14:49 IST

Excellent Initiative… Well Done THE HINDU…. Keep the society informed
of these corrupt,biased and double tongued politicians… let your
journalism usher in a new democratic India… You have started a
Revolution. Go ahead come what may.
from: Ganesh Ramaswamy
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 15:09 IST

Please, Dear Editor, publish all the muck and don’t back off under
political pressure.Let this start a national debate on
corruption..only then will can India and Indians face the ugly truth
of our moral decay and chart out a new path..else we will accept this
corrupt life as our destiny.
from: Raghu
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 16:06 IST

We have been always feeling that politicians are taking the whole
nation for ride after buying the votes. All these and many more
matters, which we heard all these days have now been exposed. Kudos to
Mr Ram for his bold step in publishing these WIKILEAKS. Hope to have a
nice reading in days to come. The educated class should not remain
‘indoors’ during elections and have to vote out corrupt, criminal and
other notorious elements from the political arena. It is all the more
relevant that The Hindu is publishing these just ahead of elections.
My heartiest CONGRATULATIONS for Mr N Ram and his team in this
from: S.R. Muralidharan
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 16:52 IST

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation,
nor does truth become error because nobody sees it – Mahatma Gandhi.
from: Hrushikesh
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 17:42 IST

I hope HINDU remains honest in the wikileaks and does not come under
any pressure from the politiciains and business tycoons.
from: Sumati
Posted on: Mar 16, 2011 at 23:48 IST

News Papers and Media are doing their level best in bringing out the
real facts in front of the people and educate them on the various
happenings. This initiative is a great and courageous initiative taken
by THE HINDU and we understand the political pressures behind this
inspite of that THE HINDU came forward and brought this
initiative.Hats off to those who involved in it and warning to our
Political leaders who were involved in the scams and other attrocities
from: Rajeshwar Thotakura
Posted on: Mar 17, 2011 at 01:24 IST

I am alarmed at the idea that The Hindu considers not just publishing
leaked cables and stories (that legally maybe considered stolen
property belonging to another country ) but is also marketing it as a
journalistic triumph. I do not believe that this kind of voyeurism
will evolve into any meaningful trend that will either help Indian
journalism or help the country solve the issues in the cables.
Consider that the insights of the writers who were diplomatic
personnel were only summarizing opinions or facts gleaned from
conversations or interviews that are generally available to any
journalist, it makes one wonder why ‘The Hindu’ needed these cables
after all. Take for instance the story about elections in South India
and the delivery of cash in the daily newspaper; one only has to have
been to be a south Indian voter in any of the last few elections to be
able to confirm this story. Yet, it took the publishing of the same
factoids in Wiki cables to makes us ‘quot’ if this was something that
we never knew about.I think ‘The Hindu’ and all other journalists who
would love to take credit for this ‘political intelligence’, be
allowed to share a cell with Private Manning before they walk around
as if they have achieved journalistic glory.
from: Lakshmi Myneni, California
Posted on: Mar 17, 2011 at 10:55 IST

Corruption in India is all pervasive. The so called non-corrupt when
given a chance have miserably failed to show any difference. It is
high time that the corrupt are put behind bars. It should start with
the Swiss fund holders names. And many of them are in Union Cabinet.
Interestingly they include both ABV(remember Mahajan) MMS ministry. I
hope and wish things will move fast with one of the ex-CJI sent to
jail. Not sending Narasinha Rao to jail for bribing was a big error of
judgement, in my opinion. It has been downward slide to abyss lately.
from: Sandip K. Dasverma
Posted on: Mar 17, 2011 at 12:36 IST

Keep it up to built ‘The Nation’ a truly free, fair and democratic
state not only in words but in deeds as well.

Mohammed Mumtaz
from: Mohammed Mumtaz
Posted on: Mar 17, 2011 at 13:08 IST

The Hindu has done great service to the nation by exposing these
cables to the public and one can hope that in future elections the
voter’s will make a more informed and rational decision.
from: P Pandey
Posted on: Mar 17, 2011 at 18:23 IST

A very responsible act by the HINDU group of newspapers. Rulers in
India thought they could get away by turning and twisting facts. Maybe
they will realize that past will catch up. One wonders what are the
compulsions for the existing government ,greed or power or foreign
commercial interest. It is definitely not the interest of people. Let
us hope that some dignity is brought to Indian governance.No body will
believe that PM is is not an active participant. It is not only the
politicians but also bankruptcy of intelligentsia. Let us hope that
the leaks create a chink in the armor of our compromised knights.
from: Sudhir Suri
Posted on: Mar 17, 2011 at 18:55 IST

Great job Julian, Wiki-leaks and Hindu. Don’t worry about diplomatic
ties, and effect of news on people etc. Just expose the cables. The
Indian system needs a big shake and it will separate the butter from
butter milk.
from: Subash
Posted on: Mar 17, 2011 at 19:05 IST

The Hindu exposure has not surprised most of the Indians but yet it is
to be appreciated. It is accepted by over 90% of the population as a
way of life for the politicians, advocates of market economy, money
makers and money transfer lobby, money and power brokers – call them
the ruling clique of this Bharat Mahan. They have all established
thousands of ways to circumvent the law, see eye to eye through
corrupt practices, ignore the difficulties of living of over 80 crore
living at Rs. 20/- a day and use the sold and purchased media to keep
themselves well above the drowning level of water. Pranab Mukherjee
must know that the country and its people and the Govts are not
compartmentalised according to the period of the Lok Sabha. It is a
continuing existence of the whole all together. How much of the
exposure is required for the UPA -II to say quits as a part of ethics
and democratic morality. People certainly are not waiting for them to
change or act. They are looking for alternatives which will not be
based on Stock market indices and graphs and tables of economic
development-GDR indices etc.
from: Dr.V.N.Sharma
Posted on: Mar 17, 2011 at 21:05 IST

Thank god we still have some sensible media. Otherwise we just discuss
malfunctioning wardrobes or cricket bollywood affair…Congratulations
to ‘The Hindu’ who took the initiative with wiki-leaks. We can’t hang
the culprits but still am damn sure it will make some difference in
this country which it needs badly.
from: Nitin Lakhanpal
Posted on: Mar 18, 2011 at 01:39 IST

We are bracing ourselves up for one more emergency. And once the
oppression of emergency gets above, may there be a socialist state
with hundred flowers and hundred ideas blooming.
from: Suvodeep
Posted on: Mar 18, 2011 at 02:47 IST

Congratulations to The Hindu team for exposing the doublespeak and
hypocrisy rampant in Indian political scenario. The comments like ‘the
world has rejected wikileaks’, and the lame duck arguments on
technicalities of 14th and 15th Loksabha, bring it all to the day
light who the culprits are. I really wonder, why there had there been
not even a single person with Integrity and moral courage to speak up
against this at the helms of our so-called democracy. Salute the Hindu
for putting it all to the public.
from: Aneesh
Posted on: Mar 18, 2011 at 11:20 IST

The integrity of a man should be an inherent quality.There are people
who pretend integrity, maintain integrity out of the fear of being
caught and some will get a title by virtue of being in the class of
high dignitaries, society bestows the title ‘Mr Clean’-eg Rajiv Gandhi
and there are yet another group who get this image for no reason-in
which class our Hon Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh belong is a
puzzling question for me with utmost regret and pain a poor Indian
from: George
Posted on: Mar 18, 2011 at 13:49 IST

Can The Hindu / Intellectuals all around give a workaround for this
CURRUPTION problem? Scams and Scandals have always been there. Thanks
to the proactive media, now a days, that it gets expossed within some
time or so. But the question remains the same, high quality of
scandals – high quality of sting operations. Is it going to end
somewhere, or its pace be decreased substantialy. Common people is
worried only about there Dal-Roti.And they are the suferer.The soul of
nation needs to be purified, else whatever mecahnism you design,
curruption will prevail. It is at every level, personal level, family
level, social level, national level.Curruption lies because, we feel
that we’ll become happier with more power, more money, more luxuries
etc.Are we happy really?Happiness of one who helps a needy is much
more than the one who buys luxuries.
from: Devvrat Singh
Posted on: Mar 18, 2011 at 14:49 IST

Congratulations to “The Hindu” for exposing indian ruling class.
from: Hariharan
Posted on: Mar 18, 2011 at 17:29 IST

Government had given Padma Bhushan to Sant Singh Chatwal on flimsy
grounds , everyone was wondering why he was awarded the same. Now
cable 162458 probably gives the answer.Help Government in arranging
bribe money and get Padma Bhushan!
from: P Pandey
Posted on: Mar 18, 2011 at 17:41 IST

As one critic has pointed out many of the corruption allegations are
revealed by Indian Press earlier but now we receive it through the
Wikileaks conch and so it becomes the ‘teertha’. I think the average
Indian has become reconciled to corruption and also indulges in it as
and when he finds it convenient and so unless such corruption mortally
hurts his interests he would not rise up to protest and rebel. In
India people are not that worse off materially or mentally as in North
African and Arab countries where though they may have more per capita
income, people are trammeled by many shackles and feel suffocated. So
it is not that easy here to expect any revolutionary uprising, however
much we desire it, except in pockets where existence itself is a
nightmare for the marginalized people there.
from: Mallikarjuna Sharma
Posted on: Mar 18, 2011 at 23:28 IST

Congratulations ‘The Hindu’. Dr.Manmohan Singh is not as sincere as he
appears. In the early nineties, several companies were allowed to
float shares and collect crores of rupees from public. It is not known
how many of those companies are doing business today. Many companies
were later allowed to close the companies by paying some nominal fee
to government. We cannot believe that the Congress party did not have
share in that booty
from: M.A.Sastry
Posted on: Mar 19, 2011 at 09:43 IST

Even US knows I’m incorruptible: Narendra Modi on WikiLeaks

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Shan (India)
22 mins ago (03:34 PM)

Definitely US has double standards. Without anything yet proved
against Narendra Modi, the US has denied him visa. But why is the US
not following the same principle in case of Wen Jiabao when they have
been time and again crying of human rights violation by the Chinese
govt. Last year there were about 156 muslims killed during an uprising
in Xinjiang, but the world witnessed Wen being given a red carpet
welcome and a state dinner hosted by none other than their President.
Will the US explain this?
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amit (india)
34 mins ago (03:22 PM)

Well, it was a know fact that he is the best administrator from every
end. However who is Wikileaks to declare about him, we all know that
Mr. Modi is the best person in India, he has successfully proved at
many occassions his ability and truthfulness. Dear world and so called
the “Leaders of the world, please watch out, another noble man after
Sarder Patel is going to be the PM of India. I am hopeful that under
his able leadership, he will transform India into the situation as the
way he did to the Great Gujarat
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49 mins ago (03:07 PM)

For once Modi fallen flat. He is giving credence to US cables.Then he
should take blame that comes through their opinions too. The leaks
also paints him as a rude unapproachable autocrat.Did he agree for the
Disagree (6)

VGp (Blr)
1 hr ago (02:42 PM)

If news was against Modi, then he would have said ‘sab bakwas hai’.
but good to know that we have still good politicians are in our
country. Mr.Modi we like to see you as PM!
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Madrasee (Chennai)
1 hr ago (02:25 PM)

BJP lost miserably in last two general elections – 2004 routing is
mainly attributed to 2002 massacre conducted by Modi and India as
whole, rejected BJP. BJP is still not living upto the expectations of
average poor and it is yet to become a nationalist party with vote
share from all the states and territories. Leave alone the BJP, even
the possibility of NDA winning a majority with allies is a remote
possibility. Long way to go. I am eagerly expecting Modi to be
announced as PM candidate by BJP (Will that ever happen ?) , so that
BJP will be reduced to a state level party – officially.
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kiran (hyd) replies to Madrasee
14 mins ago (03:42 PM)

I think ur a paki. Y don’t you to go pakistan or afganistan
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amit (india) replies to Madrasee
33 mins ago (03:23 PM)

Good joke, Mr. MAdrasee, your name resembles the state level boundary,
please refrain from making the national level discussion in such a
unappropriate way.
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Madrasee replies to amit
9 mins ago (03:47 PM)

Appreciate your sense of humour to understand a joke in that, my
intention was exactly that. Good joke to think Modi as PM, isn’t ?
Disagree (1)

Indian (India)
1 hr ago (02:07 PM)

If we Indians had half a brain, then we would not be talking about
whether Narendra Modi should be PM or not. He would already be our PM
and more than that our Leader. Hats off to this man! It’s wonderful to
see someone doing his job in a sea of corrupt which includes both the
Congress and the BJP. You’re truly an exception Mr Modi!
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yy (india)
2 hrs ago (01:02 PM)

start campaign……..modi for pm……….
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asdf (asdf)
3 hrs ago (12:35 PM)

No US official said anything like that. Check the cable. It was two
stupid congress MPs who said that. It also says as long as Modi is CM,
no culprits of the massacre will be punished.
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satish haldankar (Mumbai) replies to asdf
2 hrs ago (01:49 PM)

You expect these blind followers of Modi to read and then form an
opinion of their own! Impossible. For them, whatever he or any RSS/BJP
leader says is the gospel truth, reality be damned.
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naresh patel patel (bangalore)
3 hrs ago (12:22 PM)

are dosto mere village me bijli 24 hr aa gai modi ke ane ke bad aur
pine ka pani bhi milne laga vo bhi governments. Panchayat ki office me
broadband connection bhi he. me to village jata hu to vanhase se hi
internet access karta hu. mere village me muslim bhi rehte he uske
ghar me bhi pani aur bijali aa gai. its better na. congress me 55
years raj kiya fhir bhi pani aur bijli nahi de paye aur tum kya hope
rakho ge is nikkami sarkar se. modi ke ane ke 10 sal me hi itana kuch
kar diya usene. to socho agar ye 20 sal india ka PM raha to kya kya ho
sakta he.
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SAWAI (BHARAT) replies to naresh patel patel
3 hrs ago (12:44 PM)

Lucky Gujju’s……we are eager to Modi as PM of India……
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Ishan Patel (Ahmedabad, India) replies to SAWAI
2 hrs ago (01:37 PM)

Yes, ofcourse we are lucky gujjus… But we want Modi as CM. Bcuz, if he
is cm in gujarat, gujarat will continue it’s success… As per my view,
Narendra Modi is the best cm ever in Gujarat.
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Indiafirst (Kolkata)
3 hrs ago (12:02 PM)

Yes Sir, you are our ‘Mr. India’. We want you as our Prime Minister
for atleast next 10 years. We know you can make India one of top 5
destinations,power of the world. The thieves who have made the country
sick, will run away,if you are the PM.
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de (india)
4 hrs ago (11:36 AM)

bravo modi…………..
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Suresh (Mumbai)
4 hrs ago (11:29 AM)

A man like Hon’ble Mr. Narendra Modi is an exception to all
politicians. He is not at all a corrupt person and for what and for
whom he will become a corrupt man. According to me, he is playing the
role of “Shivajirao” as was played by Mr.Anil Kapoor in the film
“Nayak the Hero”. By all means available at his disposal, he is
developing Gujarat like anything. He is next Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
and all big leaders from all Parties including BJP do not want that he
should become Prime Minister because if he becomes Prime Minister,
their corruption activities would come to limelight. Mr. Narendra Modi
is a true National Leader. He made Gujarat vibrant. However, the other
parties who are criticising him on the ground of violation of human
rights in Gujarat and more importantly in respect of Muslim community
are conveniently forgetting and/or ignoring the development of Gujarat
in all spheres such as education, employment, infrastructure,
industrilization, power and there is no sector where there is no
development in State of Gujarat and all opposition parties have always
crying even in dreams Godhra, Godhra, Godhra, because they do not have
any other issue other than this. Gujarat is safe from all angles and
for all communities. A single lady can walk on the streets in the
State of Gujarat at any odd hours, whereas this is not the situation
in the Congress ruled States such as Delhi. Nobody is raising issue
regarding killing of sikhs in Delhi and other places.
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Rahul Joshi (Pune)
4 hrs ago (11:29 AM)

Dear all Indians now its time to Give chance to Modi….. we need a PM
like him who is strong and Visionary….. he has guts and most important
he is Corruption free … if we want to see our nation as superpower he
is the man….nobody should pull his legs ……..Jai Hind…
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dev (pune)
5 hrs ago (10:46 AM)

I will not be surprised if the congress now rakes up a fake sex racket
or land grab racket or some new racket behind Modi.
Agree (2)

Raj (India)
5 hrs ago (10:13 AM)

Muslim-Killer BJP or Sikh-Killer Congress. Take your Pick. Am not from
Gujarath, but from what i hear, At least, Modi thinks about progress
more than the other parasites…
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Rock (Bangalore) replies to Raj
4 hrs ago (11:08 AM)

It’s Gujarat my friend not Gujarath, you ugly south-indian moron.
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kiran (hyd) replies to Rock
9 mins ago (03:47 PM)

f*** you rock. Mind ur language Idiot

Ravindran (Ahmedabad) replies to Rock
53 mins ago (03:03 PM)

my dear rock first of all mind your language. if somebody is writing
Gujarath, let it be. what is wrong in it. since you have posted your
msg, here definitely you must be reading all filthy and rotten english
being typed here, then why only single out south-indian moron and that
even using calling them “ugly”. be indian and think positive. by the
if you still think that you havent mentioned anythihng wrong by
calling “ugly”, can you please reveal the identity of which state you
belong so that other fellow commenting people can make mock of your
state also. everybody is having their own way of writing like,
gujarati, tamilian, punjabi, and other linguistic peoples. so better
mind your language and do not put unreleavt comments….Ravi ..
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BestIndian1324 (India) replies to Rock
3 hrs ago (12:10 PM)

Then what are you doing in South India [ bangalore ] Mr. Rock ? will
you still call yourself patriotic by abusing fellow Indian just
because he happens to be in other part of India and dont subscribe to
your view?
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Rahul Joshi (Pune) replies to Rock
4 hrs ago (11:20 AM)

Bhavnao ko samzo mere bhai…
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Indian (India) replies to Raj
5 hrs ago (10:32 AM)

Correct your statement like this: Muslim-befitter replier BJP or Sikh-
Killer, corruption-lover Congress. Take your Pick. Am not from
Gujarath, but from what i hear, At least, Modi thinks about progress
more than the other parasites…
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BestIndian1324 (India) replies to Indian
3 hrs ago (12:18 PM)

it should be like this, Correct your statement like this: Muslim-
befitter replier BJP or Sikh-Killer, corruption-lover Congress. Take
your Pick. Am not from Gujarath, but from what i like to hear, At
least, Modi mastered the art of hiding corruption more than the other
parasites…Poor UPA failed even in hiding their corruption !
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Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to Indian
4 hrs ago (11:21 AM)

well said!!!
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Indian (India)
6 hrs ago (09:45 AM)

The only problem is that some congressi-corrupt elements in BJP will
thwart any attempt to make Narendra Modi as PM. If somehow Narendra
Modi becomes PM, then count it as beginning of new India. As a CM he
had gained enough experience in clearing a system at heavy odds
(poltical and media).
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Kuldeep Singh (Delhi)
6 hrs ago (09:10 AM)

Modi Sir is the future of India
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Sunil (USA)
7 hrs ago (08:04 AM)

Ok Mr. Modi. Just do ONE thing. Promise that you will wage the SAME
VIOLENCE against all corrupt politicians as you waged against
minorities. DO THAT, and I will travel all the way from US solely to
cast my vote for you. Will you do that?
Agree (17)Disagree (40)Recommend (7)

Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to Sunil
4 hrs ago (11:22 AM)

Modi doesn’t need ur vote, we as citizen don’t need ur vote, go f**k
urself in US
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More to follow...

...and I am Sid Harth
2011-03-23 11:36:56 UTC
Raw Message
swapnil patel (ahmedabad) replies to Sunil
4 hrs ago (11:20 AM)

we gujjus don’t want to leave Modi.modi is our CM and will remain so
till gujarat don’t become likie south korea.we gave him votes in
difficult time and now he shoulod stick wit gujarat should not leave
for PM office.consider me selfish.

SR (Canada) replies to Sunil
5 hrs ago (10:52 AM)

Sunilbhai, I hope Mr. Modi doesn’t accept your offer, because if he
becomes next PM and he ‘will wage the SAME VIOLENCE against all
corrupt politicians as you waged against minorities’ then there will
be no action against corruption. (’cause he did not wage any war
against minorities.) But I am positive that when he will become PM,
corruption will be reduced from political system.

Ramesh (Toronto) replies to Sunil
7 hrs ago (08:54 AM)

Modiji knows what needs to be done for the Gujarat and for
India,nobody should teach him what to do. You will see Modiji very
soon in US so no need to travel that far.
Agree (25)Disagree (9)Recommend (18)

Ramesh (Toronto) replies to Ramesh
5 hrs ago (10:35 AM)

You call as a sycophant but I am a supporter. People of gujarat has
been supporting him and they are(including Muslims) enjoying the taste
of growth,developement,self respect,non corrupt governance…, yes you
may call them all sycophants.
Agree (14)Disagree (1)Recommend (6)

Sunil replies to Ramesh
5 hrs ago (10:32 AM)

And Ramesh, dont forget this is democratic country. We people have
full right to teach leaders what to do. Leaders are not our masters
and we need not behave like kuttas so leave this mentality. Same
message applies for lot others here.. hearing lots and lots of bow bow

Sunil replies to Ramesh
6 hrs ago (09:14 AM)

In our great country, no leader is complete without having a few
sycophants. It is people like you who encourage all wrong-doing by
politicians by telling them — I am there for you. Go ahead, loot
everyone! I will be a dog and watch your back wherever you go
Agree (3)Disagree (19)

Ramesh replies to Sunil
5 hrs ago (10:55 AM)

Plz. read the above reply
Agree (4)

Raj (India) replies to Sunil
5 hrs ago (10:17 AM)

Yes. Without people like this, congress wouldn’t have been in power,
looting and cheating merrily.
Agree (10)Disagree (1)Recommend (2)

sant_o_s (Hyderabad)
8 hrs ago (07:21 AM)

Narendra Modi is Nationalism. Cong I is Corruption/Criminalism.
Agree (47)Disagree (9)Recommend (25)

Shantanu (USA)
9 hrs ago (06:54 AM)

Modiji = Hemu I love you Modiji, thank you
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Tirumal M (Bangalore)
9 hrs ago (06:03 AM)

People get what they deserve. So you have got this UPA. Those who
issue certificates should read this carefully. The US always plays
games. So do our Muslims. First of all, they must repent Godhra and
other bombings in places like Mumbai. Without condemning the acts of
terror committed by their own people how do they criticize others,
that too without any proof? First establish the guilt in court and
then issue certificates or bloody fatwas. They must grow economically
so others recognize them to respect them. They’re misguided.
Agree (22)Disagree (3)Recommend (11)

Vishnu Conrad (UK)
9 hrs ago (06:00 AM)

Now that US has also vouched for Mr Modi being incorruptible, Mr Modi
has no chance of becoming a PM. A huge chunk of Indians would find it
hard to learn living without corruption. US itself would find it hard
as the rich are so used to bend the rules by passing a few piles here
and there.You also have the clueless seculars who consider it a holy
duty to talk aginst Modi. Lastly you also have the headless minority
groups who like to crash all over the place with holier than thou
Agree (15)Disagree (1)Recommend (4)

Jasumati (Perth)
10 hrs ago (04:58 AM)

Of course US and Congress see no role Mr Modi for at national level.
Congress would rather be corrupt and have scams and so and Mr Modi is
a man of integrity. Congress trying to pin the events of 2002 on him.
US would also rather have India corrupt and full of scams. Have to say
my visit to India Gujarat was the most stress free and pleasure to
visit and even the auto drivers don’t rip you. People of Gujarat
seemed visibly better of then the rest of india.
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West Towel Towel (not near gslv launchpad)
11 hrs ago (04:37 AM)

muslims are jealous.hehe
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Faiz Shaikh (India)
13 hrs ago (02:51 AM)

If you read the actual wikileaks document posted on ndtv, you’ll
realise its not the US making the comments. Its his rivals from the
Congress Rajkot Congress party leader Manoharsinh Jadeja former
Congress party MP and former Minister of Environment Yuraj Digvijay
Sinhji The US Consul simply copied what they said. It wasnt an
admission from the US saying that he is in corruptible. Anyways, a
mass murderer behind non corrupt face, isnt going to change anyone but
a hate mongerers view of him.
Agree (9)Disagree (58)Recommend (3)

K shah (india) replies to Faiz Shaikh
36 mins ago (03:20 PM)

Dear all reraders, I do not support any communal riots, but still I am
not understanding why most of the Indian muslims are supporting
Congress & similar nature pseudo secular parties from the begining of
the independance , when at that time Jansangh now BJP was not
powerfull,even after mass killing of Sikhs in Delhi in 1984 which was
totally said govt sponsored genocide. Why it is double standard for
Modi & Congress? Because there were not killing of any Muslims in 1984
sikh riots . Why not raising eyebrows by so called NGO & English media
particularly, teesta setalwar, Javed Akhtar, Mahesh Bhatt, Sabana
aazmi, Manishankar aaiyar, Gulam Nabi Aazad, Salman khurshid, Ali
Geelani & the medias are NDTV specially Burkha Dutt, Pranab Roy, by
times now, Arnab Goswami, by CnnIbn Rajdeep sardesai & so on for the
sikh riots & they just raising against only Modi. It is well planned
by all these persons/medias to refresh 2002 riots in medias often &
often to remind muslims not to vote BJP so that Rahul can easily be
seated PM. & reason behind is Muslim votebank is considerable compare
to Sikh vote bank, so that they can ignore 1984 Riot. After 27 year of
1984 riots how many convicted ? Why not SIT for all previous riots
including Bhagalpur, Delhi, Jalgaon & so on? It looks truth that all
these are scared of Modi’s administrarating ability & fear that PM in
waiting MR. Rahul gandhi moving far away from the PM chair. Can we
people can’t wait untill court verdict?
Agree (1)Recommend (1)

karthikjasti (Indian for life) replies to Faiz Shaikh
8 hrs ago (06:58 AM)

did u ever realize which party started the communal riots in the 70s
and even continues to do so. That is why even after they governed us
for ove 50 years we are still “developing”. Choose the better of the
Agree (25)Disagree (3)Recommend (10)

anil bharali (guwahati) replies to Faiz Shaikh
9 hrs ago (06:30 AM)

yes this is an example how Modi twist truth to his favour befooling
common people.
Agree (6)Disagree (19)Recommend (1)

Gaurav (USA) replies to Faiz Shaikh
10 hrs ago (05:14 AM)

you cannot slap someone and then say it is his fault, If you slap
someone for any reason be prepared to get slap also, we have democracy
go to court to get justice.
Agree (15)Disagree (2)Recommend (8)

Faiz Shaikh replies to Gaurav
5 hrs ago (10:21 AM)

Gaurav, yes sometimes people react irrationally and there are mass
murders out of revenge. and we should go to court to get justice. But
a better thought would have been, to go to court right away instead of
slapping back in the first place. That reduces the crime in the first
place, saves more lives and the burden on our legal system. I agree,
as you say, the inherent evil of democracy is mob rule. 51% of the
people can make it legal to loot and kill the rest of the 49%, and in
that case going to court also would be to no avail. That is why we
have a republic, with constitutional guarantees and rights that cannot
be overwritten by law.
Agree (2)Disagree (12)Recommend (1)

free_verse (delhi) replies to Faiz Shaikh
5 hrs ago (10:47 AM)

“But a better thought would have been, to go to court right away
instead of slapping back in the first place.” Well, ideally yes. But
when a criminal conspiracy is hatched to burn to death innocent people
including children on the train, sometimes people don’t stop to think
about what would be the “better option”. When people are angry, they
react angrily. It’s the frailty of human emotions. That is how all
communal tensions and riots and violence takes place. because people
are ANGRY at something the other side has done. Ideally, both side
should refrain. But if one side commits a horrendous wrong, it is
unreasonable to suggest that the other side should have explored the
option of going to court. Again, I am not saying rioters were
‘justified’. I am just saying that there was nothing else that could
have been expected of them given the gravity of the provovation.
Agree (13)Disagree (2)Recommend (11)

Faiz Shaikh replies to free_verse
4 hrs ago (11:33 AM)

You are on the right track there free_verse, but you stopped half way.
By your logic, then the muslims should go in for round 3 and then
hindus round 4… and so on.. One thing for certain that we as a nation
need to grow up, and not let the devil play with our emotions.
Secondly, what makes this worse is the government, the constitutional
authority that is tasked with providing security actively took part in
this pogrom against the minority. They gave up their responsibility to
protect its citizens and that is why Modi is so hated by secular
minded people.
Agree (1)Disagree (4)

free_verse replies to Faiz Shaikh
3 hrs ago (12:17 PM)

“the constitutional authority that is tasked with providing security
actively took part in this pogrom against the minority. They gave up
their responsibility to protect its citizens and that is why Modi is
so hated by secular minded people”. There is something called the
legal due process and I will form my opinion only after the law gives
its verdict on the question of complicity of the govt. Mere
allegations do not help. If you see the reports of the period of
riots, you will realize how many Hindus will killed in police firing,
which as an indication that efforts were made to quell riots. But like
I said, I leave it to the judiciary to examine all the evidence and
come to a conclusion. I’d request you to do the same before tarnishing
the image of certain people. You and I can continue to quote isolated
instances in favour of our arguments, but only the judges can look at
the evidence holistically and arrive at a sound verdict.
Agree (6)Disagree (1)Recommend (5)

Mohd (DELHI) replies to Faiz Shaikh
11 hrs ago (04:20 AM)

Faiz Be an Indian first. Forget and move on!! It is best for you
also!! Inshallaha!!
Agree (33)Disagree (3)Recommend (14)

Faiz Shaikh replies to Mohd
10 hrs ago (05:27 AM)

Being Indian or not has nothing with making objective remarks and
stating facts. Please remember the prophet (saws)said “The best Jihad
is to speak the truth before a tyrant ruler” . I have to fulfil this
obligation. Hopefully Modi’s many minions on this board can convey
this to him.
Agree (5)Disagree (31)Recommend (4)

Karthick (Chennai) replies to Faiz Shaikh
5 hrs ago (10:14 AM)

Well a question for you Faiz, i hope you know your history well, did
Muslims conquer Bharath (now called as India) through love or by
butchering people? Ask the same to the almighty and think who is/was
the tyrant ruler.
Agree (12)Disagree (1)Recommend (10)

Faiz Shaikh replies to Karthick
4 hrs ago (11:20 AM)

Yes the conventional history is there were wars of conquest and most
probably murders of innocent civilians. Those who did commit those
were tyrants, and God willing will have their punishment in the
afterlife for sure. In fact there is a mountain range called
HinduKush( loosely translated as killing of people on the Indus
River. ) in Afghanistan. This is sadly true in the long history of our
nation from Ashoka (who gave us the Ashoka chakra); the Sunga,
Kharavela, Kushan, Satavahana,Gupta, Pala, Badami, Cholas,
Rashtrakutas,Gurjaras, Palas… all had their fare share of conquest by
sword and most probably innocent lives before the muslims got
involved. In fact when the Aryans came to India they learnt to make
iron weapons from the Harappans (now in Pakistan) and conquer the rest
of India. Our land did have an interesting past. Now this doesnt mean
all they did was butcher people, there was probably some conquest out
of love involved there too like the muslims :)
Agree (2)Disagree (5)

Faiz Shaikh replies to Karthick
3 hrs ago (12:11 PM)

Yes but I dont absolve any of the previous rulers of their crimes. And
Modi is no different. They all need to be punished, if not in this
life, then definately in the Hereafter.
Agree (2)Disagree (2)

Karthick replies to Faiz Shaikh
3 hrs ago (12:48 PM)

Wow, well then you are bieng a hypocrite yourself, so i guess there is
no point talking to people like you, long live Modi!
Agree (3)Disagree (2)Recommend (2)

Karthick replies to Faiz Shaikh
3 hrs ago (11:57 AM)

Well as per your logic (where all the rulers have been in bloodshed),
Modi is also of the same type, he is maintaining communal harmony
after the aftermath of unfortunate event that was kicked off, you
can’t deny the fact that he is an able adminsitrator and non-corrupt
in this past 5 years or more than that.
Agree (4)Disagree (2)Recommend (2)

manu (bangalore) replies to Faiz Shaikh
8 hrs ago (07:24 AM)

faiz, were you brainwashed in pakistani madaarasa or a terrorist
camp ???
Agree (16)Disagree (2)Recommend (15)

Faiz Shaikh replies to manu
5 hrs ago (10:09 AM)

No but in fact, I have studied at MIT in Cambridge. Could you care to
enlighten me on where you learnt to have an intelligent conversation
like that?
Agree (3)Disagree (8)Recommend (1)

dpatel3001 (United States) replies to Faiz Shaikh
8 hrs ago (07:11 AM)

“Tyrant ruler” ?? Looks like you missed the most fundamental truth-
Modi is a democratically elected leader who has been brought to power
in free and fair elections. Obviously you have an issue with India
being a democracy. Well too bad !! In a democracy the will of the
voters must be respected whether you like it or not.
Agree (18)Disagree (1)Recommend (10)

Faiz Shaikh replies to dpatel3001
5 hrs ago (10:07 AM)

So was Hitler, in fact everything he did was legal under German law at
that time. It doesnt retract from the fact that he was a tyrant. Yes,
democracy can turn monsters into leaders. And all we can do is educate
people about making informed decisions. I think the prophet (saws)
also said, the people get the leaders they deserve. A mass murderer
ruling gujarat: I think the people probably deserve that. It pains me
that people can look beyond his hands soaked in blood just because the
blood is from another community.
Agree (2)Disagree (9)Recommend (1)

Pran (India) replies to Faiz Shaikh
9 hrs ago (05:58 AM)

I think only you are left for Jihad to speak Truth. Persons like you
who are highly biased are for away from Truth.
Agree (19)Disagree (3)Recommend (12)

Sanjiv (Calicut) replies to Faiz Shaikh
10 hrs ago (05:54 AM)

2002 was not started by Modi, was started by mindless terrorrists who
just wanted to kill as many as they can. When people are killed, the
living will react. A building demolished can be rebuild not lives!
Agree (20)Disagree (1)Recommend (10)

prashant (bengaluru) replies to Faiz Shaikh
10 hrs ago (05:50 AM)

dear fiaz, do you support or feel pride about the incident which
staeted ths so called mass murder u r talking about? what do prophet
tell about it? how can u defend ur that act of cowardliness ?!
Agree (18)Disagree (2)Recommend (9)

Faiz Shaikh replies to prashant
5 hrs ago (10:00 AM)

No Prashant I do not feel pride in any illegal killing. There are
still two opinions about the incident that started the mass murder.
One the Railways report that the fire happened from inside and the
other, that there was a conspiracy. The jury is still out on that. In
any case, that was no justification for more murders in revenge. It is
an insult to the Indian legal system to take the law into your hands.
Those who committed the revenge acts didnt trust the legal system of
the country they so profess to love. Anyways an eye for an eye and the
world will go blind they say. The quran says If you kill one person
unjustly it is as if you killed the whole humanity, and if you saved
once person it is as if you saved the whole humanity And the prophet
(saws) adddressed the muslim army with these rules in the time of war:
Stop, O people, that I may give you ten rules for your guidance in the
battlefield. Do not commit treachery or deviate from the right path.
You must not mutilate dead bodies. Neither kill a child, nor a woman,
nor an aged man. Bring no harm to the trees, nor burn them with fire,
especially those which are fruitful. Slay not any of the enemy’s
flock, save for your food. You are likely to pass by people who have
devoted their lives to monastic services; leave them alone. Please
reflect on how any one who follows these can feel pride in any illegal
killings let alone mass murders?
Agree (4)Disagree (11)Recommend (1)

Sundar (Mumbai) replies to Faiz Shaikh
33 mins ago (03:23 PM)

It is good to have debate. But it should be based on fact and not on
mere allegation. In one case (Godhra Train), you are not ready to
accept even after first court judement has come. But in other case
(agasint modi), you decided that he is guilty even if no court
judgement has come. Please be impartial.
Agree (1)Recommend (1)

Brush (Mumbai) replies to Faiz Shaikh
3 hrs ago (12:11 PM)

I am in a state of awe I must say you are a rare breed to have such
good knowledge and also using it at the right forum and with utmost
right attitude. I always believe that logical debates can remove a lot
of misconceptions about each other. I also must say that apart from a
couple all others who have replied to your posts have been largely
decent enough to hear you out. I am sure many would be thinking about
your posts and trying to reassess their stands…. indeed a very good
job done.
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Roxy (CANADA) replies to Faiz Shaikh
4 hrs ago (11:43 AM)

Post godhra was reply to the antisocial elements. then and then this
gujrat became peaceful.First time in history these terrorist has been
treated perfectly. 1000 lives = peace for min. 10 years. Not that
Agree (7)Disagree (1)Recommend (4)

NPatel (Bangalore) replies to Faiz Shaikh
4 hrs ago (11:56 AM)

What abt when mass murder of Kashmiri Pandit in kAshamir and wht abt
same for shikh ppl in 1984 ????
Agree (2)Disagree (1)Recommend (2)

Sunil (USA) replies to Faiz Shaikh
5 hrs ago (10:55 AM)

Faiz, I wish you people would not read Quran soooo much, because it
leads to more people waging jihad by terrorist acts. Too much of
anything is bad. Dont leave practical world
Agree (1)Disagree (1)Recommend (1)

aditya (Bamgalore) replies to Faiz Shaikh
5 hrs ago (10:23 AM)

When Muslims are in minority,they always advocate a “secular” govt,but
when they are in in majority,they want govt to implement islamic
laws.they are sheer hypocrites
Agree (1)Disagree (1)Recommend (1)

cirsig (TN)
14 hrs ago (01:52 AM)

If we take this article itself as the Poll Box, Modi will win the
elections by huge margin. (by counting the comments supporting him).
But Im not sure whether the same will happen in real elections, as
Modiji need to fight through many factors which will be imposed by
congress (such as corruption, Bribing of voters, False Impressions
Agree (44)Disagree (1)Recommend (22)

Don (uSa) replies to cirsig
13 hrs ago (02:23 AM)

when you call him “modiji”, we know your inclination. Modi might not
have lust for money — but he surely lusts for blood of the innocent!
Agree (8)Disagree (53)Recommend (5)

Pran (India) replies to Don
9 hrs ago (06:03 AM)

Don one eyed is better than blind. He is much better than Soniaji.
Agree (22)Disagree (2)Recommend (10)

Gaurav (USA) replies to Don
10 hrs ago (05:17 AM)

you cannot slap someone and then say it is his fault, If you slap
someone for any reason be prepared to get slap also, we have democracy
go to court to get justice, you cannot take law in you hands, if you
do so thats what happens. why do not you try here in USA, you are here
right, you will be shot directlly.
Agree (9)Recommend (4)

Raul (India) replies to Don
10 hrs ago (05:12 AM)

When someone may call you “sir”, it doesn’t mean you are knighted by
the queen. It is just out of basic courtesy, and hence the “ji”. Just
because you don’t happen to like a particular person doesn’t mena that
the world should stop showing basic civic sense. Also, in what
capacity do you make blunt and outragious accusations.
Agree (10)Recommend (3)

free_verse (delhi) replies to cirsig
13 hrs ago (02:03 AM)

Agree. He has to overcome many hurdles in the form of biased media, a
cheat congress party. Anything is possible with unethical conduct
rampant. We need to spread the word as much as possible.
Agree (31)Disagree (4)Recommend (16)

FriendlyFire (YourCamp) replies to free_verse
6 hrs ago (09:09 AM)

He also has to overcome his unethical rivals in the BJP like Sushma
Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, Venakaiah Naidu and Rajnath Singh. And he will
have to deal with Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi, the old men who are
still hanging around 50 years after joining politics. Modi may be
popular in the Hindutva crowd, but he is not very popular among the
BJP leaders.
Agree (7)Disagree (1)Recommend (3)

Sandeep Kd Kd (India)
14 hrs ago (01:45 AM)

He is our next PM.
Agree (43)Disagree (6)Recommend (21)

hiral (surat) replies to Sandeep Kd Kd
4 hrs ago (11:31 AM)

we will not let him go.He has some obigation to us.

edris (dallas)
14 hrs ago (01:34 AM)

Yes Modi you are not corruptible only,but you are far more than
criminal corrupt person,had you been honest you would have not played
with thousands of innocent lives,not destroyed the tapes and records
in which you were involved,people are involved in money corruption,but
you are head of that,as you are corrupt in dealing with the lives
which has more value in terms of money,if BJP & you consider money is
more important than human lives,than you can again do the same kind of
roits to gain the symphaty of pro majority in your state,as in the
past .I hope that will gain you more political mileage and gain more
popularity among pro majority section.
Disagree (13)

raju (mangalore) replies to edris
3 hrs ago (12:21 PM)

lol..every action got oppsite reaction.it was necesery to control
muslim brain washed jihaidis..they cant understand love..only
understand reply thru sword.. and they must understand every actioon
got opposite reaction ..

Abhishek Bora (Bangalore)
14 hrs ago (01:25 AM)

USA have killed more than half million muslims by attaking
Iraq,Afganistan,Somaliya,Libya,Pakistan etc……………………………how come they
call modi as a hindu terrorist and why are they not being called as
Christian terrorrist as…US,France,Australia are on a secret mission
against Islam and Hinduism; where they attack muslims countries and
kill them but coming to hinduism and buddhism they are doing silent
conversions…because hindus are peaceful …they cannot attack them with
weapons but they are doing silently with caste conversions funded by
vatican….This is high time everyone open their eyes….
Agree (13)Recommend (3)

ram (ambur)
14 hrs ago (01:18 AM)

Top 10 Reasons to love Narendra Modi 1) Absolutely honest, even gifts
he receives goes to donation for girl child education. 2) Totally
dedicated- bachelor with only one aim in life- development of his
state 3) Strong- has taken bold decision for development- including
demolishing roadside temples, shrines 4) Nationalist- always has
attitude of nation first on all the policy he forms. 5) Far-sighted-
puts emphasize on building efficient system. 6) Result oriented- GDP
number speaks for it selt- Gujarat GDP is 12 % since 2002. . 7) Not a
single government scheme was designed for particular cast/religion. No
reservation was given based on cast/religion. 8) Able administrator-
knows how to take works out of his teams. 9) Innovative- many of the
state government scheme thought by him received UN and other NGO
awards. 10) MOST IMPORTANT- a natural leader – who can inspire his
team and people of the state to achieve higher goals- development.
Agree (18)Recommend (12)

Amit Z (Pune) replies to ram
5 hrs ago (10:33 AM)

100% truth…..I pray to god that modiji shold be our next PM.

bansal S.C. (Agra)
14 hrs ago (01:15 AM)

Iabsolutely agree with peoplewho have unstood Modi .MODI is one ofthe
most deserveing person for P.M. A real patriot.
Agree (41)Disagree (2)Recommend (26)

SUNITA VALAYA (mumbai) replies to bansal S.C.
14 hrs ago (01:47 AM)

Agree (5)Recommend (2)

Kumar (USA)
14 hrs ago (01:04 AM)

Whatever these pseudo -secularists say, there is no match of Narendra
bhai’s leadership and honesty.On the otherside if you see
Maharashtra,every Chief or ex-chief Minister is corrupt to the
core.Really plunders! .Reputation o f congress party at present is at
lowest ebb.Madam Sonia ,Please put a check on bufoons like kapil
sibbal who are bringing additional glory to your party daily.
Agree (36)Disagree (1)Recommend (20)

DON (uSa) replies to Kumar
13 hrs ago (02:25 AM)

Either we have corrupt politicians (Congress) or blood hounds (BJP)!
“Some BJP leaders believe, or hope, that voters will forget or forgive
Modi’s role in the 2002 bloodshed” — what part of this statement are
you not able to understand?
Agree (2)Disagree (26)

swapnil (Ahmedabad) replies to DON
4 hrs ago (11:37 AM)

you haven’t lived in ahmedabad my friend.This city used to see
communal riots almost every month and in every month there used to be
some sort of curfew in some part of gujarat.Today i can go to muslim
dominated area and meet my friend there without my mother worrying
about me.I last 8-9 years there hasn’t been any major incident of
communal riot in this city.I will vote this man for that if you don’t
count the other reasons.
Agree (2)Recommend (2)

Vaibs (Europe) replies to DON
11 hrs ago (04:35 AM)

Well, that “…Modi’s role in the 2002 bloodshed…” is according to them
who were looking at the facts till 2006. The media had already spread
a lot of biased news and many rumours. The verdict is out already and
for the update version of a US consulate’s diplomatic cable, check the
Wikileaks after 2 years. ;) Calling yourself “DON” from uSa, show
courage to write your real name and place. Nobody will come to eat you
Agree (6)Disagree (1)Recommend (5)

Kumar replies to DON
12 hrs ago (03:11 AM)

Since last ten years,there has been no communal riot in Gujrat.While
during congress rule,there used to be a riot practically every year in
Kalupura or shahpura of Ahmedabad.He is an elected leader for the last
ten years and it indicates his popularity.
Agree (29)Recommend (18)

joginder (India)
14 hrs ago (01:02 AM)

Modi is poised to be the next PM of India, he’s record of governance
and corruption is impeccable compared to those running our country
right now. There are muslims too in gujrat that support and voted for
him. What transpired in Godhra was one provoking the other to incite
violence, and succeeded.
Agree (7)Disagree (1)Recommend (5)

venk (san jose )
14 hrs ago (12:57 AM)

Not too bright Modi. They still won’t let you in because they think
you were behind mass murders of muslims in 2002. The fact that are you
pleased by US remarks here shows that you haven’t changed much since
2002 – you still don’t get it that your role in 2002 pogroms does not
make up for the supposed economic progress
Agree (8)Disagree (29)Recommend (2)

Raj (India) replies to venk
7 hrs ago (08:55 AM)

And pray, what is that role you mentioned? We don’t hear of modi
pulling a trigger or asking someone to do so. All we know is that one
community reacted violently to a violence on them, and because of the
difference in their population, it turned pretty much one-sided.
Agree (6)Recommend (3)

ALKHA MODI (gujrat) replies to venk
14 hrs ago (01:51 AM)

Agree (5)Recommend (3)

dpatel3001 (United States) replies to venk
14 hrs ago (01:15 AM)

Why should Modi change? Modi is right in exposing the hypocrisy of the
West. Countless Pakistan leaders who were responsible for turning a
blind eye to extremists from the nation going into into India and
killing thousands of innocent Indians and committing ethnic cleansing
of religious minorities in Kashmir were given visas. The West has no
business preaching to India on matters of human rights. Thankfully now
the west has recognized its mistake and hypocritical line of thinking.
Agree (27)Disagree (4)Recommend (13)

Amit (atlanta)
15 hrs ago (12:54 AM)

Modi deserves a chance to lead India
Agree (30)Disagree (2)Recommend (15)

manish (ND)
15 hrs ago (12:44 AM)

But we all Indians like Karunanithis, Rajas and Kalmadis….we are all
double standard….we want our sonia madam back in power so more n more
digvijays and HasanAlis we produced….
Agree (23)Disagree (1)Recommend (13)

manas4humanity (South Africa)
15 hrs ago (12:34 AM)

Let us all ask Modiji, the incorruptible and efficient administrator,
to create a first corrupt – free state in India.
Agree (24)Disagree (4)Recommend (11)

jg (India) replies to manas4humanity
15 hrs ago (12:49 AM)

ha. ha.. just like your language skill, its an unflattering comment
that is not true. In Gandhiji land, you need to have your bundle of
notes in your pocket to bribe your way through the road and though the
government offices. of course as the “CEO” of Gujarat Mr Modi is
culpable for the deterioration of civil rights and corruption in the
state. May be he even bribed the US to write well about him and to
leak it for publicity..
Agree (4)Disagree (26)Recommend (1)

Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to jg
14 hrs ago (01:48 AM)

Its like saying, I bribed TOI to publish this news!
Agree (7)Recommend (3)

abhishek (toronto) replies to jg
14 hrs ago (01:12 AM)

Did you think before you write? You said Modi bribed America to write
good about him? Man, I have to say only one thing to you – That
Doesn’t make sense.
Agree (18)Recommend (5)

Raj (USA)
15 hrs ago (12:32 AM)

The BJP is/was always good at brand creation. And, that is that the
American said when he said that ‘Modi has successfully branded himself
as’. The sad thing is that Shining Gujarat’ is not creating jobs.
Monster will tell you that Bangalore, Hyderabad, and even Pune is
creating more jobs. The Bombay locals are bursting at its seams. There
are thousands of people who come to Bombay each day. Yet, these people
won’t go to Gujarat. Wonder why? And if you notice, most of the people
who comment that ‘Gujarat is great’ are either in Mumbai, Delhi or the
US. Have you wondered why? Have you wondered why so many Gujaratis
migrate to the US (the US counsulate even has a Gujarati counter)?
Agree (1)Disagree (27)Recommend (1)

(India) replies to Raj
5 hrs ago (10:28 AM)

Unfortunately just a fake Brand
Agree (2)Disagree (1)Recommend (2)

Gaurav (USA) replies to Raj
10 hrs ago (05:29 AM)

By the way i am not gurajati, but from delhi, You do not seems to have
the brains to understand, you said US Consulate itself has Gujarati
counter, that itself shows the prosperity of the gujarati people, the
NRI money which goes back to the country in a way increases the
purchasing power of the people, which increases the production, Demand/
Supply game, with the demand work comes, it is the cycle, with
increase purchasing power you tends to spend more
Agree (4)Recommend (1)

Wanderer (USA) replies to Raj
14 hrs ago (01:19 AM)

Though gujurati people have always been enterprising, they require
efficient governance and transparency in transactions. Modi government
has brought it in. Monster do not record all the jobs created in the
state. For real analysis, you should check CSO and IIP figures. People
do go to mumbai for jobs because it’s still financial capital of India
and produce lots of opportunity for job seekers. No denial to that.
But that doesn’t mean, jobs are not created in Gujarat. Look at
Automobile, Textile, Infrastructure and diamond sectors figures from
“reliable sources” and you will see the number of jobs created in the
state. To answer, why gujarati people go to US, it’s because of their
zeal to earn their virtue of money and write their own destiny out of
it.If they are heading towards US for better opportunity, they are
also pumping in a lot of investment back home as they trust in gujarat
growth. You may not like BJP or Modi for your personal reasons but
please stop criticizing gujarat and its growth for no apparent
Agree (18)Disagree (1)Recommend (7)

pappu (India) replies to Wanderer
14 hrs ago (01:41 AM)

Why are you wasting your precious energy in replying to such comments?
Agree (13)Recommend (4)

Vicky (USA) replies to Raj
14 hrs ago (01:13 AM)

Dude, To expand a business and to get a business one need to travel
and migrate and peoples have been doing this from centuries…you might
not know this as your all past generations were working as a fixed
income salaried person…..as to start a business you need a courage and
gujjus are born with this courage. They are all over the world and
it’s not after Modi came…they have been there from decades.
Agree (2)Recommend (2)

Jaswant Padhiar (mumbai) replies to Raj
14 hrs ago (01:04 AM)

Look at government records and not at monster and naukri. All jobs are
not advertised in these private sites. Jobs does not mean IT jobs
only. Look beyond IT. If there were no jobs then hoards of people from
other states would not migrate to Hazira in Surat, Alang in Bhavnagar,
etc. Also if you dont trust this, look at GOI employment records, you
will get your facts right about Gujarat.
Agree (15)Disagree (1)Recommend (7)

dv (india)
15 hrs ago (12:29 AM)

Modi should be the next Prime Minister…even tata,birla,ambani(both)
and many other well known people see him as candidate of future
Agree (29)Disagree (3)Recommend (15)

Aditya (Texas)
15 hrs ago (12:26 AM)

Who are all these people spewing vitriol against muslim community. In
life I have never seen so much hatred against any community then why
on internet. Where have all of you been hiding. Imagine , would a
muslim reading all this be proud of being called indian then. Would
you say all this in front of a muslim that you are typing on net. How
can you justiy killing innocent. Agar yeh dharam hai to adhram kya
hai. True, the people responsible for Godhra should have been caught
and sent to jail but why should people who have nothing to do with the
incident be killed. ALL NRIs , if tomorrow a nutjob indian harms
americans and in retaliation hordes of americans start killing you
with support of police and administration would that be justified.
Agree (5)Disagree (21)Recommend (3)

Raj (India) replies to Aditya
6 hrs ago (09:00 AM)

Dud! Not just hindu indians.. But every oither commujnity from every
other country has something bad to say about muslims. Guess Why. If
you don’t want violence, you should not initiate it in the first
Agree (5)Recommend (3)

hindu (USA) replies to Aditya
13 hrs ago (02:39 AM)

Hindus never hate Muslims. But there is a limit of tolerance. What you
expected? You will burn inncoent people alive in train and we will see
like impotents. Already Hindus are tolerating a lot. From partisan
till today we are tolerating. In Partisan also there was no Hindu
country. We accepted all religion. If you are not able to be proud of
being Indian go to Pakistan or Bangaldesh, nobody stops you. But still
Hindus tell, apart from all differences and your terrorism and back
stabbing ‘we accept you as brothers’.
Agree (6)Recommend (3)

nikhil (Hindustan) replies to Aditya
14 hrs ago (01:05 AM)

i will put your family members in a railway-coach and lock all the
doors from outside and then set the railway coach on fire. After that
you try to preach the same what you are saying in your comment
Agree (7)Recommend (5)

Pallav Indian (Delhi ) replies to Aditya
15 hrs ago (12:35 AM)

u r a poor fellow living in world of ignorance i pity you….
Agree (16)Recommend (5)

gx (india)
15 hrs ago (12:25 AM)

lets start movement……modi for PM
Agree (27)Disagree (5)Recommend (19)

Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to gx
15 hrs ago (12:42 AM)

yes, we need a movement to make Modi PM in 2014!!!!!
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Pallav Indian (Delhi) replies to gx
15 hrs ago (12:36 AM)

its already on FBI … facebook …search for Modi communities ..He is our
next PM no Doubt!!
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satish haldankar (Mumbai) replies to Pallav Indian
14 hrs ago (01:07 AM)

LOL. Facebook! You surely must be joking.
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Manoj (bangalore) replies to satish haldankar
2 hrs ago (01:04 PM)

yes, hard to believe but its a fact. watch and see
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krhsna (uk)
15 hrs ago (12:20 AM)

what amazes me is the brainashed indians, into accepting congress no
ACCROS THE WORLD….the british congress party and the british education
system SURELY does brianwashe indians with misedcuation and decieit,
its those same indians that talk about history and forget that
britiain loooted india dry, tortured the indian people, and caused the
victorian holocaust, in europe they never forget the holocaut in india
the british congress, and the briitsh racist education DENY THAT ANY
DEAHTS OCCURED…yet independant data has proven that well over
100million indians were killed through agitiation caused by the
briitsh. The deceit of the briitsh is SOO HUGE in india that is
shoking, that indian who go to a christian edcuated enlgish school,
yet deny the british are murderers, the british created the slave
trade, the destryoed the north and south american people, they created
the most corrupt caste system in the world, the european caste, which
led to peasant revolts acrros europe due to the ill treatment by the
rich classes, the genocide that happened in india is still being
erased by indians who have been sent to a racist british educatio,
wher ever the brits went they eradicated the loval language as a way
of erasing culteral links, language is the primary link to culture and
history, and the brits did everythhing they can to create a new caste
that would be miseduated with english and bcome anti indian.
Agree (15)Disagree (4)Recommend (8)

satish haldankar (Mumbai) replies to krhsna
14 hrs ago (01:28 AM)

May I ask, as to what are you doing in such an evil society (as you
are making it out to be) – Great Britain? Shouldn’t you be in some
other country, say India?
Agree (1)Disagree (9)

anil shah (vadodara ) replies to satish haldankar
7 hrs ago (08:22 AM)

Visited various countries and have full acquaintance for society of
UK / USA with own associations . I well come you to pay visit which
will be personally attended and progress shall be exhibited to you for
your own judgments . You may offer your comments only after visit and
verifications as its said that ” SEEING IS BELIVED & HERESAY ARE
HALFLIES ” Any how your views came forward only after your perusal and
have thought on it so its incredible and i appreciate. May be the
perception can be changed only after exprience. God Bless YOU
Agree (1)

krshna (uk) replies to satish haldankar
10 hrs ago (05:47 AM)

its called the result of british invasion of india, the reason why the
uk has such large ethnic communites is because they all come from the
lands that britain occupied, looted, corrupted, and immigrants where
given citizenship to rebuild the uk after the world wars, so NO i dont
agree with what your saying. If britain had not invaded india,
afria,etc today africa would not have problems of a slave past, the
native americans would not have been killed off, the australian
natives killed off, china given opium drugs as a weapon of the west,
india looted to poverty, No i dont agree with any of it, and i dont
agree that india should remain with a racist anglican christian
education and british nazi created congress party and goverment…Next
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Raj Calapatti (Canada)
15 hrs ago (12:18 AM)

Even Tata felt that Modi as a good administrator.I will vote for him
if he is selected as the candidate for the PM
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(India) replies to Raj Calapatti
15 hrs ago (12:36 AM)

That is OK as we now know Tata is making money out of Modi, Shourie
and Raja. He will certainly vote for him, won’t he ?
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aloena (India)
15 hrs ago (12:15 AM)

The BJP is/was always good at brand creation. And, that is that the
American said when he said that ‘Modi has successfully branded himself
as’. The sad thing is that Shining Gujarat’ is not creating jobs.
Monster will tell you that Bangalore, Hyderabad, and even Pune is
creating more jobs. The Bombay locals are bursting at its seams. There
are thousands of people who come to Bombay each day. Yet, these people
won’t go to Gujarat. Wonder why? And if you notice, most of the people
who comment that ‘Gujarat is great’ are either in Mumbai, Delhi or the
US. Have you wondered why? Have you wondered why so many Gujaratis
migrate to the US (the US counsulate even has a Gujarati counter)?
Agree (2)Disagree (19)Recommend (1)

free_verse (delhi) replies to aloena
15 hrs ago (12:40 AM)

“The BJP is/was always good at brand creation”. Which is why hundreds
of roads, airports, crossings, centers, govt. schemes, malls are named
after the Nehru-Gandhi family? Even corrupt Rajiv Gandhi is not spared
from being eulogized and glorified. AS for Gujarat and development, I
will rely on ACTUAL REPORTS with facts and figures rather than take
your word for it.
Agree (14)Recommend (9)

Sujal Patel (London) replies to aloena
15 hrs ago (12:26 AM)

Because of the enterprising nature of the Gujarati people. Do you know
how remittance has affected India’s forex reserves thanks to the
Gujarati and Punjabi community abroad. At the same time are you aware
of that it is the people of these communities in the west, as the face
of India overseas, branding India in the most positive light possible.
Do not distinguish between an Indian in Indian and an Indian abroad,
because it may just transpire that one of the countless Indians
abroad, is more Indian at heart than yourself.
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aloena replies to Sujal Patel
7 hrs ago (08:10 AM)

Perfect answer. Which is exactly what I am saying as well. Modi is NOT
responsible for the money in Gujarat. The development in Gujarat is
because of the NRGujaratis, who migrate out of Gujarat and send money
Disagree (8)

swapnil (Ahmedabad) replies to aloena
4 hrs ago (11:51 AM)
and this developed gujus are electing modi year after year in almost
every major or minor election.

san (UK) replies to Sujal Patel
15 hrs ago (12:39 AM)

Yes I agree with the economic contribution by the NRIs, but with all
the financial cout, I must say that often NRI often look like super
star of the show. they pretend know more about local problems than the
people who live in India.
Agree (1)Disagree (5)

Sameer (Pune)
15 hrs ago (12:09 AM)

Biggest threat to nation is Bangladeshi Muslims.. they are coming in
huge numbers and forget Mumbai, i have seen them running local
businesses in Pune ., around my company area… Police knows it but
under congress govt. India is up for being SOLD out… Can these
Bangladeshi Muslims ever dare to enter and stay illegally in Gujarat..
They wont be given shelter by local Gujarati Muslim brothers either..
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Vinod Barot (new jersey)
15 hrs ago (12:07 AM)

As an administrator, it is not sufficient that you are not corrupt but
also that your subordinates also are also free from corruption.
Because that is your job as the head of the organization. A case in
point, all the tickets, about 28,000 of them were sold out
( manually ) from 6 to 8 ticket windows in 20 minutes. That is almost
computer speed ( 200 tickets/window/minute). That is super efficient
ticket selling!!!
Agree (4)Disagree (9)Recommend (1)

SR (Canada) replies to Vinod Barot
15 hrs ago (12:16 AM)

Selling cricket tickets is not Gujarat Government’s job. There are
independent bodies created and functioning who manages this. And so
far there are no reports of any corruption in quick sale of those
Agree (15)Disagree (1)Recommend (7)

15 hrs ago (12:05 AM)

Modi should be the next Prime Minister. We had enough of the Nehru
Gandhi hybrid family!!
Agree (23)Disagree (5)Recommend (16)

Manoj (bangalore) replies to SM
2 hrs ago (01:06 PM)

time to kick congress out & sendoff for sonia and rahul baba.
Agree (1)Recommend (1)

MUKESH JOSHI (gandhi nagar)
15 hrs ago (12:03 AM)

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(India) replies to MUKESH JOSHI
15 hrs ago (12:28 AM)

Good point !
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15 hrs ago (12:03 AM)

It is sad to see most Indians following Hinduism are beginning to lose
Logic and Fairness ! Gone are the days one thought they are tolerant
and accommodating all Religions !! They are now most perverted and
fanatic and don’t hesitate to show their color. Even in public forums
like this. That is why one sees such comments. This is the work of
fellows like Modi, Togadia , and other Terrorist minded Leaders to
brainwash most of them !!!
Agree (5)Disagree (24)Recommend (3)

Raj (India) replies to
6 hrs ago (09:08 AM)

On the contrary, muslims have never been a tolerant lot. Very much so
even today.. Im surprised you even used the T word. First clean your
back before finding dirt on others backs.
Agree (5)Disagree (1)Recommend (2)

subhash chandra (sydney) replies to
15 hrs ago (12:28 AM)

why do you rue about modis and togadias?you should be equally worried
about sonias and manmohans who are responsible for projecting india as
the most corrupt country in the world.maybe you are a paki in the
guise of an INDIAN!!!
Agree (17)Disagree (3)Recommend (8)

replies to subhash chandra
15 hrs ago (12:39 AM)

They are not inciting people to kill me. Like Modi and Togadia !
Agree (2)Disagree (9)Recommend (1)

Robert Disoza (Delhi) replies to
14 hrs ago (01:20 AM)

And how about your own people like Bukhari, Owesi etc? If you guys
consider the country above and over your religion (which exactly the
majority of this nation does) then all the problems are solved.
Remember, Modis and Togadias are here to counter the inferious motives
of people like Bukhari! So, do some intersospection before blaming
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Gaurav (Delhi) replies to
15 hrs ago (12:47 AM)

u forgetting 1984 & the thousands kashmiri pandits massacred..
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replies to Gaurav
6 hrs ago (09:20 AM)

no one was raped
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15 hrs ago (12:02 AM)

NRIS have better knowledge and understanding OF HOW THE WORLD
WORKS..in india the british looted, abused, and robbed india dry. and
then the created the congress party, they created the christian
taliban english system, both designed as a tool to undermine and
brainwash indains into accepting western democarcy, which is all about
profit and loss. SO indians who go through that enlgish christian
schooling are taught by the education of the british, who looted,
murdered and raped india. Not the right creddentials right to create a
unbiased education system. Its like the nazis creating an educataion
for the jews….without questioning their motives!!…in india the indians
are fighting for nazism for the british, even after they destryoed
india. So indians have been brainwasged into wetssern ideology through
education IN INDIA THEY TEACH the THEORY, in europe we NRIS realisee
the truth and deceit. How can any indian believe in the education of
the british who started slavery, who waged war on africans, on north
and sourth americans, the chinese the austrlaians, and the indains who
they looted to poverty..ON WHAT MERIT should india accept english
educaiton and congress party all created by the nazi briitsh.. SO
madressee ITS YOU deluded ITS YOU through your racist , baised ENGLISH
education you belive to be right that has edcuated you into accepting
deceit as truth.. India never got indepednace, the british created
congress to serve as the long arm of the west.kIK OUT CNGRESS
Agree (3)Disagree (1)Recommend (3)

S B SINHA (KSA) replies to ARJEN22
15 hrs ago (12:54 AM)

Arre BHAI, tum kahna kya chahte ho?You are saying so many things,
which got intertwined!!See, any progressive race must be forward
looking and must not act in vengeance of whatever happened in
past..History should be for learning your own mistake, not for
settling score.You could not open your horizon even living abroad…you
wont get anything fighting with your past.
Disagree (1)

Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to ARJEN22
15 hrs ago (12:45 AM)

We don’t need advice from NRIs who don’t understand ground realities!
Agree (1)Recommend (1)

chutkopatzhoppad (inurarse) replies to Sachin Sharma
1 hr ago (01:59 PM)

We dont need narrow minded maharashtrians educated in govt school
commenting here

Santhosh (India)
15 hrs ago (12:00 AM)

Let us stop projecting Uncle Sam as wise and decision maker. Without
their certificate Modi was elected by the people of Gujarat 3 times as
CM. We don’t need a certificate from US. We know what US do in in oil
rich resource rich countries with their covert operations. I feel pity
for the people of US because when the Newton’s third law (Every action
there is an equal and opposite reaction, by nature itself) start
affecting US. India don’t need America’s advice in any field. We know
you and your intentions better than anyone Uncle Sam!!!
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ss (india)
15 hrs ago (11:58 PM)

start campaign…… modi for pm…….
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k (India) replies to ss
15 hrs ago (12:07 AM)

yes.. if you want to be a bullied by his cronies and love to fall at
his feet even to leading normal life and do normal things..
Agree (4)Disagree (13)Recommend (1)

Pappu (India) replies to ss
15 hrs ago (12:07 AM)

Campaign has already started. Refer to my message below and respond
whether you want him to be the next PM.
Agree (14)Disagree (3)Recommend (9)

aloena (India) replies to Pappu
7 hrs ago (08:13 AM)

No. I don’t. If MOdi is PM, I would have to migrate out of India, just
as people are migrating out of Gujarat. Under MMS, people are
migrating from the US to India.
Agree (1)Disagree (6)Recommend (1)

(India) replies to aloena
3 hrs ago (12:36 PM)

You are absolutely right
Agree (1)Recommend (1)

Scorpion (Pune) replies to aloena
5 hrs ago (10:50 AM)

I advise you please save yourself and Start preparing your papers for
migration, better leave this India and Modi for us to bear… we wont
repent our suffer(Hindi word suffer)towards prosperity
Agree (1)Recommend (1)

Pappu (India) replies to aloena
5 hrs ago (10:16 AM)

You and ur family will then keep on migrating throughout your life
because the corrupt Congress will soon be booted out never to be
elected again in future. Migration…good for you and your family. We
don’t need traitors like you in India. If you are a muslim then I
believe you are not a true Indian muslim and a Paki of worst form. If
you are a pseudo secular in favor of congress then you are a
brainwashed by the Congresses’ propaganda which it had been running
since pre-independence era.
Agree (1)

Joy (Pune)
15 hrs ago (11:57 PM)

But why the Muslims in Gujarat have emerged as the most prosperous
post Modi rule, and the Muslims in states like Maharashtra , Andhra
Pradesh remained poorer.. did any anti-Modi Muslim taken a note of
this fact?
Agree (20)Disagree (3)Recommend (12)

(India) replies to Joy
15 hrs ago (12:25 AM)

Bullshit; Why can’t a Muslim from Gujarat say that instead of you
[pretending to be a Christian]
Agree (5)Disagree (12)Recommend (5)

Ram (London, UK)
16 hrs ago (11:54 PM)

Ha ha ha. Modiji on one had denounces US and on the other hand he need
US to tell people that he is non-corrupt. Modiji if you are truly a
leader then you shouldn’t even bothered to comment on this and even if
you wanted then ‘I don’t need US to how efficient am’ could have been
better. I don’t people like Modi would ever make a leader and he is
just enjoying the wave of support.
Agree (4)Disagree (16)Recommend (1)

HP (Ahmedabad) replies to Ram
15 hrs ago (12:11 AM)

Ram tum Lanka me he raho. People of Gujarat have already elected him 3
times as CM in last 10 years. He does not need to go to USA and waste
tax payer money, instead he is using Teleconferencing to attend
meetings with Business houses in USA and bring investments in Gujarat.
We get more jobs here. Tum apni Rani ke Fikr karo.
Agree (12)Disagree (2)Recommend (7)

Ram replies to HP
14 hrs ago (01:05 AM)

Let Gujarat elect him another 10 times but still that doesn’t make him
a leader. If he is a leader then he wouldn’t have taken that religious
extremism as a path to the power. Human life is more precious than all
these so called development and you can not forgive him for his
involvement in creating the division amongst the countrymen on the
basis of religion and indirectly making so many family suffer for
nothing. By the way am here in the UK to bring back what all the Brits
looted from India and will be back in India after I achieve my mission
and to start another mission ‘Modi Hatao Andolan’.
Agree (1)Disagree (11)

Raj (India) replies to Ram
6 hrs ago (09:12 AM)

Religion as path to power. Huh. Sounds like a party that starts with
Agree (4)Recommend (2)

Nazish (India) replies to HP
15 hrs ago (12:21 AM)

It is not because he want to save tax payers money, but US denied to
give him VISA right??
Agree (2)Disagree (4)

hardik (Ahmedabad) replies to Nazish
3 hrs ago (11:59 AM)

i don’t know how will you look in the mirror when he becomes PM in

HP (Ahmedabad) replies to Nazish
15 hrs ago (12:53 AM)

Its not the Visa or no Visa. Its about delivering positive results
irrespective of reasons. While MMS is still in Nursery class, mam,i am
not aware. mam, i am innocent. mam, i did not do it, etc.
Agree (7)Recommend (2)

Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to Nazish
15 hrs ago (12:46 AM)

Modi doesn’t needs US visa!
Agree (7)Recommend (4)

Ranveer (Delhi)
16 hrs ago (11:54 PM)

Padosi ko kya pata k ghar ke andar kya chal raha hain Modi Sahab… Ghar
k log bole to baat hain na… Coz we know what is going on inside… so
better shut up.
Agree (4)Disagree (13)

Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to Ranveer
15 hrs ago (12:47 AM)

Gujaratis have elected him CM 3 times, what else u need
Agree (8)Recommend (5)

sunras (India)
16 hrs ago (11:54 PM)

He is only light in corrupt India. Forget the past and build the
future. Harping old issue like Godhra, Post-Godhara, partition,
Sahbano, Haz-subsidy, destruction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya by Babar
etc wouldn’t take us anywhere. Unite and elect him as PM.
Agree (8)Disagree (1)Recommend (4)

Paul (USA)
16 hrs ago (11:54 PM)

I see two possible choices for India. One is Narender Modi or Baba Ram
Dev. We need an incorruptible leader.
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Srinivasan (UK)
16 hrs ago (11:52 PM)

Is the congress not responsible for there death of more then 300,000
Indians killed my Muslim terrorist in past 60-years. 35000 Sikhs were
killed by congress & people still support criminal corrupt congress.
Shame on People who are speaking against development & Modi.
Agree (13)Disagree (3)Recommend (6)

Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to Srinivasan
15 hrs ago (12:47 AM)

well said!
Agree (4)Recommend (3)

Gabbar (Ananthpur) replies to Srinivasan
15 hrs ago (12:30 AM)

why discrimination srinivasan? 300000 indians killed by muslim
terrorist and 35000 killed by congress. People who killed sikhs were
hindus. LTTE are not muslims.Naxals are not muslims. so better change
ur wordings say that 300000 indians killed by terrorist and 35000
sikhs killed by congress or say 300000 killed by muslim terrorist and
35000 sikhs killed by hindu congress.
Agree (3)Disagree (6)

Shan (India) replies to Gabbar
33 mins ago (03:23 PM)

Going by your argument, you still like to vote for the party who have
Hindu congress….isn’t it???

jai hind (india) replies to Gabbar
15 hrs ago (12:40 AM)

what do you mean by hindu congress??There is nothing like hindu
congress.All of them are worst terrorist muslims disguised as
hindus.If congress was hindu then why is sharia being followed in
india?Why cant kashmiri pandits return to their original land?Do you
have an answer?
Agree (6)Recommend (3)

ranjan sharan (Patna)
16 hrs ago (11:50 PM)

By and large mejority of Indian give no credit to anti Modi hype
created by electrronic midea and NGOs, in particular . Such artificial
anti Modi movement is most likely created by Foreign Intelligence and
Congress supremo, who wants to keep india in league with banans
states. Rise of India will only create dsiturbence in present Power/
Economic Influence scenario, without political advantage to Europe or
USA, in anyway.
Agree (12)Disagree (3)Recommend (7)

arjen442 (uk) replies to ranjan sharan
15 hrs ago (12:08 AM)

I AGREE… in india the british edcucation has brainwashed some idnians
SOO MUCH that they deny the british invaded., looted,. robbed india
dry,..some indians have been so brainwshed by the british nazi
education, that they deny the millions that have died during briitsh
era, many deny that the poverty you see today in inida is from the
british, who looted india……..if the british where the nazis in india
and indians where the jews, today in inida the indians jews are
fighting for the british nazis, beacues from birth some indians have
been brainwashed by christian racist, baised teliban style education ,
where the british after having maacasred the indian race, then CREATED
FURTHER…!!!..its this corruption which starts from the child hood to
adulthood, where the british created congress, relies on the british
created education system to manipulate and decieve indians into
accepting western idoelogy……HOW HAD IS THAT TO SEE???….some
brainwashed indians even though FACTTS HAVE PROVEN THAT CONGRESS IS
CORRUPT, even when we have all the evidence in the world, even when we
have video footage, even when we realiset billions have been stolen,
the extent in which the british have brainwashed indians into deceit…
thats why india has not moved on , the west NEED india to be divided
and they do that, through education and media…..WAKE UP!!
Agree (5)Recommend (2)

s (Gujrat)
16 hrs ago (11:48 PM)

BJP in the Gujarat state is a collation of corrupt members and
officials. they reinforces their ‘own’ and threaten others, real goons
in my opinion. examples of these can be seen how they influence and
twist arms of the police and judiciary in belting out illegal
complaints against innocent people with no political affiliation as a
favour for their local members and office bearers. If you want proof
if this do a simple audit of the police complaints in place like
Mehsana, Visnagar, Patan. Or look at the land registry archives for
the dodgy sales and changes in land use of Agricultural land between
Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. If they can’t cleanup their local party
activists attitude and favouritism, it will not be long before they
are caught wanting by common man… remember even the dictatorial
regimes in middle east is coming down.. so a violent and biased regime
in a world biggest democracy don’t stand a chance…. KR
Agree (4)Disagree (18)Recommend (2)

kk (toronto)
16 hrs ago (11:47 PM)

He is…! Why are you (TOI) so envy of that…?
Agree (2)

satish haldankar (Mumbai)
16 hrs ago (11:47 PM)

1) What a shame. Is Narendra Modi so desperate for approval from any
quarter? The same very people humiliated him by refusing him a visa
earlier, yet has gone to town to crow about some praise in private
diplomatic cables? Great and humble people do not pay attention to
accolades and worse then brag about it. 2) These cables are five to
six years old. Nothing much has changed for him even today. He is till
stuck in Gujarat. The reasons are too well known to repeat them here.
Agree (7)Disagree (20)Recommend (3)

gujarati (vadodara) replies to satish haldankar
3 hrs ago (12:18 PM)

1) Modi is a politician and like any other politician, needs to get
his PR right. Humility alone does not win you elections and let people
notice you. So by letting people know through national media about
something, which our biased media would otherwise conveniently ignore,
is a good move. 2) You are right that Modi is still in Gujarat, but
until he puts forth his worth in front of the whole nation, our biased
media won’t give him any coverage the way they do for Rahul Gandhi and
the ilk. And what else can give you more coverage than something that
has US attached to it.
Agree (1)Recommend (1)

rahul (India) replies to satish haldankar
6 hrs ago (09:15 AM)

The opponents praise is sweeter than the chamchas praise. US is
desperate to make friends ,not Modi.
Agree (5)Recommend (3)

satish haldankar replies to rahul
5 hrs ago (10:01 AM)

1) May be. You missed the point completely or chose to. Let me put it
across another way. A person of real substance do not go around and
brag that so and so is all praise for him/her. 2) US desperate to make
friends with Modi! Have they?
Agree (1)Disagree (1)

anil shah (vadodara) replies to satish haldankar
7 hrs ago (08:37 AM)

Knowledge is a power and to attain it witness ET Time and listen with
care the debate of Arnab Goswami to learn something to write on public
domain . Your ignorance to reality is appreciated . nevertheless when
it will either witnessed or realized by – you too shall appreciate .
Be in public forum , attain authorization and visit the places for
comments offered . MODI NEVER SOUGHT FOR VISA OF ANY COUNTRY its the
US based Gujarati Forum invites him for his deliberance . He does not
need visa and never had sought for
Agree (2)Disagree (1)Recommend (2)

satish haldankar replies to anil shah
5 hrs ago (10:11 AM)

LOL. 1) They revoked his visa and did not allow him to travel to USA.
How did he get the visa in the first place, if he had not applied for?
Just like that! 2) If you think I am ignorant, why don’t you and your
fellow travellers demolish my supposed ignorant statements point by
point, instead of generally saying I am ignorant or obfuscating the
issue by raising irrelevant points? Not one response to my post has
attempted to refute my observations. What makes you think I do not
watch TV or read other material? At least, I have mind of my own and
do not accept everything at face value.
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Gaurav (Delhi) replies to satish haldankar
15 hrs ago (12:53 AM)

well mate, lets say someone said nasty thing about u, what will u do…
refute him right & thn for a change he complements u… wont u say that
someone who used to refute u actually is paying a compliment… what is
wrong in doing that?
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satish haldankar replies to Gaurav
14 hrs ago (01:14 AM)

Nice try. Clever use of words. Tell that to your fellow travellers
*see bleow), who are unable to refute my comments, yet choose to
respond by raising irrelevant issues. The best thing is to ignore the
comments, if one does not have guts to do so or have no counter-
arguments. Got it, mate!
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HP (Ahmedabad) replies to satish haldankar
15 hrs ago (12:18 AM)

Maharashtra has 3 CMs removed in last 9 years shamelessly by their own
congress due to Terror attacks, Scams and Farmer Deaths. Modi has been
re-elected by Gujarat people 3 times as CM in same duration and this
includes lot of progress work enjoyed by both communities. have you
got anything to say or you want to remain in 2002 ? its your choice.
You guys can’t pick a proper CM also.
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Pallav Indian (Delhi) replies to HP
15 hrs ago (12:49 AM)

actually satish is a congressi dog who is barking and no body is
giving him pedegree!! LOL… Modiji is simple great!! wish he becomes PM
soon and India where it should already be ..and kick these gandys out
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satish haldankar (Mumbai) replies to Pallav Indian
14 hrs ago (01:18 AM)

There you go indulging in another tactic by Internet Hindutvawadis.
Cannot debate a point, so start abusing people. Go ahead, abuse more
to your heart’s content and remain in denial what others think of you.
May be you will sleep well tonight after abusing. Carry on, Pallav.
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Niki (Mumbai) replies to satish haldankar
14 hrs ago (01:47 AM)

Now you are trying to go away from topic. why are u ashamed of being a
Hindu ? is it inferiority complex. Moreover, Maharashtra’s development
is limited to Mumbai only and even there you don’t get 24 hrs power
supply. In gujarat its everywhere 24 hrs power supply, whether it be
Saurashtra, Kutch, South Gujarat or Central Gujarat. Your stated 22
percent depicts only Mumbai investments and not as a whole of
Maharashtra. what about Farmers committing sucide, they are not
worried about investments, they just want electricity and better price
for their crop. In Gujarat they get both. Cables or no cables, brags
or no brag, This Modi is delivering positive results in form of
development. Hp is right, you are still stuck in 2002, move on or keep
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satish haldankar replies to HP
15 hrs ago (12:37 AM)

Nice try to obfuscate the issue – a standard tactic by the Internet
Hindutvawadis, when discomforted by negative news/comments their
heroes. When you cannot refute my comments, what do you do? Raise the
issue about Maharashtra. I know what is going on in Maharashtra, this
is not the place to discuss it. This news is about Modi. Have you
anything to refute what I have said or should I ask, have you the guts
to do so or in your likely response, will you raise some other totally
irrelevant issues?
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HP replies to satish haldankar
14 hrs ago (01:04 AM)

It seems you have not read it properly. The answer is in there. People
of Gujarat have elected him 3 times in a democratic manner and
progress is enjoyed by everyone here.For people of rest of the state,
its their issue. You vote MMS, you get MMS, you vote Raul Baba, you
get Raul baba, simple. Secondly, i am proud to be a Hindu,and i
believe a Muslim is also proud to be Muslim. Why are you ashamed of
being a Hindu ? Your are still stuck in 2002 and here people have
moved way ahead.
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Rakesh (USA) replies to satish haldankar
15 hrs ago (11:59 PM)

Satish before giving advish to Gujarat CM please look in your own back
yard. Almost all the politician are corrupt in Maharashtra. An your
people vote on the basis of Marathi Manoos, Marathi Ashmita, Shivaji
Maharaj instead of development. Recently according one of the survey
of India economy development Maharashtra may soon become a Bemaru
state. Whereas rejecting his VISA is concern I know most of the NRI in
US still support him. I lived in California and other part of US and
most of the people are met all supported his effort to bring
development in Gujarat.
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satish haldankar replies to Rakesh
15 hrs ago (12:46 AM)

I am not giving advice to Modi. It was my observation. In your case
too, nice try to obfuscate the news about Modi. I know what is going
on in Maharashtra. Having raised it, let me tell you something. In the
last 10 years the Congress-NCP have given one of the worst
governments, yet they keep winning too, as the people reject the
agenda of divisiveness and hate of the BJP-SS. Moreover, Maharashtra
still gets about 22% of the investments as compared to 6% in Gujarat.
Next time, stick to the news item in question and do not attempt to
cloud the issue. Now let me see, if you can refute the points raised
by me. Good luck.
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dpatel3001 (United States) replies to satish haldankar
11 hrs ago (04:55 AM)

Thank you the reason you provided “divisiveness and hate” is exactly
the reason why Gujaratis will continue supporting Modi. Prior to Modi
your beloved Congress tried a nice social experiment of divide and
rule in Gujarat known as KHAM – Kshatriya,Harijan , Adivassi,Muslim vs
rest . The members of KHAM were pitted against other segments of
society all for votebank politics in the name of caste and religion
while development in the state was set aside. Whether it is KHAM vs
rest in Gujarat, allying with Muslim league, looking the other way at
illegal migration in Assam of Bangladeshi Muslims people of India are
now getting fed up of divisivenss of the Congress and instead are
supporting those who advocate unity and development like Modi.
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Scorpion (Pune) replies to dpatel3001
3 hrs ago (12:25 PM)

Well said

Shubham Pandey (Delhi, India) replies to satish haldankar
15 hrs ago (11:58 PM)

by all fairness one can easily presume u got sick mindset & to such
sick person like u what to say :)
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satish haldankar replies to Shubham Pandey
15 hrs ago (12:07 AM)

Then let us see a healthy mind like you refute my comments. Are you
game? Just calling some one sick or anything else is neither here nor
there. I am waiting, Shree Pandey.
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x (x)
16 hrs ago (11:44 PM)

He has blood on his hands. This murderer’s blood itself is corrupt –
He will have hell to pay when he dies and is judged by God.
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Raj (India) replies to x
6 hrs ago (09:17 AM)

Yeah. No 76 virgins for him. Or however much it is. But oh he is a
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Indian (Ahmedabad)
16 hrs ago (11:42 PM)

This butcher is responsible for the genocide of thousands of
innocents. Still he is praising himself for not being guilty. He has
been already shown his right place by the world. He has been
prohibited to enter any civilized world for committing the acts of
massacre. Gujarat has been prosperous for centuries due to those
courageous Gujaratis. He is just a black spot on the state of Mahatma.
I am wondering how the fools are praising this demon and again
exposing themselves so shamelessly on the net. These double standards
are highly dangerous for the country. The guilty must be punished
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anil shah (vadodara ) replies to Indian
15 hrs ago (12:37 AM)

Because of such comments only he is go on winning all elections but
reasons for others to envy . Only such flames can come out but no
creativity generate
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Raj (India) replies to anil shah
6 hrs ago (09:20 AM)

Yes. Several anonymous people that call themselves Indian, Human etc
keep flaming, and it actually backfires when readers find there is no
substance or proof in it. Keep it up. Modi will keep winning as long
as you do so.
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Madrasee (Channai)
16 hrs ago (11:40 PM)

Any Modi issue gets approximately 1000 comments. With repeat and
replies we can safely say about 200-300 staunch, mostly NRI who never
care about what’s happening in India support Modi and similar type of
issues. Not only this, the way they pass the judgments in sensitive
issues like Telengana will really make you feel these tiny brain heads
cannot think anything rational. Moreover, these guys do not understand
the process of making someone PM too. Can they bother to think why BJP
is not announcing Modi as PM candidate. They will sit quiet if they
understand constitution, politics and ground reality.
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Sceptic (USA) replies to Madrasee
5 hrs ago (10:02 AM)

Madrasee seems to be enamored of the 2G loot. Also BJP is not family
party like other Indian parties. Everything here is a process.
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NP (Surat) replies to Madrasee
15 hrs ago (12:01 AM)

Tu sach me MADrasee hai, is me Telangana ka tel kaha se aaya ?
Moreover Modi is denied VISA by USA, a 3 times elected CM. This guy is
using Technology and bringing US people to invest in state
infrastructure, not like Raul baba, just visiting college Chicks. All
communities are getting benefits of such investments and progress.
Aage badho bahi varna MMS to hai he, tumhare liye.
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Sujal Patel (London) replies to Madrasee
15 hrs ago (11:59 PM)

You do make me laugh! Please wake up, sitting in India, how can you
still not what is going on, on the ground! II assume you know the
process of becoming a PM within a secular democratic constitution do
you?? That’s why Dr PM Singh, is currently the PM, selected through
this process. And of course there would be a large volume of replies!
How can there not be, when the so called resident Indian such as
yourself is brandishing his foolishness. The issue is of good
governance, elevation of society, processes can change, constitutions
can be amended, but without real people like Narendra Modi to
implement development policies to uplift the population, these
processes you talk about are worthless.
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Indian (Bharat) replies to Madrasee
15 hrs ago (11:57 PM)

situations are still better in Gujarat then Tamilnadu not only
Gujarati or NRIs are praising but every person either Industrialist,
Hindu , Muslims whosoever..one should have the ability to accept truth
brother and you 2…
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Your Friend (Delhi) replies to Madrasee
16 hrs ago (11:55 PM)

You know everybody in India is free to hold opinions and so are you
able to blog today so don’t superimpose your own theory of running a
goverment otherwise you could have been there running the show.
respect others opnion with respect and remember you are not the only
one who vote in India. Democracy will decide its fate. So keep bloging
and enjoy.
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Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to Madrasee
16 hrs ago (11:53 PM)

I am not a NRI, I am aware of ground realities, and I support Modi for
PM in 2014!! Modi is only hope for this nation.
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shirish dave (Ahmedabad)
16 hrs ago (11:40 PM)

Hey! US diplomats, You cannot touch our beloved Neo Mahatma Gandhi
Narendra Modi. Modi can not be purchased like Nehruvians and its
Congress and its allies.
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vasanth (bangalore)
16 hrs ago (11:37 PM)

Then he has to answer the question raised by wiki leaks regarding “BJP
Simply opposed the nuclear deal for the sake of opposition”..I think
his fellow BJP voted for it ..will he support advani?
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pranabesh (Columbus-USA)
16 hrs ago (11:37 PM)

A great leader and superb administrator !! That is the even all
industrialist know him. That is the way he always is. It doesnt need
any stamp from USA to prove that.
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abani kumar sahoo (B’lore)
16 hrs ago (11:28 PM)

Yes I am completely agreed that India at this stage really needs such
a strong, bold and incorruptible leader as PM. He is the only capable
leader who can handle terrorism, naxalism, Kashmir and Pakistan
related issues.India will be a super power if center gets a PM and
each state gets a CM like him. He is a brave heart, true leader and
real diplomat…
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Dr. Parul Shah (Saudi Arabia) replies to abani kumar sahoo
15 hrs ago (12:01 AM)

Just because Modi is terrorizing and killing Muslims & Christians you
feel he is brave heart? And filthy killer like Modi you want to make
PM? and CM’s like him? Excellent Idea!!! RSS will make you head of
B’lore branch for your Brilliant Idea for Sure
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Amit (Delhi) replies to Dr. Parul Shah
14 hrs ago (01:17 AM)

Its sick to know how educated pleople like you making such comment.
Check in Saudi whats rights you have for non muslims. And mind you I
have worked there for 4 years on good post.
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(India) replies to Dr. Parul Shah
15 hrs ago (12:41 AM)

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anil shah (vadodara) replies to Dr. Parul Shah
15 hrs ago (12:31 AM)

Confined to offer such comments as living in Saudi had he been living
in India especially Gujarat and might have seen the progress and best
governance. People who live in Monarchy does not have sense to comment
on democratic approach
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satish haldankar (Mumbai) replies to anil shah
14 hrs ago (01:36 AM)

You seem to have forgotten one little fact. Best governance also
includes justice to all irrespective of one’s religion and background.
Get a life.
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Sujal Patel (London)
16 hrs ago (11:25 PM)

Interesting to see a lot of the comments and arguments here. 403
comments in the space of a few hours, the masses are certainly in awe
of Narendra Modi, in one way or the other. Narendra Modi – great
statesma, great administrator, great motivator, great leader. A
beacon, a light, shining through the heap of MP’s, creating a stench
over India. Narendra Modi is hope, hope that India will realise it’s
true potential. All those attacking Modi on 2002, seriously move on!!!
You have too much free times on your hand, instead of attacking
progress (something done by those insecure about their own ability to
be successful, let alone contribute to India’s success), do something
worthwhile, which truly helps you neighbour, which helps the
community, in turn society and eventually India. Learn something from
the frameworks and development models planned and implemented by the
Narendra Modi government. The US do not need to rubber stamp Narendra
Modi’s credibility, however it is an indication, if nothing else, that
the US at some point will have to grant a visa to the man, whether he
eventually becomes PM or not. The US, UK and the rest of the western
world, can not be held ransom by certain fundamentalist, who, let’s be
honest have a mis-guided opinion on Modi, and everything and everyone
that does not confirm to their beliefs.
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Tamil Arasan (Chennai)
16 hrs ago (11:25 PM)

MMS will only say the below words after each and every scam… 1).I was
not aware what my ministers where doing… 2).I was misinformed 3).I was
deceived by my subordinates 4).I was misguided 5).I was kept in dark
about the truth…blah blah but will never accept the responsibility –
we all know if a organisation or a company fails then the head will be
blamed first, but Sonia and MMS are always in denial mood when ever a
scam happens as of they are from other country!!! So we need a able
and strong administrative capable man like Shir Modi to lead our
country, I whole heartedly support Shir.Modi to become PM of India…
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parvinder (delhi)
16 hrs ago (11:25 PM)

Bravo .. what even US could not do .. Modi has done it..
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Anand Singh (Delhi)
16 hrs ago (11:24 PM)

Reports in Wikileaks cables does not prove you innocent Mr Modi the
case is still pending in the court of law.Any ways how will you
justify your inhumane act to your own soul.
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HP (Surat)
16 hrs ago (11:22 PM)

All these comments coming when an Australian and an American certified
Modi as able administrator. After 2002, we Gujaraties have already
elected him 3 times as CM, moreovers, Godhra, having 80% muslim
population has BJP leaders elected to Gujarat assembly. as fas as
Godhra riots are concerned, High court, Supreme Court and 3 different
Committies have found nothing against him after long 9 years. Plus the
development he has done, including Non-corrupt machinery, Better
roads, Better transport, 24 hrs electricity, good agriculture, more
and more colleges, etc, are used by both Hindus and Muslims.
personally i would like he remains a CM of Gujarat for coming years,
for rest of India, there is MMS and Madam plus raul baba.
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sparsh.mba2008 (USA) replies to HP
16 hrs ago (11:40 PM)

Hi HP You want Modi to be CM of Gujarat for coming year, well can we
please borrow him for gujarat and put him as PM of india,Damn we need
him badly.
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Indian (Bharat) replies to sparsh.mba2008
15 hrs ago (12:05 AM)

we do give our jewel to other bro…see and learn only from our jewel :)
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rajesh (Boston)
16 hrs ago (11:20 PM)

Be careful most muslim mod1 haters cunningly write comments with hindu
names!! henious by nature. If it was not for modi you would have had
shariah law in gujarat by now. All the desperate losers who are bad
mouthing modi are just showing their bad mouths …why be jealous of
someone at least doing something really positive. a small suggestion
to critics …. move to bangladesh or oran or libya … that is a place
for you :)
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Rovin (Ahmedabad)
16 hrs ago (11:17 PM)

Modi forever… Great man…. The next hero of the 21st Indian century… Go
ahead sir.. A thousand wishes to you….
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sam (eim)
16 hrs ago (11:17 PM)

who says that US is always true?
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NS (Delhi) replies to sam
16 hrs ago (11:25 PM)

Yes they were wrong to deny visa for Mr. Modi.
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Ravi (india)
16 hrs ago (11:16 PM)

looking forward for modi as a pm
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Shan (India)
16 hrs ago (11:14 PM)

Definitely US has double standards. Without anything yet proved
against Narendra Modi, the US has denied him visa. But why is the US
not following the same principle in case of Wen Jiabao when they have
been time and again crying of human rights violation by the Chinese
govt. Last year there were about 156 muslims killed during an uprising
in Xinjiang, but the world witnessed Wen being given a red carpet
welcome and a state dinner hosted by none other than their President.
Will the US explain this?
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Madhusudan namjoshi (Indore)
16 hrs ago (11:14 PM)

In case Mr.Modi says that he had a talk with Mr.Owen in 2006.then
indirectly the veracity of cables disclosed by WikiLeaks is
established. And if so then other disclosure must be taken as true. Is
not it?
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sam (eim) replies to Madhusudan namjoshi
16 hrs ago (11:31 PM)

wikileaks are brainchild of a rapist!!!has anybody found any wikileak
disclosure about Australia?this rapist belong to that country.the
whole world wants to believe a rapist,a criminal.
Disagree (16)

Raj (India) replies to sam
6 hrs ago (09:27 AM)

Nopes. The Charge against that guy was not rape, but Unprotected sex.
He Refused to use a Condom.

cool kanny (London) replies to sam
15 hrs ago (12:35 AM)

Yes he has revealed details of aussie gov only if u get ur head out of
ur ar** and check the details before bloging.
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Indian (Bharat) replies to sam
15 hrs ago (12:08 AM)

Who told you rapist are mad??Rapist too have mind and they are
intelligent too… its not fully proved that he is rapist….
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KS (Canada)
16 hrs ago (11:13 PM)

“Some BJP leaders believe, or hope, that voters will forget or forgive
Modi’s role in the 2002 bloodshed, once they learn to appreciate his
other qualities” Is this a joke? How can you forget the bloodshed and
forgive murderer even if he has dozens of other good quality. And
true, a murderer need not be corrupt as he has cross all the limit.
How can he be good administrator if can not control the mass murder?
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coll kanny (London) replies to KS
15 hrs ago (12:51 AM)

Trouble with some muslims is that you do not like the truth only how
many muslims got killed regardless weather they were guily or not.The
really guilty people were the ones(Muslims) who started the Gothra
fire in a specific train cabins and locked the cabin doors from
outside i.e where the hindu supporter from Aoyodhia were and hence the
reaction which will be in any community however I am not saying that I
agree with it but just look at the whole picture and without your bias
eyes.This were gujarati people and let this never be repeated again
and let not outsiders interfere with what happened they have their own
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(India) replies to KS
15 hrs ago (12:33 AM)

Valid point
Disagree (2)

Rakesh (USA) replies to KS
15 hrs ago (12:07 AM)

KS since you are in Canada so let me remind you when MMS visited
Canada he requested the sikh community their to move on after 1984
riot. Where as on 2002 godra riot congress still fueling the fire to
get more votes from muslims. On cash for vote scam MMS on his
clarification he said even if we did in 2007-2008 paid bribe but
people still voted for us so its not an issue anymore. Applying same
logic even if Modi supported the riot then also he came to power 3
times so 2002 riot is not an issue any more.
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PK (Canada) replies to KS
16 hrs ago (11:54 PM)

It means we should not forget about the muslims who burnt down the
train to kill innocent hindu pilgrims as well…right? right logic?? I
think we should keep development and removal of corruption as our
primary agenda rather then any communal tensions…
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sunil (perth) replies to KS
16 hrs ago (11:49 PM)

are u a CBI officer or a policeman? have u inquire anything about the
modi?? whatever u wrote is toatally a joke and stuff with no pratical
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Mayank (Delhi) replies to KS
16 hrs ago (11:30 PM)

Please apply same standards to Congress for committing Delhi riots
after Indira Gandhi’s assasination.
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chinmay (surat) replies to KS
16 hrs ago (11:29 PM)

surely boss… the mass murderers of sikhs in 1984 are sitting in center
for 20years…. n luk, we Indians forgave them for both murders and will
forgive for the corruption also….
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Pappu (India) replies to KS
16 hrs ago (11:27 PM)

If you are a Sardar from Canada, then you betray your community. Why
are u silent on the sikh massacre in 1984 carried out by HKL Bhagat
and tytler. Hamam me sabhi nange…If Modi failed to stop the riot or
supported it then you must not forget one thing: – It would actually
act as deterrent against recurrence of such incident. Remember, it all
started when a train bogie full of Kar Sevaks were burnt alive in
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NS (Delhi) replies to KS
16 hrs ago (11:26 PM)

Like people forgive congress for 1984 genocide of Sikhs
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Madrasee (Chennai) replies to KS
16 hrs ago (11:25 PM)

People in BJP and parties like Nitish and Chandrababu Naidu understand
very well Modi and his act in 2002 are the reason for BJP & allies
routed in 2004 general election. Like many here, we are eagerly
waiting for Modi to be announced as PM candidate, so that BJP will
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Indian (Bharat) replies to Madrasee
15 hrs ago (12:11 AM)

Son/daughter cannot remove the DNA of his/her mother/father from his
blood ..the same thing is with modi he has mother-son relation with
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Deep Thought (India)
16 hrs ago (11:13 PM)

Modi ji should be next PM of India majority of educated youth supports
modi ji for his development work in gujarat modi ji is becoming like a
youth icon and every intelligent person knows that Congress is
dividing this country in the name of cast, and religion from last 60
years. Congress never talks about developments but they only talk
about Dalits muslims guajrat riots saffron terror.and vote bank
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kanzaki (blore)
16 hrs ago (11:08 PM)

well i do know who modi is.. i like to tell u something.. the godhra
riots happened becoz of muslims.. i am not biased.. this is actual
finding.. those who are against modi are the corrupt[congress and so
called NGOs].. becoz if there are no poor and suffering ppl how can
NGOs and congress make money or power.. btw Not all NGOs are bad but i
do know how they work.. they are nothing but the same as congress
looters… btw i dont support BJp but i do find them better than
electing congress who could not make india a developed country.. nor
were they able to control population which lead to poverty.. 60yrs was
not enough for them to rebuild our country… ppl look at japan[not the
current state of it] it went through WW2 and atom bombs… still it
became a developed ctry… u might give reasons stating like it was hard
to change india etc etc… but even did something better as it
developed[not that i support communism and human rights violations]…
but still they lifted 30% of below poverty line in 2 yrs.. that is
something… india really needs to make one child per family as strict
as possible[no matter what F##kin religion says or religious freedom
in this matter]… inida can only be saved if ppl like modi/nitish are
at the national level of politics.. Jai hind…
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16 hrs ago (11:08 PM)

Disagree (5)

16 hrs ago (11:08 PM)

There might be a chance that Godse would have been a non-corrupt
Politician ! Does that mean he should have gone unpunished ? If Godse
had killed only one Narendra Modi has allowed killing of thousands !!
Is it because he allowed it only for a short period he should be
spared ? He has certainly committed lesser crime than Hitler but
Hitler killed only Migrants whereas this fellow plotted to eliminate
own people [Hindus=Indians=Original Citizens of India] just because
they don’t follow Hinduism !!!
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K (India) replies to
15 hrs ago (12:00 AM)

By ur wording i think u r muslim.. and if you want to recall history,
most violent religion is islam.. and hindus were either killed or
converted to islam… does that mean we should not allow any muslim
politicians then?? and check ur history facts.. jews killed by hitler
were not migrants but also german residents… u might want to check how
much of ur brain is washed by ur religious leaders…
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replies to K
15 hrs ago (12:45 AM)

By your wording I think you follow Hinduism and you think you are the
brainiest person born on earth ! Twice born ?
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k replies to
6 hrs ago (09:13 AM)

Ya sure, i am not religious. or u can say i dont beleive in present
day hinduism. I beleive in Karma. My to be life partner is
christian….. to prove i am not biased about religion. Yes, i might not
be the brainest person on earth. but still i think straight then
Islamic fundamentalists and Peudo-fundamentalists like you on any
given day.
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replies to k
5 hrs ago (10:25 AM)

OK, I understand. [even my daughter-in-law is a Hindu and I'm not like
Todi]. Just like Obama the migrant I meant about Jews. Muslims might
have been violent [in other Countries and just reactive in India] but
Hindutva is fast catching up by going after Muslims on some pretext.
But what is their excuse for atrocities aginst Christians ?
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true muslim (mrt) replies to
16 hrs ago (11:38 PM)

Hitler did nothing as compare to supreme leader of talibani, who sow
terrorism thousand year back. Modi gave reply to them.
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Mayank (Delhi) replies to
16 hrs ago (11:30 PM)

Why don’t you apply same standards to Congress for committing Delhi
riots after Indira Gandhi’s assasination.
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replies to Mayank
15 hrs ago (12:54 AM)

no one was raped
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Jai Hind (Pune) replies to
16 hrs ago (11:29 PM)

What about congress then ? Communal violence has been unfortunate part
of indian history. Congress has been involved in the killings of many
sikhs during anti sikh riots. Problem with rubbish people like you is,
you always look behind the history. People of Gujrat, including many
Muslims, have voted Modi into power. When people like Modi, Sheila
Dixit are coming back to power, its something good governance. Post
Godhra riots are unfortunate similar to Sabarmati express fire. Do we
still think of thousands of people killed in Partition ? NO !!! Why ?
We are looking of future. Undisputedly Modi can give better governance
than hald literate Sonia Gandhi, Scam tainted Raja and Kalmadi.
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Logic Kumar (HImachal) replies to Jai Hind
16 hrs ago (11:44 PM)

Killing of sikhs were not communal. They were genocides. It was not
between Hindu and Sikhs it was about Congressi goons killing innocent
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replies to Jai Hind
16 hrs ago (11:36 PM)

If Nithish Kumar has no objection I have no objection ! First get his
opinion !!
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true muslim (mrt) replies to
16 hrs ago (11:22 PM)

Hitler did nothing as compare to popat. momad, who sow seed the root
of terrorism. modi just gave answer to the followers of supreme leader
of talibaanis.
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Dhiren Bhatt (Ankleshwar)
16 hrs ago (11:06 PM)

He is rally a role model of India. He is LION of Gujarat. Gujarat will
achieve newer heights in your leadeship. Long live Modiji!
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Amit (Lucknow)
16 hrs ago (11:06 PM)

Wow, now India must get US certificate to determine who is corrupt.

Madrasee (Chennai)
16 hrs ago (11:02 PM)

This Country is still holding together as one with corruption. So be
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Ruchir (Delhi) replies to Madrasee
16 hrs ago (11:24 PM)

Europe is not holding together as one country… It has several small
countries but still each of them is more developed than India…
Agree (2)

R S Sarma (Mysore)
16 hrs ago (11:00 PM)

Narendra modi has proved himself as an able, incorruptible, no-
nonsense, capable and efficient administrator and communicator par
excellence and development-plank freak for and in Gujarat. Even US
knows it. ‘Don’t mess with me, I don’t mess with you’ type and
ruthless humanist! his mantra is development and one third each
emphasis on agriculture, manufacturing and services and with
incredible unparallelled record of 9.6 avrage agriculture growth ove
8-9 years, putting to shame all the other CMs and our beloved PM and
not-so beloved Agriculture Minster! we need one Narendra Modi as PM
and one each in every state for prosperity and peace to be achieved in
a decade. The Indian National Congress ala Manishankar aiyers,
Sanghvis, Natarajans, Sonia, etal have been trying their best to spew
venom at him as a killer and a communal minded pig. Let them all do
silent concrete work to lift the Aam Aadmi out of poverty through
development ecnomics and establish rule of law sans corruption at high
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Gujarati (baroda) replies to R S Sarma
16 hrs ago (11:37 PM)

Sharmaji You donot know what is happening in Gujarat in disguise . its
not a corruption but ideological encroachment of public. Modiji is not
kind of person who believes in licence raj type corruption . He is a
student of political science knows each and every tactic of gaining
power in democracy with plying with public sentiments with the name of
nationalism. You just ask those students are appearing in public
service exams in Gujarat and they will reply what is the real
definition of corruption in Gujarat. Now we donot live in the era of
eighteenth century but its an era of mass quasi corruption.
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Rakesh (USA) replies to Gujarati
15 hrs ago (12:11 AM)

You wrote your name Gujarati and mention you are from Baroda but I
don’t think its right. I just went to Vadodara after 4 years I can see
the difference in Gujarat which I left. Where as civil service is
concern Gujarati community never interested in those exam. They either
want to go abroad for higher studies or want to do some business.
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vins (delhi)
16 hrs ago (10:59 PM)

we have to learn from politicians like modi how to do propoganda hide
weakness and project oneself like shining diamond,i will study modi
and use this tactics in my work in controlling ,my stupid subordinates
Disagree (2)

16 hrs ago (10:57 PM)

I just watched him on TV . Mr. Modi is so happy that wikileaks says he
is incorruptible ! He thinks it is the certificate he needs. The
cables just says that most people here project him as non-corrupt and
they have reported it to US. We also need to know what they reported
in 2002. If he is indeed not corrupt we need to know all his deals and
why he gifted Land [not his personal] to Tatas and Many
Industrialists !!
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vip (India) replies to
16 hrs ago (11:29 PM)

He gave all those lands under SEZ and SIR.Which is totally legal.Did
you ever try to understand the aim of vibrant Gujarat???Lol, you are
illiterate as Shakti sigh Gohil….
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Ruchir (Delhi) replies to
16 hrs ago (11:20 PM)

The land he gave to Tatas was not given for his personal profits but
for development of industry which provided numerious jobs in his
state… Going by your logic, no government should give any land to any
industry… Then how will the country grow???
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replies to Ruchir
16 hrs ago (11:34 PM)

Then what was wrong to give spectrum for growth of Industry cheap ?
Different standards ?
Disagree (2)

SR (Canada) replies to
15 hrs ago (12:33 AM)

Spectrum was given for personal benefits. Don’t you read news?
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replies to SR
6 hrs ago (09:26 AM)

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Jorawar Kumar (Jaipur) replies to
16 hrs ago (11:08 PM)

Lol..yeh I saw that too on TV he is doing Garba and dandia dance that
how cunnigly he was able to Brand (disguised) himself as
incorruptible. He seemed very proud that he US is thinking that way.
Now he will aply for US Visa and his Tail will start wagging like
other Indian Politicians too. Lol that was good one mate.
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vip (India) replies to Jorawar Kumar
16 hrs ago (11:31 PM)

Abe it was file video….Height of ignorance…..
Agree (1)

JOKER (US) replies to
16 hrs ago (11:05 PM)

Agree (1)

md (bangalore)
17 hrs ago (10:56 PM)

A murderer need not be corrupt. You cannot runaway from past .
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Shan (India) replies to md
26 mins ago (03:30 PM)

But murderers have been running away from the past. See the party at
the centre today. How skillfully they have been fooling the people and
running away from the past and added to that they also have the credit
of being corrupt and trading this country to anti-nationals – courtesy
2G. They are the true Merchant of Death and the merchant of this
nation too.

anil shah (vadodara) replies to md
16 hrs ago (11:26 PM)

Guess does not know the meaning of murderer hence pardoned due to lack
of knowledge. Listen Arnab Goswami on ET who is best Media Journalist
and totally fearless to understand the perception . Arnab will be best
teacher for you to learn hence be regular to witness his TV program @
9 pm
Agree (1)

JB (banglaore) replies to anil shah
5 hrs ago (10:07 AM)

watch Vinod Dua….NDTV..

kanzaki (blore) replies to md
16 hrs ago (11:13 PM)

just like the gandhi parivar and the fake secularists congress leaders
who only loot india by dividing india on the basis of caste creed/
language… no wonder inida is ranked best for corrupt politicians…
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Indian (USA)
17 hrs ago (10:55 PM)

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Sri (UK) replies to Indian
16 hrs ago (11:13 PM)

This Fool should be send to mental hospital
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17 hrs ago (10:54 PM)

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Vishwjeet (Hyderabad) replies to RAJNEDRA
16 hrs ago (11:06 PM)

Writing in all caps does not prove your point. Stop making noise.
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Bibek (Delhi) replies to Vishwjeet
15 hrs ago (12:03 AM)

Andhra people are frustrated by not having good CM since……. they can’t
resolve their own problem and start making noice in other’s matter…. u
shut your mouth and eat Biryani…..

Dhiren (Ankleshwar) replies to Vishwjeet
16 hrs ago (11:26 PM)

How much you know about Shri Modiji?? Its bad when someone doing
wonders after rule of so many years of faltu politics
Agree (1)Disagree (1)

satish haldankar (Mumbai) replies to Dhiren
16 hrs ago (11:56 PM)

You do not get the point raised by Vishwjeet. Typing messages in caps
is considered rude, amounting to shouting on the Internet. Not do you
get the point.
Disagree (3)

Indian (USA)
17 hrs ago (10:53 PM)

I really don’t think Mr. Modi is not corrupt in other words he is a
lotus. You don’t need to be a lawyer to figure this out, just look at
the scams in his governance. All the politicians are the same
otherwise honest people like Mr. Haren Pandya would have been alive
now. Corruption and Politics are inseparable. These corrupt leaders
would continue to lead our country unless people like us would come
forward and step into the politics which is in turn not possible
unless we get together and fight as one fist against these immoral
leaders. They get elected because educated people avoids or doesn’t
have time to go and vote and politicians can buy the poor people who
can’t even afford to buy a week worth of grocery. We shouldn’t think
of BJP or Congress when we vote – we should think of future of our
next generation. People are believing Wiki leaks like it’s an
authority but it is not. Our corrupt leaders spend more time fighting
and blaming opposite parties instead of thinking about people of
India. I can see so many patriots of India in this forums, so one day
would come when we will be able to get together and fight these
corrupt immoral leaders. Gandhi’s India dream would come true.
Agree (6)Disagree (19)Recommend (3)

anil shah (vadodara) replies to Indian
16 hrs ago (11:22 PM)

Sitting in US offering comments merely on one bias is out of civic
ethics and if one offers comments need to have wide perspective and
knowledge about the subject and person. Wikileaks too is widely
criticized or not liked by US beaurocrates , however the informations
lead the probe and have brought in light huge scams. Hence it needs to
have some spade work readings on subject . I recommend to listen Mr
Arnab Goswami on ET to learn about the quality and knowledge
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Sri (UK) replies to Indian
16 hrs ago (11:18 PM)

This Fool should be send to mental hospital & given high electric
shocks so that he can come to senses.
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VIJAY (U.S.A.) replies to Indian
16 hrs ago (11:01 PM)

CAN YOU ELABORATE a little more and what scams you are talking about
in Narendra Modis government?? its easy to sit out here and comment..
Have you ever visited Gujarat 10 years ago and Now??
Agree (2)Recommend (1)

George Chinaman (Bermuda)
17 hrs ago (10:52 PM)

Don’t you guys have atleast one politician who is neat and clean not
corrupt never commit or incite to commit murder, who is not rapist,
who is not liar?? Come on you have 1 billion population you shd have
found by now since britisher left. MMS came very close but than he
screwed up too. Modi no way he is way off. he should have been in jail
life imprisonment by now. But than Indian law is teeth less for
politicians and criminals. It is mind boggling why Indians like
criminals as their politicians?? can’t they think what is right and
wrong?? How would they react if Ajmal Kasab made PM of Pakistan? Why
they like people like Modi, kamal Nath, Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar,
Saddam, Hitler etc so much?? Anybody?
Agree (5)Disagree (15)Recommend (1)

amit_j_m (India/US) replies to George Chinaman
16 hrs ago (11:04 PM)

Close – Pakistan’s politicians would probably shame Kasab (Perwez
Musharaf, zardari at al)
Agree (7)Recommend (3)

Hitesh (India)
17 hrs ago (10:51 PM)

There’s not sufficient evidence that can prove that Mr. Modi played
active role in 2002 riots, even if thats true then there are lots of
worlwide politician who had done such act in past no one has guts to
speak about it. eg. Bush. But becuase india doesn’t have hold as like
USA everyone will talk of humanity. I’m also agree that he should be
punished if he found guilty for the same. But its true that he’s non-
corrupted, great Indian son, His vision for gujarat and India is
indeed. I would definately love to see him PM in 2014.
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NS (Delhi) replies to Hitesh
16 hrs ago (11:38 PM)

People of Gujarat has given verdict to Sonia Gandhi’s accusation. Who
is “Maut Ka Saudagar” (Merchant of Death)? Congress and Sonia and her
Kid is out of Gujarat. Guys do not pretend to be deaf, listen voice of
Gujarat, otherwise you will become permanently deaf.
Agree (4)

Rajendra M. arikhP (Arlington, Texas USA) replies to Hitesh
16 hrs ago (11:17 PM)

Dear Hitesh, I would add that there is and was NO evidence at all
against him, all that was hogwash generated by congi politicians to
discredit him and more over they feel jealousy towards him. Thanks
Rajendra M. Parikh Arlington, Texas USA
Agree (3)Recommend (1)

hitesh_117 replies to Rajendra M. arikhP
7 hrs ago (08:24 AM)

Completlty Agree.Instead of thinking for country politician of India
are worried about their party.Why can’t they come out and suport the

Ajai (LKO)
17 hrs ago (10:50 PM)

I am proud of you Narendra Sir….You deliver
Agree (2)

Raj (Bangalore)
17 hrs ago (10:49 PM)

But you are a great killer and murderer. Probably you are good at
killing and rest of the leaders are good at looting. Why visa denied?
if you are so clean why u did not allow the human rights activist and
other world teams to visit Gujarat? What did you want to hide? We can
clean corruption, but we cannot clean blood stained hands. Sorry
Agree (5)Disagree (17)Recommend (3)

Shan (India) replies to Raj
45 mins ago (03:11 PM)

Congress is not only guilty of corruption they are also guilty of
genocide.There is a case going against Congress in the US on the 1984
genocide on Sikhs,filed by SFJ(Sikh For Justice)because the Sikh
community knows very well that they are not going to get any justice
as long as these murderers are going to rule the country.Congress has
more blood taint on its hand by the murders and atrocities committed
on the Sikhs in Punjab and Haryana during the ‘great mother of all
murderers’ Indira Gandhi ruled the country.All the murders in these
two states were politically organised by her.Post Indira Gandhi’s
assassination her son took over the mantle and the party unleashed
blood thirsty beasts over the Sikhs to avenge Indira’s death and her
son justified the catharsis. One more shameful chapter followed soon,
when Rajiv Gandhi traded Anderson over the deaths of several poor and
innocent lives. Was there any fair and forthright investigation done
on these.They have been dragging the investigation for three decades
now,and would like to do so eternally to hide their ugly faces.Modi’s
case has been taken up by the SC and a proper and an impartial
investigation has been done.Congress doesn’t have any moral right to
talk about Modi’s alleged involvement in the riots.Sonia Gandhi called
Modi a merchant of death. It would have been so appropriate had she
given that name to her dear husband.So don’t rant about the Gujarat
riots for ever.It is congress’ hand which is tainted with blood.
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Govind (Jaipur) replies to Raj
15 hrs ago (12:11 AM)

never take it seriously raju….. that Raj(bangalore) is a fool guy……
kuch dino se yahi haal he, aanshan bolta rehta he….. God bless him….
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raju (aligarh) replies to Raj
16 hrs ago (11:18 PM)

you mean if american visa is denied person become murderer. hahaha.
What about they killed tons of people in Iraq, Libya, Afganistan and
other counties.
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shamuchikna (mumbai)
17 hrs ago (10:47 PM)

dont forget modi is politician and he had personal interview with
consul officer who sent this cables being politician,also all knows
how gujjus are sweet tongue thats the reason they are good in
business,modi had influenced consul officer in gujju style sweet talk
and nothing else and now he is creating propoganda using same if you
want to experience this go to any gujju shop for purchase and say way
they talk sweetly and sell you rotten stuff

Sayan Maiti (Bangalore)
17 hrs ago (10:46 PM)

Modi and Nitish kumar are the two most efficient , practical and
incorruptible leaders in India. No wonder the states they are ruling
are doing good. Hopefully our next PM will be someone among the two.
Agree (15)Disagree (7)Recommend (9)

Pappu (India) replies to Sayan Maiti
17 hrs ago (10:54 PM)

Perfect comment! Our country can be saved from this robberers only by
these two persons.
Agree (1)

Imaan (Varanasi)
17 hrs ago (10:45 PM)

biggest murderer of India. Killed 2000 innocents. mr. modi u dont
deserve to be a leader. U cant hide the truth by development. any
leader could have developed gujraat due to its resources like abundand
electricity. u have to pay for your sins.
Agree (1)Disagree (3)

Rajesh (India)
17 hrs ago (10:45 PM)

If we have Modi and Nitesh to head India we will be no 1in world just
3 years.
Agree (17)Disagree (8)Recommend (10)

dpatel3001 (United States)
17 hrs ago (10:44 PM)

Whether one likes Modi or not is irrelevant. The bottom line is that
it is now more than 60 years since India got independence. While other
nations in Asia like South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and many others
have successfully raced ahead in terms of providing better living
standards to their people, India continues to lag behind even in the
most basic things like providing water and electricity on a regular
basis. While hundreds of billions of dollars are transferred out of
India to Swiss Banks tens of thousands of poor farmers are committing
suicides and millions are dying of hunger and malnutrition in India.
Gujarat under Modi has provided a glimmer of hope that if Indian
politicians focus on development things can change for the better for
the average Indian.
Agree (16)Disagree (3)Recommend (8)

Gujarati (Bhuj) replies to dpatel3001
16 hrs ago (11:52 PM)

You dont know the real situation of Gujarat farmers .Those are
committing suicides and Gujarat government is acquiring of their land
in the name of development . B.J.P.’s own MLA Kanubhai kalasariya is
against policy of government to make farmers landless. in Mahua modi
has given land to Nirma and in Kutchh very few farmars and villeges
are having their own pasture land for cattles. Without knowing the
reality of gujarat you people are favoring modi for development .
Gujarati are business minded people and could survive without modi
even . we knows very well how to develope . no need of fundamentalism
in Gujarat . please………
Agree (2)Disagree (8)

(India) replies to Gujarati
6 hrs ago (09:29 AM)

That is indeed the true story; why the real stories of Gujarat are
getting suppressed. We need not wait for wikileaks. Why CAG is not
looking into all these land deals and lootibgs going on under Modi ?
Is he an RSS Agent ?
Agree (1)Disagree (4)Recommend (1)

dpatel3001 replies to Gujarati
14 hrs ago (01:05 AM)

Having spent the better part of my life in Gujarat and making yearly
trips to the state I know very well the reality Mr “Gujarati”. The
reality is that for decades since independence in 1947 most of Gujarat
did not have access to basic services like water and electricity. It
was not due to lack of resources but governance. However since Modi
became CM development of Gujarat is there for one and all to see.
Being a business minded people means nothing if you have difficulty
starting and running a business while dealing with a corrupt
government. People like you are upset because men like Narendra Modi
and Nitish Kumar put pressure on all the other politicians to actually
use taxpayers money wisely for development purposes instead of
transferring it to Swiss Banks.
Agree (2)Disagree (1)Recommend (2)

satish haldankar (Mumbai) replies to Gujarati
15 hrs ago (11:58 PM)

Agree (1)Disagree (2)

paresh (baroda)
17 hrs ago (10:42 PM)

u r non corrupted i beleive but aaj jo huwa motera stadium me 48000
capacity hone ke bawjood ticket window se ticket nahi bechi ja rahi
thee aur ticket bahut unche damo pe black ho rahe hai whenever u r a
president of GCA and finaly i did not get single ticket i visited from
baroda only for ticket.
Agree (4)Disagree (10)Recommend (1)

allen Bond (bengaluru) replies to paresh
16 hrs ago (11:29 PM)

Yes i saw Narendra Modi selling tickets in black in gandhinagar
Agree (2)

Shubh (Mumbai) replies to paresh
16 hrs ago (11:04 PM)

Are you aware that tickets were sold online too? You could have got
ticket easily that way and might be appreciating the transpency of
progressive GCA.
Agree (9)Disagree (2)Recommend (4)

chandubaniya (surat)
17 hrs ago (10:41 PM)

dont forget modi is politician after guj cm his aspiration dreams to
become pm,he has to divert guj riots from peoples mind,so he with his
gujju chamchas projecting progress,corruption etc,our gujrat was
always progressing state,natural calamities,riots slow it down its
back on track again,all must know by now how good indian politician in
making propoganda this is one of it
Disagree (1)

Rajeev (Ahmedabad)
17 hrs ago (10:40 PM)

i don’t know how real are the claims of wilileakes, but claiming
Narendra Modi incorruptible is as like saying Sun gives light. His
actions need not any certification from any national or international
agency. he may the first and the only chief minister of a state who is
well recognized by all the other states people. He has become synonym
of growth and prosperity.
Agree (16)Disagree (5)Recommend (13)

MK (London) replies to Rajeev
16 hrs ago (10:59 PM)

Sadly congis are not happy with the progress of gujrat, thats why they
issued tax notice to him to discourage investors to invest in gujrat
Agree (2)Recommend (1)

kiran (hyd) replies to Rajeev
17 hrs ago (10:49 PM)

Very true brother.
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True Indian (New Delhi)
17 hrs ago (10:40 PM)

Really humorous reading all the foolish comments here…here is a fact
that morons need to know…Everywhere,outside Gujarat, the coward Rat of
Gujarat Narendra Modi, has campaigned BJP has lost!
Agree (7)Disagree (20)Recommend (3)

Vin (Canada) replies to True Indian
15 hrs ago (12:14 AM)

why do all of you hide behind the name ‘Indian’ ? hmmm… we dont want
you guys in India.. India is a holy land for the hly religions not for
the religions of barbaric barren lands of saudi… please leave this
country before your are kicked out
Agree (2)Disagree (1)Recommend (1)

Srinivasan (UK) replies to True Indian
16 hrs ago (11:25 PM)

Change ur name to Untrue Indian. Visit Gujarat & speak to local people
before making false comment. Congress is washed out of Gujarat.
Agree (2)Disagree (1)Recommend (1)

Pappu (India)
17 hrs ago (10:40 PM)

Folks, enough is enough. I was reading all the comments with this
article. Let’s see how much Modi-ji is popular among us. And how many
of us actually think Modi should be the next PM. Please select Agree
to indicate that Modiji should be our next PM. Otherwise, select
Disagree to indicate that you are against his selection as the next PM
and therefore against the Progressive India.
Agree (34)Disagree (4)Recommend (21)

DD (Pune) replies to Pappu
16 hrs ago (11:02 PM)

Dear Pappu.. It’s not that Modi is not capable to handle the position
at Center (Delhi) but the thing is BJP doesn’t have strong leaders,
except few, who can support the Growth cycle to be run by Modi.
Agree (4)Disagree (6)Recommend (2)

Hitesh (Bangalore) replies to DD
16 hrs ago (11:52 PM)

It is very difficult for person like you to assess a strong leader
after seeing strong leaders like Raja,sharad pawar,pranav mukharjee
during 60 years of congress rule.Can you tell me the name of one
strong leader in congress?Now just go through NDA cabinet and you will
understand what strong leadership is.There is a reason that india has
always been looted and subjugated.And that reason is f*ols talking big
things but not having brains to assess the situation and persons.I
understand the bias of muslims but Hindus?Always brainless.I can see
that even open loot, curruption and anti hindu and anti india stance
of congress can not wake them up.Strange people.How can a person be so
foolish and that too for what?
Agree (4)Recommend (4)

Pappu (India) replies to DD
16 hrs ago (11:10 PM)

He very well knows how to run the BJP and the country once he becomes
PM. You can equate him with Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel and NOT THIS
SARDAR who serves Madamji today!
Agree (11)Disagree (2)Recommend (5)

chinmaya (bangalore)
17 hrs ago (10:39 PM)

Modi alone can save this country
Agree (25)Disagree (6)Recommend (18)

raj (US)
17 hrs ago (10:38 PM)

Modi should be punished no matter what? in India Democracy is for
majority not for minority.
Agree (6)Disagree (19)Recommend (3)

cool kanny (London) replies to raj
14 hrs ago (01:41 AM)

Punished for what??He is not found guilty of anything u moron and
please dont use raj as we all know u are a paki.
Disagree (1)

Prem (Prem)
17 hrs ago (10:36 PM)

Modi is always at the best
Agree (15)Disagree (7)Recommend (12)

nick (goa)
17 hrs ago (10:34 PM)

Narendra Modi is the Author of all the Indian Wikileaks to US.
Agree (2)Disagree (16)Recommend (1)

erumporai (Kuwait)
17 hrs ago (10:33 PM)

Rome emperor Nero who is a butcherer when Gujarath was burnt during
the riots how can he is uncorruptable person who is totally against
human kind.Without human touch person, how we called as the leader.God
saved from India from this kind of evils.
Agree (7)Disagree (23)Recommend (2)

Ashish Manchanda (Panchkula) replies to erumporai
16 hrs ago (11:44 PM)

No Court in India have till now able to convict Narinder Modi and till
now no Court have been able to prove that Gujrat Chief Minister Sh.
Narinder Modi was directly or indirectly involved in roits.Roits in
Gujrat were instigated by Muslims by burning alive Hindu Karsevaks
coming back from Ayodhya and recently it was proved by the Hon able
High Court that it was the conspiracy by Muslims against Hindus. So
Please Clear your Facts before writing rubbish against the Chief
Minster of best State in India.
Agree (3)Disagree (1)Recommend (2)

allen Bond (bengaluru) replies to erumporai
16 hrs ago (11:32 PM)

Will you please speak from the other end now….
Agree (1)Disagree (1)Recommend (1)

nit (mumbai) replies to erumporai
17 hrs ago (10:54 PM)

first correct your english man. considering that you are souding as if
you are from a communist state and working in kuwait ,we can very well
understand your status,education and your bigoted views.refrain from
giving comments while prettily sitting in foreign land
Agree (10)Disagree (1)Recommend (9)

JB (Chicago) replies to erumporai
17 hrs ago (10:51 PM)

ab iska matlab bhi bata de…

free_verse (delhi) replies to erumporai
17 hrs ago (10:51 PM)

Did you not have money to attend school and learn to write?
Agree (7)Disagree (1)Recommend (6)

M A Choudary (Delhi) replies to erumporai
17 hrs ago (10:50 PM)

You must have watched and read most of the congress sponsored media
reports. The supreme court will decide whether he is what you think or
not. Done conclude. The Godhra judgement proved that the muslim
community has been responsible for flaring up the communal riots. Hold
your thoughts for some time till the court comes to conclusion based
on the SIT findings.
Agree (10)Disagree (2)Recommend (8)

reddy (kuwait) replies to erumporai
17 hrs ago (10:49 PM)

silly fellow ur talking about human kind…..
Agree (9)Disagree (1)Recommend (7)

Rajath (Bangalore) replies to erumporai
17 hrs ago (10:48 PM)

It would be a great service to humanity if could write something in
proper English.
Agree (8)Disagree (2)Recommend (4)

kiran (hyd) replies to erumporai
17 hrs ago (10:48 PM)

Shut ur mouth. Modi is not an Evil. We have a big devil Sonia Gandhi.
Don’t talk nonsense abt india by sitting on kuwait. Mind ur business.
Agree (11)Disagree (3)Recommend (8)

vdnaik (Houston) replies to erumporai
17 hrs ago (10:41 PM)

Hindi main likhega to bi chalega
Agree (11)Disagree (1)Recommend (6)

Balaji (Chennai) replies to erumporai
17 hrs ago (10:39 PM)

God can save India only with the help of Modi
Agree (13)Disagree (5)Recommend (12)

MohanlalDotCom (US)
17 hrs ago (10:32 PM)

MODI for MODern India!
Agree (22)Disagree (3)Recommend (17)

Ramkumar (Chennai) replies to MohanlalDotCom
17 hrs ago (10:44 PM)

MODI for Murderer Of D Indians
Agree (4)Disagree (21)Recommend (1)

free_verse (delhi) replies to Ramkumar
16 hrs ago (11:17 PM)

Says someone from the land that gifted us A.RAJA.
Agree (5)Disagree (1)

akhi (akhi)
17 hrs ago (10:30 PM)

who is US ?…we are indian and no one outside world can teach us.this
congress congv js all responsible.
Agree (7)Disagree (4)Recommend (3)

Piyush (Kolkata)
17 hrs ago (10:29 PM)

Today when the whole of India is suffering in the hands of corrupt
congress Modiji is a big hope for all of us. I invite you Modiji to
come to West Bengal and save us.
Agree (25)Disagree (6)Recommend (21)

Saravanan (Coimbatore) replies to Piyush
17 hrs ago (10:46 PM)

Piyush.. I agree but you will be seLfish if you call for Bengal and
I’ll be selfish I call him for Tamilnadu.MODI-JI The entire BHARAT is
yours COMMON change the country..
Agree (12)Disagree (2)Recommend (12)

Santishree Pandit (Orange County, California)
17 hrs ago (10:29 PM)

I think the US government is honest than the socalled India’s
secularists. Narendra Modi is one of the best leaders that India has.
His development and good governance also benefits Muslims as people of
Gujerat. UPA is so corrupt that they harm everyone and Muslims as
well. That is why ordinary Muslims have started supporting Modi in
Gujerat that he has won in majority Muslim constitutencies. This view
is held only by the the political and partisan people.
Agree (17)Disagree (5)Recommend (14)

shashi (Bengaluru)
17 hrs ago (10:27 PM)

Even every indian knows modi is incorruptable and still they select
corrupt politicians
Agree (16)Disagree (5)Recommend (13)

santi (usa) replies to shashi
17 hrs ago (10:47 PM)

because others are NOT killers. so easy to understand you bone head.
Agree (3)Disagree (16)Recommend (2)

Pallav Indian (Delhi) replies to santi
14 hrs ago (01:26 AM)

do u have head ..lOL!!
Agree (1)Recommend (1)

Shan (India) replies to santi
16 hrs ago (11:35 PM)

Do you have any proof to call him a killer. Just because a group of
mislead people are making charges don’t join that senseless bandwagon.
The fact that he was heading the Guj. govt. at that time, doesn’t mean
he was involved in the riots. By that argument we can also make
charges on Rajiv Gandhi for the 1984 genocide on Sikhs, who justified
the riots. And also don’t forget that he traded Anderson over the
death of thousands of innocent lives. He is eternally guilty of those
Agree (4)Recommend (2)

Deep Thought (India) replies to santi
16 hrs ago (11:30 PM)

then who killed 3000 sikhs in riots???
Agree (3)Recommend (1)

Naveed (USa)
17 hrs ago (10:25 PM)

Modi is right about one thing. USA has no moral authority anymore to
teach anyone about Human Rights. They must look at their own record
first before lecturing someone else. Personally, I believe Narendra
Modi and LK Advani should be tried in International Criminal Court for
crimes against humanity. No court, no prosecutor, no judge, no
politician in India has the courage and moral integrity to bring these
beasts to justice.
Agree (8)Disagree (20)Recommend (7)

Ashish (Pune) replies to Naveed
15 hrs ago (12:06 AM)

Sir just tell me one incident when your brothers did not react
violently whenever they could?Ever any peaceful method worked with you?
As per my research of Islam(not religion but followers)only language
Majority of muslims understand is that of force.See how peaceful
Gujrat is for last 8 years.Had there been no Gujrat riots, Hindus
would have been butured many times by now.And no congressi would have
lamented for them.Please accept what happened and move ahead otherwise
your adamence is just increasing the number of Modi supporters.
Agree (2)Disagree (1)

h.kailash (India) replies to Naveed
17 hrs ago (10:41 PM)

You are a paki right?STFU..has anybody been punished for the genocide
of 1971 you moron
Agree (9)Disagree (3)Recommend (4)

kiran (hyd) replies to Naveed
17 hrs ago (10:41 PM)

Modi has done nothing wrong. He is best politician. We want to see him
as next PM.
Agree (10)Disagree (6)Recommend (7)

singh (US) replies to Naveed
17 hrs ago (10:35 PM)

which record you are talking about? US had been never involved in mass
killing like indian goverment. there have been hate or racialism but
not killing in thousands. WATCH WHAT ARE SAYING.
Agree (5)Disagree (3)Recommend (2)

Vick (London) replies to singh
16 hrs ago (11:05 PM)

You obviously have overlooked history of USA,very existence of nation
is based on killing Native Indian tribes almost wiping them to
extinction. Their own Civil War where half the nation was trying to
defend slavery! In recent years Korean, Vietnam Wars, CIA organised
coup in Chile, Bay of Pigs fiasco in Cuba, Iraq & Afghan Wars still
leaving thousands of civilians dead with no end in sight! So YOU
Agree (2)Recommend (1)

nilesh (us) replies to singh
16 hrs ago (10:59 PM)

US is mass killing every day, today libiya, yestarday afghanistan,
pakistan and iraq you will see on your tv everyday.modi only teach
lesson one time and now no more curfew in gujarat for 10 years.
Agree (4)Disagree (2)Recommend (4)

Mark (USA)
17 hrs ago (10:25 PM)

I don’t have any objections to the fact that he is a non-corrupt and
progressive leader. But you cannot ignore the cruelty that was
committed against Muslims during the Gujarat riots.
Agree (9)Disagree (18)Recommend (6)

h.kailash (India) replies to Mark
17 hrs ago (10:40 PM)

You will know the true colors of the people you defend once they are
good numbers in USA.Go to dearborn Michigan see the place what it has
become today..a no go area or a Muslim ghetto
Agree (8)Disagree (2)Recommend (2)

deep (calif) replies to Mark
17 hrs ago (10:40 PM)

you don’t know half of the truth about gujrat riots .. this is india
where truth can be hidden really remarkable .. what about the cruelty
Muslims are commiting world over ..the whole of europe is islamized
now .. beware let go off the political correctness .. islam has
polluting effect on people its a very unscientific ideology .
Agree (1)Recommend (1)

anil shah (vadodara)
17 hrs ago (10:24 PM)

Whatever any one say , however, what Modi during his tenure did – has
not been done by any one so far, as far as the progress and welfare of
Gujarat region. One of the interviews of Modi televised on Headlines
Today on 21.03/2011 propagate and manifest a lot . Its so surprising ,
any of his comments always has been evaluated with different
perception . His attitude towards minority too is changed a lot and
has done Introspection / Retrospection and now balanced in Governance
Agree (10)Disagree (4)Recommend (7)

K V Dev (London)
17 hrs ago (10:23 PM)

Modi Sir, Do you really need this certificate from US!! We all know
your integrity and honesty and India should be proud to have people
like you. The bunch of hippocrats, cowards and thugs ruling at centre
just can’t digest this and are already falling on their face coz of
their corrupt deeds.
Agree (15)Disagree (4)Recommend (13)

kiran (hyd) replies to K V Dev
17 hrs ago (10:35 PM)

Well Said.
Agree (10)Disagree (4)Recommend (8)

deepak (uk)
17 hrs ago (10:23 PM)

well i don’t know about others but i am all for NARENDRA MODI FOR PM
IN 2014. india deserve better and efficient govt which is possibal
only through his leadership. wish we could get rid of rahul baba and
his momma’s dynasty politics.
Agree (17)Disagree (4)Recommend (12)

erumporai (Kuwait) replies to deepak
17 hrs ago (10:38 PM)

your dreams never comes true, bear in mind Gujarath is not a deciding
factor to determine who should become of the Prime Minister of India.
If BJP nominate Mode as the PM candidate, BJP will be routed out from
all the States.Save India from the mean minded fellow
Agree (4)Disagree (16)Recommend (2)

kiran (hyd) replies to deepak
17 hrs ago (10:37 PM)

Yes, Modi has all the PM qualities.He deserves that post.
Agree (14)Disagree (3)Recommend (8)

sojan (kerala)
17 hrs ago (10:23 PM)

where did the news leaked from ? actually how the wikileaks got this
info? hahaha, normally wikileaks provide the bad elements, how come
they are praising someone?
Agree (4)Disagree (5)Recommend (2)

Rajath (Bangalore) replies to sojan
17 hrs ago (10:45 PM)

Hey Sojan, do you even know what WIKILEAKS is? I wonder how Kerala
reported 90% literacy with blokes like you residing in it? WIKILEAKS
is the expose of communications between US Diplomats in India & their
offices in US. And they reveal all communications, nothing like
‘reveal only bad, conceal all good’.
Agree (6)Disagree (1)Recommend (3)

deepak (nasik)
17 hrs ago (10:23 PM)

well said…
Agree (5)Disagree (3)Recommend (3)

17 hrs ago (10:19 PM)

Agree (15)Disagree (5)Recommend (13)

Joe (Blr)
17 hrs ago (10:18 PM)

Could someone send a recommendation about Mr Modi to the Pope so that
the process for sainthood could be initiated.
Agree (5)Disagree (2)Recommend (3)

Achilles Maverick (New Delhi, India)
17 hrs ago (10:16 PM)

one thing is sure TOI is anti modi. you have no right to publish news
which are biased. main editor se prarthna karta hoon ki aap TOI ko
aadarsh samachaar patra banaye.
Agree (12)Disagree (5)Recommend (7)

Abhi (Kanpur)
17 hrs ago (10:15 PM)

BJP should open its eyes , Modi is the last line of hope for BJP . The
people are tired of two faced snakes like LK Advani , Sushma Swaraj
and others.
Agree (10)Disagree (8)Recommend (6)

sid (assam)
17 hrs ago (10:13 PM)

It is slap on the face of congress!!!!….way to go Modi sahab.
Agree (22)Disagree (5)Recommend (18)

17 hrs ago (10:13 PM)

MODI HAS DONE WELL. but bjp central not well- gravely ill . so modi
Agree (14)Disagree (4)Recommend (10)

kiran (hyd) replies to DR R S. SEKHON
16 hrs ago (11:01 PM)

Agree with you. Nice analysis
Agree (3)Recommend (1)

pkhodkasia (kolkata)
17 hrs ago (10:12 PM)

now time has come that indian should realise this oppotunity to let
next leader of india be mr narendra modi ji.i myself got inspiration
from man like him.he is a true visionary for india…we want you to not
only flourish gujrat but to whole india.and let whole india be like a
gujrat..where development start from root…where ridicoulous and
corrupt have no place..where every penny is utilised for common
Agree (12)Disagree (3)Recommend (8)

Amit (Mumbai)
17 hrs ago (10:11 PM)

i don’t know about corruption, but the way he has brought good things
to Gujrat in terms of irrigation, industrialization and many other
areas. we would like him to do all these good things for whole
country. BJP should promote Modi as new face of BJP.
Agree (21)Disagree (5)Recommend (13)

aloena (India) replies to Amit
17 hrs ago (10:20 PM)

What good things has he brought to Gujarat? Log onto monster and find
how many new jobs are available in Gujarat and compare it with jobs in
Mumbai, Pune, hyderabad, chennai, bangalore, gurgaon …
Agree (5)Disagree (12)Recommend (2)

Anish (True Gujarati) replies to aloena
16 hrs ago (11:03 PM)

So, you consider Monster job posting as an indicator of Progress? Take
a break. You seem to be out of mind. You dont have basic
knowledge….Gujaratis are mainly business oriented people and hence job
is not the top most thing like in other states without development.
Better you visit Gujarat and feel the change rather than relying on
Monster. You may rely on Moster for job hunting but not as an
indicator to measure progress of a state. Its not necessary that all
the jobs are posted on Monster….In Gujarat more jobs are given based
on personal recommendations and in a traditional ways rather than
using Monster, etc. N wonder they dont post any jobs on monster…..
Agree (3)Recommend (2)

Viral (bangalore) replies to aloena
17 hrs ago (10:48 PM)

hahaha..pls don’t take monster as the barometer of jobs available in a
particular region. The jobs in monster and website are only the white
collar jobs. Also, Gujarat boast of highest number of SMBs and
enterprenurs. A very Lame comment from you to be honest :-). Also this
shows your limited knowledge of India’s demographics
Agree (7)Disagree (1)Recommend (3)

Deepak (Mumbai) replies to aloena
17 hrs ago (10:46 PM)

you idiot. Do you think that jobs are only available on those portals
only. 95% of people working in India would have never used those
portals. Idiots like you are the real reason why people who are as
inefficient and corrupt as congresses have been ruling this country
and destroying it….
Agree (8)Disagree (1)Recommend (4)

aloena replies to Viral
15 hrs ago (12:03 AM)

Take any parameter to confirm the jobs created. Bombay is bursting at
its seams, the locals are overflowing with blue collar workers and yet
no one wants to go to Gujarat. The BJP knows brand management
(remember India Shining?) and fools believe that Gujarat is heaven on
earth. Yet, I know that each day, the locals in Mumbai are getting
crowdier. If you do not want to use monster, travel on the Mumbai
Disagree (4)

aloena replies to Deepak
15 hrs ago (12:05 AM)

Mr. Idiot, travel on the Mumbai local. Ask any Bombayite about the
difference in crowd in the local in 2000 and compare it to today’s
crowd. Just as the BJP fooled people with the India SHining campaign,
the latest one is the Modi shining campaign. And, a lot of fools are
falling for it.
Disagree (4)

Raj (US)
17 hrs ago (10:10 PM)

BJP will be a fool if they do not tap into great skills of this man.
Nation and BJP would be the biggest looser! IN contrast, all other
politicians are corrupt and myopic and are looting the nation and
filling the Swiss bank accounts. I am tired of fodder scam, 2G,
nuclear deal, and everything else… Give me a break!
Agree (11)Disagree (4)Recommend (10)

fida siddiqui (lucknow)
17 hrs ago (10:08 PM)

Though im not a fan of Mr Modi still i appreciate the economic path
that he has chosen for Gujarat which is a model for rest of country
undoubtedly Gujarat is best state of india infrastructure as well as
administrativley & even people from minority community are prospering
in gujarat which is very stark in comparison to other state where
political parties instead of development is only engaged in vote bank
policies as a result situation of minority community is worse in these
states & i would urge Mr Modi though gujrat riots still hurt as well
as godhra incident it would inspire good deal of faith in minority
community if perpetrators are brought to justice soon and will help to
bridge the gap between both communities , for better understanding and
showing the world that we are indians first then comes respective
religions.& give appropriate answer to vote bank based parties
Agree (28)Disagree (2)Recommend (18)

Raj (Bangalore) replies to fida siddiqui
16 hrs ago (10:58 PM)

How else can he clean the blood stained hands? Even if he does not
want, the stink of blood of all the killings will be still there. He
might become a PM , but he is always the killer Modi. IF we project
such ppl, hen Its shame on us. Don’t we find a person who has not done
mass murder?
Agree (2)Disagree (19)Recommend (1)

Kaly (India) replies to fida siddiqui
17 hrs ago (10:26 PM)

Nice thoughts indeed
Agree (8)Disagree (1)Recommend (6)

JB (Muscat) replies to fida siddiqui
17 hrs ago (10:24 PM)

Why only the perporators of Post Godhar riots, why not the perporators
of Godhara riots also. Please dont forgot that it was started of
because of Godhra.
Agree (20)Disagree (2)Recommend (12)

Mk (London) replies to fida siddiqui
17 hrs ago (10:18 PM)

Well said bhai jaan :)
Agree (10)Disagree (2)Recommend (6)

Sajan Puthenveettil (India)
17 hrs ago (10:08 PM)

What is the meaning of corruption ? The killing of poor muslim people
through communal violence also the corruption, That is the corruption
through the power. The land where there is no communal violence is
better than any land which have any development . Gujarat may better ‘
I.T.world ‘. but any such development is a’Big zero’ if there communal
violence there .
Agree (7)Disagree (26)Recommend (4)

rdb (usa) replies to Sajan Puthenveettil
15 hrs ago (12:23 AM)

You are right and that is exactly the point. Godhra and gujrat in
general had a long history of communal riots. Both hindus and muslims
had to die unnecessarily time and again. With the Godhra incident (the
train burning & the riots thereafter) the communal violence has
stopped altogether. Isn’t Modi a genius and saviour of both the
communities and not just hindus. According to your own yardstick, he
is more honest since he saved more people by avoiding communal
violence all these years after 2002. Atleast more than his congress
counterparts who are scamming day and night and trying to project him
devilious in eyes of muslim electorate.
Agree (2)Disagree (1)Recommend (2)

Srinivasan (UK) replies to Sajan Puthenveettil
16 hrs ago (11:41 PM)

More then 300,000 Indians were killed my Muslim terrorist in past 60-
years. Is the congress not responsible for there death. 35000 Sikhs
were killed by congress & you still support criminal corrupt congress.
Shame on you.
Agree (2)Recommend (1)

free_verse (delhi) replies to Sajan Puthenveettil
17 hrs ago (10:38 PM)

“The land where there is no communal violence is better than any land
which have any development”. You talk like and IGNORANT FOOL, as if
gujarat is the first and last place that riots occurred in India. Go
do some homework before commenting. By your logic, every development
activity in Delhi should also be condemned because the blood of 3000
murdered Sikhs flowed here thanks to Congress. Gujarat riots cases are
on trial and justice will be done in due course. Meanwhile, I hope you
will raise your voice against HAJI BILAL, a Congress councilor who has
been awarded death sentence for conspiring in Godhra train carnage.
Agree (10)Disagree (1)Recommend (6)

PS (Cincinnati) replies to Sajan Puthenveettil
17 hrs ago (10:24 PM)

You are wrong on so many levels that I wouldn’t try correcting you.
Agree (8)Disagree (1)Recommend (5)

Suryakiran (Mumbai)
17 hrs ago (10:07 PM)

Respected Modi Sir, You are the one and only the future of
INDIA.Hatsoff to you.
Agree (13)Disagree (3)Recommend (6)

Chandu (India)
17 hrs ago (10:06 PM)

Long Live Modi
Agree (14)Disagree (3)Recommend (5)

17 hrs ago (10:04 PM)

I have one request to alert public of India ,not GUJARAT alone ,to go
back to the year 1968/1970 ,when CONGRESS was ruling at New Delhi
(INDIRA MATA) and at Ahmedabad ;and to know the history of communal
riots of GUJARAT .What exactly happend every GUJJU remembers but it
could not be repeated the same way post GODHRA because initiaters of
communal riots were required to be taught a lesson irrespective of
their religion and that is what happend exactly post GODHRA .
Agree (16)Disagree (3)Recommend (11)

GlobalIndian (New York) replies to TP Singh
17 hrs ago (10:49 PM)

what’s your point Dude!?
Agree (1)Disagree (1)

pallav indian (delhi) replies to GlobalIndian
14 hrs ago (01:38 AM)

u requires brains to understand his point dude!! :)

Mukul (India) replies to GlobalIndian
15 hrs ago (12:32 AM)

He is very clear.Gujrat has a long history of communal riots but never
the perpitrators were taught a lesson.They tried the same in Godhra,
but first time these guys faced the retaliation.and now no riots and
Gujrat is Prospering.I am amazed at the short memory of persons
commenting here criticizing Modi.Why are Hindus so apologetic? Riots
used to be monthly/bimonthly ritual during congress rules and always
started by muslims throwing stones, attacking religious processions of
Hindus resulting in hindu casualities.I have never seen a muslim
letter being overemotional, sentimental asking for forgiveness from
their Hindu “Bhais”. And here only first time hindus in gujrat reacted
and a horde of hindus wearing emotions on their sleeve consoling
Muslim “Bhais” in these columns.Do these guys really deserve to be
sympathised with their extreamely sectarion mentality?Well, they are
doing what is in their favor, but are hindus happy with Pre-Modi
Gujrat?There is no third option.
Agree (1)Recommend (1)

Gaurav (US)
17 hrs ago (10:04 PM)

Modi will have to prove his credentials as a secular leader more than
just a incorruptible leader. Even Hitler was incorruptible but proved
to be really Dangerous for a section of people.
Agree (8)Disagree (16)Recommend (2)

anil shah (vadodara) replies to Gaurav
16 hrs ago (11:14 PM)

Modi has proved it as there are no riots in Gujarat after 2002
compared to earlier years its quite peaceful and harmonious. One can
only experienced making visits or can learn from people who reside
Agree (4)Recommend (1)

free_verse (delhi) replies to Gaurav
17 hrs ago (10:40 PM)

Tell me exactly how is “unsecular”? Has he discriminated against
Muslims in development of Gujarat? Do you have figures/facts/reports
to prove the same? If you are referring to riots, I will prefer the
COURT’s VERDICT over your word of mouth, thank you very much.
Agree (7)Disagree (2)Recommend (5)

Rajath (Bangalore) replies to Gaurav
17 hrs ago (10:37 PM)

Either you are an idiot or your history teacher is. Jews being
affluent was one of the main reasons for Hitler’s aggression against
them. He ordered the Nazis to rip Jews of all their wealth leaving
them with didly-squat. Coming to Modi’s “Secular” credentials, depends
on your definition of Secularism. In India, Secularism means arse-
kissing Muslims! Irony is the PM who says Muslims have first right
over India’s resources, who gives reservations/perks based on religion
is a SECULAR while Modi who keeps religion & state separate is
COMMUNAL! All these days, harping on that Godhra was the only defense
of his detractors. But now that the Supreme Court appointed SIT has
given him a clean chit, I can only pity their repressed frustration &
Agree (12)Disagree (1)Recommend (9)

Gaurav replies to Rajath
7 hrs ago (08:12 AM)

Sir Completely agree that I am an idiot and you are not becuase you
cant even tolerate an opposite view. Other problem is you believe in
what is tought to you. Open your eyes and see what has actually
happened in history and how people like Hitler have targeted a section
of people to gain power and then sustain it.

Dev (NYC, NY) replies to Gaurav
17 hrs ago (10:21 PM)

No Doubt, Even if Hitler stands today for election in India, chances
are he will win with land slide. At this juncture India needs leaders
with Iron fist, Uncorrupt and Progress for all in mind. It is not
really on Religion, but Economic Growth we will progress.
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Gaurav replies to Dev
7 hrs ago (08:16 AM)

I completely agree to your views that we need someone with Iron fist
for the Economic Growth but please lets not forget at what cost? Or
are you saying that we should be ready for such costs till the time
there is economic progress

PS (Cincinnati) replies to Gaurav
17 hrs ago (10:20 PM)

Your concern is right but he has proved with inclusive growth. Also, I
have seen people comparing him to Hitler but there is a big difference-
What happened during Hitler’s time was genocide and what happened in
Modi’s time was one isolated incident. He has created growth
environment that if one has potential and willing to work had can go
places irrespective or religion, caste etc.
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Gaurav replies to PS
7 hrs ago (08:18 AM)

I agree that we should let it go as an isolated incident. But when you
talk about the absolute position I think we should be very sure that
the past incident was isolated. Thats what I thought Modi will have to

17 hrs ago (10:04 PM)

Agree (5)Disagree (17)Recommend (1)

free_verse (delhi) replies to DEEPAK
17 hrs ago (10:41 PM)

WHY? Tuning democracy into a sham by buying MPs has not provided
enough fireworks for you? People like MODI have nothing to HIDE hence
nothing to FEAR. Meanwhile, why don’t you concentrate on examining why
MMS is repeatedly lying in PArliament and to the people?
Agree (4)Recommend (3)

NP (Ahmedabad) replies to DEEPAK
17 hrs ago (10:30 PM)

Whatever, you can wait and remain there. here, we are getting good
results and output in Gujarat. 24 hrs electricity, no bribes in
government offices, work days in matter of hours, good roads, better
transport facilities, better jobs and lots of them, etc. day before
yesterday he announced 132 more engineering colleges for students.
Agree (5)Disagree (1)Recommend (4)

Anil (USA)
17 hrs ago (10:04 PM)

I would like to see some more of these Wikileaks and see what they
have to say about our other CM’s and cabinet ministers.
Agree (9)Recommend (5)

PS (Cincinnati) replies to Anil
17 hrs ago (10:21 PM)

They talk about people who matters !
Agree (6)Recommend (2)

Dinesh (Mumbai)
17 hrs ago (10:01 PM)

Such non corrupt & efficient politicians face great difficulties in
national level politics due to internal dirty politics within BJP and
due to Corrupt practices by Congress to defame such politicians. But
inefficient non political people like Manmohan become PM just because
the Gandhi Family felt they have to correct the wrong on 1984 Sikh
riots so they made Manmohan a PM with a remote in Sonia’s hand but
still Gandhi family ensured they pets like Kamalnath and Tytler are
free and Hide behind a Sikh PM. Unfortunate Indians pay a price for
being misleaded.
Agree (12)Disagree (1)Recommend (10)

Abhinav (Noida)
17 hrs ago (10:00 PM)

The Indian leaders esp. the Congress shud be HELL ASHAMED that they
have no respect for a leader like Mr. Modi….Congress shud eat away
their EGO, accept their impotency and make way for BJP at the Center
and Mr. Modi as PM….. Make the whole country like Gujarat…. Congress
is playing with the money that all of us earn after so much hard
work….still they r in power….WAT A SHAME…….
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More to follow...

...and I am Sid Harth
2011-03-23 11:37:44 UTC
Raw Message
Naresh (Qatar)
17 hrs ago (10:00 PM)

Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday used the latest
WikiLeaks disclosures to pat himself on the back, saying “Now even the
US knows that I am incorruptible”. Congratulation you really made
India proud at least we can tell now the the whole political system is
not corrupt but the TIO is anti BJP thats the reason they used this
words Narendra Modi on Tuesday used the latest WikiLeaks disclosures
to pat himself on the back if he has done good why is he no eligible
to do so at least he speaks truth not like Mr Manmohan Singh
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bhas (delhi)
17 hrs ago (09:59 PM)

mr mody history is proof every politician in india is incorruptible
till some time waiting for oppurtunity to preserve his clean image
thats the reason or after big scandal they maintain low profile in
corruption same is with you ,so much hype hoofla about guj riots ,true
colors are observed later
Agree (3)Disagree (7)Recommend (3)

varun (Chennai) replies to bhas
16 hrs ago (11:13 PM)

U listen to his speech once…u ll never talk this way again
Agree (3)Recommend (1)

PS (Cincinnati) replies to bhas
17 hrs ago (10:26 PM)

you have a point but you don’t know a thing about Modi, google it
Agree (4)Recommend (1)

Ramesh Rajpal (gurgaon)
18 hrs ago (09:56 PM)

If only we had more of Narendra Modis in India, problems of governance
deficit and corruption will be curbed to a very great extent. UPA
Ministers, inlcuding MMS, should emulate Mr Modi and make whole of
India into Gujarat State. Let our leaders rise above their petty party
politics and think of big picture, i.e., make India corruption free
country and let the benefits of development reach the poorest of poor,
the least common denominator. Let there be uninterrupted power in
every home, clean drinking water, quality education in primary and
secondary school levels, all-weather roads connecting every village,
health care for all at reasonable prices and proximity, uplift our
womenfolk in whose laps grows our future. Mahatma Gandhi said that
India lives in its villages and village is the unit. Let there be all-
inclusive growth in every village and whole of India will truly grow.
Agree (14)Disagree (3)Recommend (10)

DJ (Dubai)
18 hrs ago (09:56 PM)

The Future PM of India.
Agree (21)Disagree (7)Recommend (15)

True Indian (New Delhi) replies to DJ
17 hrs ago (10:04 PM)

No harm in dreaming… A future convict of
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free_verse (delhi) replies to True Indian
17 hrs ago (10:42 PM)

Yes, we will dream of it and it will definitely come true. Meanwhile,
why don’t you focus on controlling suicide bombers from blowing up
your beloved country Pakistan?
Agree (8)Disagree (1)Recommend (5)

Mk (London) replies to True Indian
17 hrs ago (10:18 PM)

A True Paki
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Asoke (Kolkata)
18 hrs ago (09:56 PM)

On the other day I was listening to his lecture delivered at the India
Today conference. His achievement appears to be amazing! Keep on the
good work for the development of Gujrat while rest of India watch.
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SR (Canada) replies to Asoke
15 hrs ago (12:09 AM)

….not while rest of India watches but while rest of India sits and
criticize Modi’s imaginary excesses during 2002 riots while he ignores
them all and keeps on moving forward with the vision of making Gujarat
the most developed state.
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18 hrs ago (09:55 PM)

Well what happened in Godhra is definitely shameful and nothing can
bring back the loved ones who are dead to their well wishers, both of
Muslims as well as Hindus. But I request and urge the Muslims as well
as Hindus who are against Modi to look at the bigger picture. I think
Modi should be given a chance to apologize by working for India. Its
time when Congress should go and people should bring a strong leader
like Modi to helm.
Agree (16)Disagree (6)Recommend (11)

ASHISH (mumbai)
18 hrs ago (09:54 PM)

Agree (17)Disagree (3)Recommend (14)

Mohan nair (uae)
18 hrs ago (09:53 PM)

Moreover Gujarati people elected him as CM for 3 times. that is the
reward for him.And further also
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Saurabh (Another Indian)
18 hrs ago (09:53 PM)

Sorry but I am still with Ramdev Ji. Only due to the believe that he
does not in quest of Power as seems to me for Mr Narendra Modi.
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soumya srajan (columbus) replies to Saurabh
17 hrs ago (10:09 PM)

Today practically every one in India is with Ramdev baba. But that
does not mean you can not be with Modi also or praise him. These are
not exclusive issues. Even Ramdev Baba does not argue what you want to
convey. He also says we have our strength and we should use it and
concentrate on it to become stronger. Modi is also our strength.
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Larry (USA)
18 hrs ago (09:52 PM)

Our Prime minister & Congress leaders should learn from. Respected Mr.
Modi (not corruptible) , than try to destroy him at any cost . I think
BJP stands for BHARATJAGO PARTY(Not Bharat Jalao Party labeled by
ruling party leaders) Shame on Ruling Party
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Shri (New Delhi)
18 hrs ago (09:52 PM)

Most foreigners,businessmen,wheelers dealers and men on take are
terribly afraid of ant one honest in India including foreign embassy
representatives who feed info to their countries business tycoons on
whom to approach.
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Pankaj (Bangalore)
18 hrs ago (09:51 PM)

I thinks this is a tight slap at the face of Congress and all senior
congress party politicians (I will not call them leaders as they all
lack the leadership qualities).
Agree (10)Disagree (2)Recommend (9)

True Indian (New Delhi)
18 hrs ago (09:50 PM)

ROFLMAO… is that what you read from the cables Mr. Modi… U r a blind
fool if you think they have praised you at all. As far as you being
incorruptible, please don’t make us laugh. The day your lies are
busted what you are will be in front of the world to see. Lastly when
you said those words, were you on your knees or licking his shoes? One
American visa and you will bend over backwards, you are a ….. Posture
all you like, all you are is a BIG FAT LIE. Lies is all you have given
Gujarat. Development is another lie. Ask the farmers who are
committing suicide or the businessman who are selling estates and
fleeing to Mumbai or USA or the middle class who are…. The only ones
in Gujarat who are really prospering are bootleggers, drug peddlers
and narcotics growers…That is Narendra Modi’s Gujarat development.
Agree (8)Disagree (35)Recommend (5)

con (delhi) replies to True Indian
15 hrs ago (12:24 AM)

it was funny to read ur comment…hehe….really yaar…you seems to be too
much extra frustated…cool down and see the picture with open eye…
Agree (4)Recommend (2)

Raj (Nasik) replies to True Indian
17 hrs ago (10:43 PM)

“True Indian” is really a Pakistani agent. These rabid dogs can
continue barking while the elephant marches :-)
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Piyush (Kolkata) replies to True Indian
17 hrs ago (10:36 PM)

You must be Sonia Gandhi in disguise !!!!!
Agree (9)Disagree (2)Recommend (5)

Arvin (Maharashtra) replies to True Indian
17 hrs ago (10:17 PM)

I think you have just returned from Pagalkhana.
Agree (10)Disagree (3)Recommend (5)

soumya srajan (columbus) replies to True Indian
17 hrs ago (10:16 PM)

You look to be looking in well you have dug around you and not in
Gujarat. Real Gujarat is as wikileaks cable describe and as people
here in comments write. Get out of well dug by you and blindness
created around you by so called secular politicians, anchors and
editors. Open your eyes then only you will be able to see real world
and write reasonable comments.
Agree (8)Disagree (2)Recommend (4)

True Indian replies to soumya srajan
17 hrs ago (10:32 PM)

Ever heard about the Ostrich approach… That is what you and all the
others who fall for Modis lies are following…Dream on…The day you are
forced to open your eyes and come out of your cocoons it will be too
Agree (3)Disagree (7)Recommend (3)

Krishna (Bangalore) replies to True Indian
17 hrs ago (10:15 PM)

Mind your Tongue.. when you speak about Mr.Modi. this shows what kind
of fello you are..
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True Indian replies to Krishna
17 hrs ago (10:37 PM)

My tongue only speaks truth…modis deeds…if u have a problem with my
tongue it is actually modis deeds that you find appalling. modi is a
state terrorists, a coward who presided over a pogrom and killed
innocent people who looked and trusted him to protect them. Wonder how
a person like you looks at yourself in the mirror or goes to sleep.
Agree (3)Disagree (8)Recommend (2)

seth.vishal (Canada) replies to True Indian
15 hrs ago (12:14 AM)

Question really is who is a lesser devil? Rajiv Gandhi was bigger
state terrorist whose stupid comment caused anti-sikh riots plus
Bofors, Union Carbide tragedy etc. Unless we hear of scams of gigantic
proportions under his regime, he is far better than the collective
bunch of congress sycophants and non-progressive leftists. Believe it
or not, democracy in India is always about choosing lesser of the
available devils. Modi would represent India very well. Moreover, what
do you have to loose by giving BJP a chance? We’ve already seen what
happens when one party is given a free run for too long.
Agree (4)Recommend (1)

ramesh (mumbai) replies to True Indian
16 hrs ago (11:31 PM)

Can you prove it that he is a state terrorist???? if not then keep
your mouth shut !!
Agree (5)Recommend (2)

realist (chennai) replies to True Indian
17 hrs ago (10:05 PM)

Seems the congress paid you to write like this or you were smoking
grass when you wrote this. get a life loser, ask the muslims, forget
the hindus how much they have benefited in Modi’s Gujarat. Congress
promises & forgets but Modi delivers & don’t rant about what he did
for his people. take the next train from delhi to baroda & ask the
people about Modi.
Agree (16)Disagree (4)Recommend (10)

dipz (bangalore) replies to True Indian
17 hrs ago (10:04 PM)

seems like ur a congress stooge dude.I think ur confusion Gujarat with
the neighboring Maharashtra, where farmers are committing
suicide,businessman shifting to Gujarat steadily,bootleggers/oil mafia
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Indian (Chennai) replies to True Indian
17 hrs ago (10:03 PM)

Yes True Indian it appears that you seems to be ardent supporter of
most corrupt congress party.Party which has promoted hatred feeling
between Muslim,Sikh and Hindu brotherhood. No one has forgotten 1984
Sikh riots.
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Gujarati (Garvi Gujarat) replies to True Indian
17 hrs ago (10:02 PM)

Completely false. You cannot have $452 billion in planned investment
from all over the world in a State which is in a condition that you
described. They will not waste their time in a place where there is no
hope. Gujarat has potential and Modi has commitment to deliver. He
will prove what congress was not able to prove in half a decade.
Gujarat is going at full speed wait and watch.
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aloena (India) replies to Gujarati
17 hrs ago (10:18 PM)

Investment from who? Log onto monster and see how many jobs are
available in Gujarat and compare it with Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore,
Chennai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon …
Agree (1)Disagree (10)

True Indian replies to Gujarati
17 hrs ago (10:12 PM)

Dream on my dear Gujarati. $452 billion in planned Investments are
only pledges made. No investments come in so far and by the looks of
it, they never will. Vibrant Gujarat a money laundering scheme hatched
by LIAR NARENDRA MODI. All narendra modi is going to deliver is the
next punjab, kashmir. Wait and Watch!!!
Agree (2)Disagree (12)Recommend (2)

Ahemad Ibrahim (Nagpur) replies to aloena
14 hrs ago (01:50 AM)

R U working for Moster for cheap marketing camp. May Mumbai,Pune and
other city you have said are leading in moster so its good sign that
india is moving forword. However we dont need approval from you for
Gujarat. With your limited knowledge of demo just let you know as per
UPA gov. report Gujarat/Bihar were leading state in 2010 for job
creation. Just go to Railway Station like Surat, Ahemadbad, Bhuj,
Rajkot, Baroda and you wll see how many people comming from interstate
for work. By the way I live in Mumbai and I do travel in Locals. Get
your fact right dont promot Moster here. Hire a ad agency for you
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Gujarat replies to True Indian
6 hrs ago (09:47 AM)

I am very sorry that you have to live in Cirme Captial of India, where
women are not safe outside house. Just go and shout to your congress
madam to provide first saftey to you, who in fact blames on the people
for the crimes. Modi is much better then your Shelia. People are much
safer in Gujarat then New Delhi and quite happy with their life here.
Someday visit Gujarat to see for yourself where Gujarat is heading.
Agree (2)Disagree (1)Recommend (1)

True Indian (New Delhi) replies to True Indian
17 hrs ago (10:01 PM)

Sorry, there was a typo in my name. I am ‘True Paki’, not ‘True
Agree (14)Disagree (2)Recommend (7)

True Indian replies to True Indian
17 hrs ago (10:14 PM)

Who taught you this cheapness to try to impersonate others, your
narendra modi? Your cheap stunt only proves what I said is the truth
and you have no arguments to counter my points. Jai Hind!!!
Agree (2)Disagree (10)Recommend (2)

Viren (Goa) replies to True Indian
17 hrs ago (09:57 PM)

sIck my dUck
Agree (14)Disagree (2)Recommend (7)

sx (india)
18 hrs ago (09:46 PM)

at last TOI had post artical regarding MODI……..i wonder why TOI always
take much time to post article which relate good thing to modi…
Agree (15)Recommend (9)

pradip khimani (junagadh)
18 hrs ago (09:46 PM)

Congratulations Modisaheb. At last Amecica has to accept the
reality.On one hand Modi is honest and on the other side? Pradip
Khimani Junagadh 9426717000
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Senthil (Chennai )
18 hrs ago (09:45 PM)

i never liked BJP but I like Mr. Modi for his energetic, efficient and
excellent works as a public servant to Gujrat. If he is the next PM
candidate from BJP, I’m sure to vote for BJP candidate in my
parliament constituency. Forget about what Mr.Modi’s role in the
communal clash. I would say most of the politicians tainted, are
gundas with bad attitude towards public and worst administration
capabilities. In this sence he is a gem in a trash (politics)
Agree (17)Disagree (2)Recommend (11)

SK (India)
18 hrs ago (09:44 PM)

We need leaders like CM Modi. BJP has to make way for him to lead the
BJP camp in the next national election. We want a leader who is honest
first of all.
Agree (17)Disagree (3)Recommend (10)

sunil (delhi)
18 hrs ago (09:39 PM)

modi ji, you are good. the development shown in gujrat should be
emulated all states of india. people should leave peaceful life, jobs
for everyone, development all around. thanks
Agree (15)Disagree (4)Recommend (10)

Ram Reddy (London)
18 hrs ago (09:39 PM)

Thats the power of the ModiSaab, Corrupt Italilan Congress should
wakup and see the great administratior of Bharat. He is legend of
Hindustan all Indians should feel proud of Modisaab. Italian congress
ruled this country more than 55 years doing nothing other than divide
and rule policy of british. Italian congress as Baba Ramdev said
“kandani lootary” . latest example Raja (2G spectram…………..).Currenlty
in India 600 welfare schames are running(all dummy how to loot out of
them) out of which 450 schemes are named only on ONE FAMILY. where is
SARDAR PATEL,(who united 400 small states into
India),subash,chadrashekar,legend Bhagat,vivekanada,Rajguru and Jansi
etcc… kandani lootray wakup and get out this country coming general
elections will teach u lesson. Baba ramdevji ki jai RAM
Agree (15)Disagree (3)Recommend (10)

Mike Lama (New York)
18 hrs ago (09:35 PM)

All Hindu’s and Muslims should be proud of you.
Agree (24)Disagree (3)Recommend (16)

Prakash Sharma (Nigeria)
18 hrs ago (09:34 PM)

Surprised to see the comments. Are these people Indians or TOI
selective in their publishing of comments? I wonder that even few good
honest politicians we have, some people are not happy. For them
corruption is ok if it falls in their opinions of religious bias?
Pakistan was made similar type of people we still have plenty of them.
My friends corruption is like cancer which make generations to suffer.
The English made India from richest country in the world to poorest
country in the world and we are still suffering from generations to
generations. This is ok for you, but not ok because there was a
reaction to the planned killing of innocent people in a train. I still
wonder the people writing this are Indians or it is a fabricated
Agree (15)Disagree (2)Recommend (4)

seth.vishal (Canada) replies to Prakash Sharma
15 hrs ago (12:24 AM)

You have made a very good point Prakash. Indian psyche feels
personally offended if someone else’s action tarnish our Hindu
religion but corruption is a way of life for many. I’m not judging it,
its just the way it is for many. As for me, I’d choose Modi any day
over the bunch of looters we have from Congress. BJP’s only problem is
the power struggle among its cadets while Gandhi (nothing to do the
great Mahatma)family enjoys a uniform boot-licking sycophants all
across India.
Agree (2)

Vik (Delhi) replies to Prakash Sharma
17 hrs ago (10:09 PM)

For you it is ok to kill people if it is a reaction? Then wat congress
did in 84 is also correct. And im sure you just love ur BJP for Babri
isnt it?
Disagree (7)

Rahul (USA) replies to Prakash Sharma
17 hrs ago (10:01 PM)

Reply to Prakash S, Please do not pass your comments in a convoluted
manner without being clear in your thoughts. I do not make head or
tail from your writing. Rahul
Disagree (3)

dashanan (jaipur)
18 hrs ago (09:33 PM)

congress didnot stop FDI from tax heaven country but want to issue IT
notices who invest in gujrat. wah ji wah dhanya ho log live the
bhrastachari jai hind
Agree (38)Disagree (2)Recommend (19)

Manoj (MP)
18 hrs ago (09:31 PM)

Mr. Modi is just great. I wish everyone is like him. He took Gujarat
to another level.
Agree (20)Disagree (4)Recommend (14)

Vish (India)
18 hrs ago (09:28 PM)

Look forward and not backwards, look at the progress Gujarat made
under Modi. We can’t be stuck at same discussion over 8-9 years.
Gujarat has been highly sensitive communal state. There were riots
even in 80-90s when Congress CMs were ruling. People outside Gujarat
cannot ever imagine efficiency in government offices, public services,
progress & improvement till they see & compare with any other state or
city like Mumbai. It is unfortunate, we don’t want to remember his
achievements. Current UPA government, we don’t know where to start
from; directly or indirectly it is impacting us but seems as there is
no blood involved (maybe) we forgive & forget this easily. Common
Wealth Games, Aadarsh Society, Telecom….anyone remember Bofors, it
didn’t take lives of people but did for our Jawans….Lets pause &
decide, do we want to look back all the time or look forward
Agree (20)Disagree (4)Recommend (15)

Rajendra M. Parikh (Arlington, Texas USA)
18 hrs ago (09:28 PM)

Dear Readers, Mr. modi does not need US certificate. If he is chosen
to be an Indian prime minister he would be a great prime minister. USA
would not given visa to Sardar Patel if push comes to shove and Sardar
Patel would have said the same thing you keep pampering Jinnah, I do
not need your visa, thanks but no thanks, Mr. Modi would make up all
the losses we have suffered from Nehru-Gandhi family, Rahul gandhi is
a nut. Varun Gandhi would be a defense minister in Modi’s cabinet and
Shushma Swaraj will be home minister and Arun Haitley will be ab
attorney general. Jai Hind and god bless India and her armed forces.
Thanks, Sincerely, Rajendra M. Parikh Arlington, Texas USA
Agree (18)Disagree (1)Recommend (10)

Kiran (USA) replies to Rajendra M. Parikh
15 hrs ago (12:40 AM)

I live in US and i never voted, i am ready to cast my vote to Mr Modi
if he would stand for the PM candidate.
Agree (2)

aloena (India) replies to Rajendra M. Parikh
17 hrs ago (10:15 PM)

It is the BJP (Advani and Jaswant Singh) who are die-hard fans of
Jinnah. The RSS supported British while Gandhi worked for India’s
freedom. Sardar Patel was a Congress worker and hated Jinnah. Please
don’t mix up patriotic party with power hungry party because of your
Agree (1)Disagree (7)Recommend (1)

Amul Desai (Chicago,USA) replies to Rajendra M. Parikh
17 hrs ago (10:05 PM)

Agree (8)Recommend (3)

j gandhi (panchkula haryana)
18 hrs ago (09:28 PM)

well done modi,i think you are the best leader in the history of india
i salute you.keep doing the good jod ,indian public will reward you
very soon.
Agree (16)Disagree (4)Recommend (11)

Priyank (India)
18 hrs ago (09:27 PM)

Don’t know about what is his part in gujrat riot but as he is CM he
have his part. Same goes to Manmohan with corruption. But main thing
is Modi know how to lead and be clear and move corruption to give
growth place to grow.
Agree (13)Disagree (2)Recommend (7)

Aloena (India) replies to Priyank
17 hrs ago (10:13 PM)

Really? Does that mean Vajapayee is corrupt because Tehelka happened
under him? Modi is responsible for the riots because he allowed it to
Agree (1)Disagree (4)Recommend (1)

pradip (junagadh) replies to Priyank
18 hrs ago (09:49 PM)

very good
Agree (5)Recommend (2)

rahul (india)
18 hrs ago (09:27 PM)

He joins the list of other Indian items like Yog , haldi and neem
whose value we realised after the US praised them. Someone ,please
take a patent or else some American will.
Agree (13)Recommend (6)

Nampurath Krishna (Ottapalam)
18 hrs ago (09:26 PM)

Bravo! Narendra Modi you are true son of India that replied in such a
manner to show the true level where they stand to the super power all
important United States ! Mr. Modi has proved that all the Indian
politicians are not made of banana spines ! Keep it up Mr. Modi we are
proud of you.
Agree (16)Disagree (2)Recommend (9)

naresh (andhra)
18 hrs ago (09:25 PM)

i am from andhra after reading some of above comments i feel too bad
because we indians never tolerate ones reputation what ever may be the
compliments he recieved from wikileaks or some whre else he is the no1
politition nd gujarat is the rapid developing state nd most of muslims
there vote for him because they really know what he is nd stop these
silly things plssss
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Indiafirst (Kolkata)
18 hrs ago (09:25 PM)

Der aye durushth aye. Mr Modi you are patriot indian’s future PM,who
can kick out corruption,anti nationals and inject the country some
fresh hope. You are incorruptible and people under you are practicing
honesty in activities. In this scam land you are the hope for
India,including our ‘Indian’ minorities.
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N Krishnamoorthy (Thanjavur)
18 hrs ago (09:24 PM)

Unable to buy him, Uncle denied him visa. It it were some P…. or W…….
then they would have issued visa and would have negotiated with him.
An efficient administrator, he is able to make the Babus work. An
ordinary common man could get his work done in any State Government
office in a reasonable time. I had personal experience during my stay
in Gujarat for about 20 years.
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Shams Al-Arifin (Mideast)
18 hrs ago (09:23 PM)

Corruption and crime are two different things. Any non-corrupt man can
be a criminal and any non-criminal can be corrupt. Of course Narendra
Modi was never branded a corrupt man. But it can never be denied that
he has committed a crime against humanity which is well known as
genocide 2002.
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free_verse (delhi) replies to Shams Al-Arifin
17 hrs ago (10:46 PM)

Uh… you seem to have some hidden explosive proof of the said “crimes
against humanity” committed by Modi. Maybe you should offer your
services to Congi politicians and pseudo NGOs who have been trying to
find something against Modi for over a decade now? You can be their
star witness!! Yipee.
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mohan nair (uae) replies to Shams Al-Arifin
17 hrs ago (10:08 PM)

What is the meaning of crime.Indian CrPC says that corruption is a big
crime and not possible to get parole even.2002, Don’t think that all
Gujratis are Ghandi.
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Dr.r (usa) replies to Shams Al-Arifin
18 hrs ago (09:39 PM)

seems you cant stand someone’s prestiges….WHen guj is progrssing means
part of india is progressing….
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Raj (Mumbai) replies to Shams Al-Arifin
18 hrs ago (09:36 PM)

So what do you want? Brand an incorruptible as criminal and let the
hard-boiled criminals rule the nation? I think Modi looks like the
right candidate to rule our nation given the corrupt UPA.
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Jai hind.. (Delhi) replies to Shams Al-Arifin
18 hrs ago (09:34 PM)

Dear of mine.. I do agre with you but I think he is the right man to
lead this country and this is for the interest of minorities as well…
as as you might have experience is life .. some time people who hurt
you turn into you your best frienf in lfe… and this man can change
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18 hrs ago (09:30 PM)

Please do not depend always on Media.
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fiaz (mumbai) replies to Shams Al-Arifin
18 hrs ago (09:29 PM)

for your information he denied that he has committed crime against
humanity in 2002 , and still nothing is proved, and now muslims also
support him in gujarat great leader narendra modi
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aloenadsa (India)
18 hrs ago (09:23 PM)

Are all people stupid? I have a very low regard for the standard of
the English media in India. They are unable to even decipher simple
english. The US official said that ‘Modi has branded hijmself as non-
corrupt’. Brand oneself does not make it true. Cigarette companies
brand cancer as non-killers. Pepsi/Cola brands itself as good. Does it
make it good? Modi branding himself something is just that – a brand
creation. And, we all know the state of the BJP after the last brand
they created – Shining India
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Nairvk (Oman) replies to aloenadsa
17 hrs ago (10:14 PM)

No wonder. Because low regard and less knowledge
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Parshuram (Navi Mumbai) replies to aloenadsa
17 hrs ago (10:11 PM)

I hope you restudy your primary English Wren and Martin before you
write any further comments on the TOI website.
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aloena (India) replies to Parshuram
15 hrs ago (12:09 AM)

you don’t need wren and martin. Ask someone who has good command over
english to tell you the meaning of ‘Modi has successfully branded
himself as a’. Else, google ‘brand yourself as’.
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Vijay (India) (India) replies to aloenadsa
18 hrs ago (09:38 PM)

Why you people will behave like this. You will raise concerns only
somethins happened to so called minority (which is not true, @present
its almost balancing with the so called majority people). Did you
raised your concern when those pandits were murdered, throwed out from
Kashmir… did you raise your concern on not being easy to hoist our
Indian national flag in Kashmir, a part of our own country!!!!!!!!!
its strange… but its the fact….
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aloenadsa (India) replies to Vijay (India)
17 hrs ago (10:11 PM)

I don’t care whether the Indian flag is raised in Kashmir because I am
not a BJP supporter. I am more worried that the flag is not raised in
BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh – which the Naxalites are taking over.
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Vijay replies to aloenadsa
12 hrs ago (03:22 AM)

For hoisting the flag you no need to become a BJP follower, for that
you need to be true INDIAN…. not more than that….
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Mahesh (London)
18 hrs ago (09:22 PM)

Mr Modi for PM.However he will need to get rid of the old fuddy
duddies in BJP.New blood new government.
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Ratna Devi (rajasthan)
18 hrs ago (09:22 PM)

Indian People are of “oolti Khopri” TOI knows how to take advantage of
this. They are illiterate even if they have BA MA PhD degrees. They
dont have ability to read in between the lines or understand what this
is all about. I really feel pity of my fellow Indians for lack of
analytical thinking. I wont be surprised if people of India forget the
bloodshed of fellow Indian citizens. Modi is proud of that blood
shed???..safe guard Hindu Majority?….very dangerous view…same view as
Hitler…. Shame Shame. Don’t call yourself son of Mother India. Mother
India dont need son like you.
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mohan nair (uae) replies to Ratna Devi
17 hrs ago (10:18 PM)

Ratna devi,If the same situation comes, means anybody burnt the train
again, defenitly it will happen India is not a mother exclusively for
you only
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Parshuram (Navi Mumbai) replies to Ratna Devi
17 hrs ago (10:15 PM)

You shameless woman. What nonsense are you writing? It seems you are
the next phoolan devi of Rajasthan.How dare you pass a nonsense
comment on all Indians? Better not visit the TOI website agains.
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rao (NY) replies to Ratna Devi
18 hrs ago (09:48 PM)

you talk of analytical skills.. but at same time you prove that you do
not have any of those skills… Just you knowing the names of Hitler and
Modi and you think that you have the cognitive skills enough to do a
comparison.. read some history and then do comparison.. just don’t
repeat what English media in India writes..
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Jay (Earth) replies to Ratna Devi
18 hrs ago (09:35 PM)

Your Mother India = Sonia
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Siddhanta (Lko) replies to Ratna Devi
18 hrs ago (09:34 PM)

Bahut padhi likho ho aap behnji. Maaf karna hum nipat ganwaar bhartiyo
ko. Waise aap apni angrezi mein sudhar laa sakti hai. Thodi vyakaran
mein galtiyan hain.
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mn (India) replies to Siddhanta
17 hrs ago (09:58 PM)

ha ha :) nice!
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Dr.r (USA) replies to Siddhanta
18 hrs ago (09:46 PM)

good one…!!!!
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dr.r (USA) replies to Ratna Devi
18 hrs ago (09:33 PM)

Look at the progress of Gujarat since Modi is a CM…..compare it to
other state….
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pradeep (US) replies to Ratna Devi
18 hrs ago (09:33 PM)

I don’t understand are you really a educated person ?? First of all he
is yet to be indict by law in any court but people like you already
declare him guilty, Let court decide who is right or wrong.
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truthman (USA)
18 hrs ago (09:22 PM)

Mr Modi should be made the Prime minister of India ,i agree with
it .Mr Modi is a very clever and a very smart man i have told this
from day 1 !He very well knows how to utilise fools by the means of
communalizing and using them for his own chair .Mr Modi is richer than
Gadaffi and Mubarak combine ,all the rich Gujaratis became richer but
Modi’s supporters are still working as labourers,they are still
working in call centres double shift ,and writing encouraging comments
from cyber cafes where they spend their time to support him !So make
him the Prime minister so he can take all the Money that is left in
this country while u fools still fight in the name of religion and
caste !slaves always be slaves,first moghuls ,than british ,now Modi
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rdb (usa) replies to truthman
15 hrs ago (12:44 AM)

Get your history right.. We were slaves of moghuls, then british and
then slaves of slaves of british(Nehru clan). Modi is alteast self
made leader. So the choice is between slaves & a geniune confident
leader. Atleast he will look good as PM while representing India int
he whole world. How many people in congress read from paper while
delivering speeches. MMS look like a dummy..
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Parshuram (Navi Mumbai) replies to truthman
16 hrs ago (11:41 PM)

You jackass! Better do an MRI, CT Scan, and EEG of your brain before
you write a generalized comment on TOI again.
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sarvesh (gurgaon) replies to truthman
17 hrs ago (10:28 PM)

thnx…for enlightenment….!!!oopps..what is ur identity..or u r just
living in the illusion of truth!!!????try 2 think beyond religion &
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pradip gharpure of www.freebesthealth.com (Maharashtra )
18 hrs ago (09:20 PM)

Forget what the US representative says. Remember what Mr.Vajpayee had
spoken – ” Modi needs to follow the Raj Dharma “. He had forgotten
that as the Chief Minister of Gujrat, he was expected to protect the
rights even of minority. He was not a particular caste, race, religion
representative He was Raja – and Rajdharma expected to save the life
and property of all the citizens with equal rights. Which he had
always forgot. Such a fanatic, separatist, using power to corrupt even
the police force and judiciary should never dream to be the leader of
democratic country like India.
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free_verse (delhi) replies to pradip gharpure of www.freebesthealth.com
17 hrs ago (10:48 PM)

Really? And Rajiv Gandhi deserved the Bharat Ratna that he got right?
Or do Sikh lives don’t matter to you as much as Muslims lives do? Stop
with your double standards and hypocracy.
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dr.r (USA) replies to pradip gharpure of www.freebesthealth.com
18 hrs ago (09:41 PM)

That’s true for all chief ministers ..not only Modi….When someone is
doing good work why u people speak against that….let some one do good
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Aditya (Texas)
18 hrs ago (09:20 PM)

I am an Indian and hindu. I am of the firm conviction that modi should
never become the PM of india. He has done wonders for gujrat. He is
able , non corruptible etc which is rare in India of pawars and lalus.
But he let 2000 people die and he has to pay a price for it. No matter
how good his other qualities are they cannot wash of the blood of 2000
people. May he remain CM of gujrat and contribute to the progress of
state and country but no higher office please. And some day hopefully
he will have to answer for the killings as well.
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free_verse (delhi) replies to Aditya
17 hrs ago (10:48 PM)

FYI, it was 750 Muslims and 350 Hindus. The cable itself says so. Next
time, don’t get your figures from jihad . com.
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sarvesh (gurgaon) replies to Aditya
17 hrs ago (10:37 PM)

what about those millions of country men,unprivilaged dying every day
due to hunger,povery,vote bank-swiss-bank,curruption,terrorism….from
last 63 yrs????who will pay….for that
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Nairvk (Oman) replies to Aditya
17 hrs ago (10:29 PM)

Thanks God,you are not a voter of Gujrat
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Aditya replies to Nairvk
16 hrs ago (11:14 PM)

I am

dipz (bangalore) replies to Aditya
17 hrs ago (10:24 PM)

ya sure.. another cong(I) stooge.. u better let the corrupt and greedy
kill u slowly..but an efficient, incorruptible man, u keep saying
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Mrigank (Mumbai) replies to Aditya
17 hrs ago (09:57 PM)

Firstly, it has not been proved in any court of law that he has been
responsible for the riots. In the Anti-Sikh riots after the
assassination of Indira Gandhi according to the Govt. of India 2700
Sikhs were killed however, human rights organisations and newspapers
report the death toll to be as high as 10,000 to 17,000. Not a single
prominent congressman has been convicted and the Rajiv Gandhi had the
gall to say that when a mighty tree falls, the earth around it does
shake a little. As a reward he was made the Prime Minister of India. I
would love to hear your comments on anti-Sikh riots and congress
party’s role in it.
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KVKS CHOUDARY (hyderabad)
18 hrs ago (09:19 PM)

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MBP (Kolkata)
18 hrs ago (09:18 PM)

Modi is indeed a “non-corrupt and effective mass murderer”… And when
he becomes the PM we can expect a “non-corrupt and effective” ethnic
cleansing pan-India…
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sd (india)
18 hrs ago (09:17 PM)

india desperately need leader like Narendra Modi on top post. who can
give clean governance and answer back to all that blasters without any
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Atul (usa)
18 hrs ago (09:17 PM)

Modi, You are a great Leader. Unfortunately, the only blot you have in
your entire period is the Gujarat Violence. Show how you can be
different from Congress. Get Muslim Community Integrated with other
religious folks in Gujarat. The only way you can become a national
leader is by reaching out to Muslims in Gujarat. Let the nation know
how Gujarat Muslims can lead the way for other Muslims in India.
Change will happen by itself. It is already starting to happen with
one muslim religious leader saying Gujarat Muslims are doing better.
If at all any political leader can integrate Muslims with the rest of
India, it is only you. No one else can do it.
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Ketan (Gujrat) replies to Atul
17 hrs ago (10:41 PM)

for that he has to prove brotherhood with muslims which he will never.
if you go to gujrat you will see the discrimination against
minorities, be it muslim or christians or lower hindu caste. azaan is
banned, muslims fears to go out, you know why? it is very easy to say
it from comforts of US. if ur parents or sisters would have been raped
and killed infront of you, would you vote him for PM?
Disagree (2)

kumar aasish ranjan (dehri on sone)
18 hrs ago (09:17 PM)

Jai wikileakes and jai Narendra Modi both are doing joint development
of each other.
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SAM (Ahmedabad)
18 hrs ago (09:16 PM)

Mr. Narendra Modi is like Anil Kapoor in NAYAK. He does video
conferencing everyday with his peers to get progress report of all on
going project every day. If you have any concerns you can directly
call him, either he or his representative will call you back with in 8
Hours. He will visit any project site without informing anyone to
catch any wrong thing red Handed (I have personally seen him coming to
Sabarmati Riverfront Developmentsite at 6:00 AM without much security
in Jogging suite to personally check progress and quality of work)…
Salute to this great leader.
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Varun (New Delhi) replies to SAM
18 hrs ago (09:25 PM)

Super like your comment. Had to come from a Gujrati who has seen it
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SAM replies to Varun
18 hrs ago (09:47 PM)

US Denied his Visa but he used Teleconferencing to attend that
meeting… he knows how to use technology in correct way why to waste
time and money to attend 1 hour meeting.
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LVS (Bahrain)
18 hrs ago (09:14 PM)

Thanks to Wikileaks now we know how congress sold our country to US
(Uncle Sam). Congress do not want able administrators in opposition.
Just destroy them by finding something or the other. Latest IT notice
served on Gujarat Government, we did not even imagine congress would
go to such stage. Bringing regulation to malign others when huge money
in corruption is made at the cost of nation. What next is the game
plan, there must be something cooking in congress headquarters. “Looto
looto” in the name of “garibi hatao”. Where is Rahool Baba??
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Ujar (Kochi) replies to LVS
18 hrs ago (09:34 PM)

Rahool Baba has gone into hiding behind Maino aunty’s dupatta.
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18 hrs ago (09:12 PM)

B.J.P. Senior Leader and Chief Minister of Gujarat has tried to focus
his vision in regard to the Wiki Leaks cable issue that has stormed
the country . Mr Modi has said that by quoting him non corrupt and
efficient Administrator it is clear that they know much more of the
Indian Government . He said that in contrast to his rule in Gujarat
the Wiki Leaks cable has tried to show another face of the Union
Government .
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vk (India)
18 hrs ago (09:11 PM)

The choices are 1) a non-corrupt and efficient administrator but who
may be (not proved yet) guilty of one communal act. 2) proven corrupt,
inefficient and proven pseudo-secular and communal party Congress
(sikh riots). I think Congress has more blood on its hands than Modi
(even if allegations on Modi were to be true) also due to its
disastrous economic policies. Given the two non-perfect choices, Modi
is a no-brainer. Not perfect yes, but other parties are worse even on
the topic of communalism and divisive politics.
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rakesh (belgaum) replies to vk
17 hrs ago (10:37 PM)

i dont think so, in terms of murders and riots, BJP is leading.if u
dont have good memory, write down all instances on paper and count.
congress is corrup tto the core but i will opt corrupt over communal
Disagree (2)

vk replies to rakesh
16 hrs ago (11:28 PM)

I disagree. Additionally, you think corruption/bad policies don’t
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moorthy (Chennai)
18 hrs ago (09:11 PM)

No wonder – US Denying Visa for him, becz they are NOT able to Deal!!
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Suman Mukherjee (Singapore)
18 hrs ago (09:09 PM)

Yes, he is honest and incorruptible but probably a little too biased
against a particular community – or so, if any of these “secular”
parties are to be believed. But if that is wrong then what is anyone
in the Nehru & Gandhi clan? They weren’t even honest. In fact, till
date the clan continues to live king-size life out of no known sources
of income. How is that possible ? Has anybody asked them a single
question on how they afford that ? No. But Mayawati, Modi, Mulayam,
Lalu is never spared a breath. How dare we call anyone biased ?
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Jacob Samuel (Palakkad, India) replies to Suman Mukherjee
18 hrs ago (09:27 PM)


prashant (Doha)
18 hrs ago (09:08 PM)

BJP can come to POWER if they PROJECT Narendra Modi as PM Candidate (I
wish ADVANI could see this BLOG)
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dr ansari (patna)
18 hrs ago (09:07 PM)

mr modi he is a dynamic man.gujrat is flourishing rapidly in his
regim.the river of blood which flowed uring his regim will never be
forgotten.he must be having sleepless nights bcz according to a
sanskri verse the sins done will always be peircing during sleep
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Andz (Shillong)
18 hrs ago (09:04 PM)

No big deal…. if the report said otherwise… I would be amused with his
reaction because everybody else says wikileaks is bogus. NO BIG DEAL,
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dipz (bangalore) replies to Andz
17 hrs ago (10:28 PM)

ya sure..thats why the founder is hunted,the informer is jailed
inhumanly.. dont u think too much is wasted for something bogus..why
don’t u suggest something less bogus..
Agree (4)Recommend (2)

ratnesh (pune)
18 hrs ago (09:03 PM)

Modiji, please become PM and implement one child policy. I know you
are the only one in this country who can do this. Congress etc will be
busy in votebank politics. They can not control even gujjars who are
making huge loss to the country.
Agree (26)Disagree (6)Recommend (16)

seth.vishal (Canada) replies to ratnesh
15 hrs ago (12:32 AM)

1 for mentioning one-child policy!

satya (Delhi) replies to ratnesh
18 hrs ago (09:10 PM)

he can’t become PM until we vote for him.. so it’s not upto him it’s
upto us..to make sure right people get elected not our relatives…
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18 hrs ago (09:25 PM)

aapake muhame ghee shakkar…agar diabites na ho to…
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SK (Mumbai)
18 hrs ago (09:02 PM)

This something for corrupt Congress High Command to learn. There is no
shortage of corrupt politicians in our country (especially current UPA
government where we mostly see jokers ) but Mr. Modi has proved an
exception. To become Superpower we need politicians like Mr. Modi to
be PM of the country.
Agree (15)Disagree (5)Recommend (9)

ratnesh (pune)
18 hrs ago (09:01 PM)

I dont know why BJP doesnt realise, then have only one man NM who is a
candidate for prime minister role. India will support him if he fights
election for PM. Atleast I will. General public supports him because
he is the only person who can take hard decision, not caring about
vote bank politics. if development is the criteria to vote, this guy
is real gem. I support him. ratnesh india
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Concerned Citizen (Mile High City)
18 hrs ago (09:00 PM)

The reporting here and ensuing comments here seem to be missing an
obvious point – Owen said that Modi has “successfully branded himself
as non-corrupt”. This has nothing to do with what the US thinks of
Modi. He is simply conveying an effective marketing message that Modi
has adopted. Snake Oil salesman successfully brand their product as a
cure all – doesn’t mean it does. Grow up people.
Agree (10)Disagree (17)Recommend (4)

seth.vishal (Canada) replies to Concerned Citizen
15 hrs ago (12:34 AM)

PR is everything buddy.. Look at how Congress has fooled the masses
for 60 years by adopting the last name of Mahatma Gandhi even when
they got nothing to do with the great Mahatma.
Agree (2)

True Indian (Chennai, India) replies to Concerned Citizen
18 hrs ago (09:43 PM)

True, it is like Israel which has very good PR. Even one of the
wikileak cable was saying this. The US consul was saying, US has to
learn from Israel about their PR in India. Israel is spending tons of
money to change its image with the Indian Public. Mr.Modi must have
learned this from them and implemented this successful policy.
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Kiran (USA) replies to True Indian
15 hrs ago (12:46 AM)

you are sure a muslim.remmeber isreal helped us during kargil war.
When a litmus test is done on your kind…u’ll go to support paki land
only…Go correct the deeds of ur community first….they are bombing the
entire world.
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Varun (New Delhi)
18 hrs ago (08:59 PM)

Modi for PM…….God, please give my fellow voters some sense especially
muslims of India.I am sick of seeing my hard earned tax money fill
pockets of these corrupt congresswalas. Get over your communal
nonsense and get behind arguably the best politician we have seen in a
long long time…
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SAURABH (odisha)
18 hrs ago (08:58 PM)

I am from odisha.. Would like to read Mr. Naveen Patnaik to read this
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Rasmi (Odisha) replies to SAURABH
18 hrs ago (09:15 PM)

Are you nuts!!! DO you have any idea what development means.
Disagree (8)

saurabh replies to Rasmi
18 hrs ago (09:48 PM)

wat do u think development means??? Do you think Naveen Patnaik is
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AK (India)
19 hrs ago (08:56 PM)

Great going Mr Modi , Delhi is not far away . India badly needs people
like you . Development is the only answer to corruption – Gujrat is an
example . All the best . Hope you lead the nation soon .
Agree (16)Disagree (4)Recommend (8)

trinitin (Johannesburg)
19 hrs ago (08:56 PM)

The worst exposure to come through Wikileaks will be for Madam Sonia
and her chumchas just wait all will be revealed. She has sold this
country off and mark my words she will flee this country otherwise
people will lynch her and her dogs like Manu Singhvi or Kapil Sibal or
Kamalnath etc will not be able to save her. JAI HIND
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SC Aggarwal (New Delhi-76)
19 hrs ago (08:54 PM)

Mr.Narendra Modi, CM should have given an appointment to Mr. Owen to
meet him after a week. Mr. Modi should not have been available to Owen
so easily. SC Aggawal
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Suprasanna Bhat (Hildesheim, Germany)
19 hrs ago (08:54 PM)

Modi and the BJP needs some Ice Breaker to get the votes from muslims
and other people. The friction has to be broken. One way could be to
educate the people…but congress has polarized the society with the
help of media…!! At some point, BJP has to break the Ice…people will
not come forward to break it…but they will come forward to make the
society a better living place.
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19 hrs ago (08:53 PM)

The BJP & Narendra Modi need wiki leaks support desperately, when they
should be talking of their performance as ministers. BJP made a mess
when it was in power in Delhi & Modi’s skeletons will be tumbling out
of the cupboards soon. Wiki Leaks also has a lot to say on BJP double
Agree (9)Disagree (24)

M P New Delhi (New Delhi) replies to BANER
18 hrs ago (09:27 PM)

Modi is clean, not like your so called Mr. Clean(PM) who now became
ugly now. Gujarat is lucky to get Modi, Bhihar with Nitish Bengal with
Bhudha deve and Mp with Chauhan, but the rest of India has still to
wait. BANER, remember, one day Sonia will leave you here and will fly
back to Italy, keep your tears for that day
Agree (12)Recommend (6)

Baby Tara (OOty) replies to BANER
18 hrs ago (09:26 PM)

But problem is the newspaper “The Hindu” which is BJP mouth piece will
conceal the material that is anti-BJP. It is leaking it selectively to
prop up the image of BJP. The material is in the wrong hand.
Agree (2)Disagree (6)Recommend (1)

Kumar (San Jose) replies to BANER
18 hrs ago (09:05 PM)

Really? Any clue what is the parity between the output of 55 years of
cong rule and 5 years of NDA rule? Wikileaks is for second hand,
second rate guys – you have facts in front of you first hand to look
at. Talk of security, talk of sovereignity, talk of economy, talk of
polity, talk of corruption, collect facts on how each leader fared.
Agree (13)Recommend (7)

santosh (Bangalore)
19 hrs ago (08:52 PM)

Narendra Modi does not required any certificate from US. He is not
like great Khangresses leaders who only bother for Madam ji and busy
in making money and money. No one knows how much money Mr ManMonSingh
got from US for the Nuclear deal. This Italian lady is shameless
totally unaware of Bharat and spreading the Italian culture here.
Agree (16)Disagree (4)Recommend (9)

sanjay (Hyderabad)
19 hrs ago (08:51 PM)

Yes Truth can not be denied, Modi is not corrupt and Mr. Clean turned
out to be corrupt.
Agree (17)Disagree (6)Recommend (11)

rdb (san_fran)
19 hrs ago (08:49 PM)

Just like H Mubarak in Egypt & Gaddaffi in Libya, US was playing a
double game with India, supporting corrupt political parties not good
for the country but promoting its interests in the region, while
opposing ones that were good but not as friendly. In present times,
Modi is the only PM material leader around not only in BJP but any
national party at this time. Among past leaders, his charishma is no
less than that of Vajpayee, far more progressive & development
oriented than anybody in history be it Rajeev, Indira, Sonia…In short,
he is the next generation Sardar Patel… even better than Obama…
Agree (21)Disagree (3)Recommend (14)

Vijay (Delhi)
19 hrs ago (08:48 PM)

Every one believes this , except Digvijay Singh, who, over a period of
time, has developed his own but unique judgements. He hates Baba
Ramdev too, because he talks too much about the black money.
Agree (20)Disagree (3)Recommend (9)

anserazim (USA)
19 hrs ago (08:48 PM)

Godse was patriotic but a murderer too!!! Will we make him the leader
of the land!! Hell NO!!!!
Agree (10)Disagree (37)Recommend (3)

Kiran (USA) replies to anserazim
15 hrs ago (12:31 AM)

Tell me the name of single politician…who was not responsible for
someone’s death till now, directly or indirectly.

Gaurav (USA) replies to anserazim
18 hrs ago (09:25 PM)

What happened in godra was also a murder. It is because of this Gandhi
we had to go through partition of Pakistan and India, and he was
killed by the people who oppose the partition. Looking at the current
condition in Pakistan I am convinced that we should not have had the
partition. I do not know why the Gandhi was pro partition, when we say
we are secular country, equal rights for all religion. Partition does
not make sense as today we have more Muslim in India then in Pakistan
that is the fact. If you want to confirm this go to Govt of india
census website
Agree (5)Recommend (3)

soumya srajan (columbus) replies to Gaurav
17 hrs ago (10:53 PM)

Hey! Perhaps you forgot. It was Gandhi who had said we should not have
partition even if it delays Azadi a little bit. So he was not for
partition. It was the other leaders in Congress who accepted to go
ahead with partition so that Independence is achieved. Really speaking
most leaders in Congress and most Indians did not really want
partition. It was only Jinnnah and extremist Muslims who wanted it and
Britishers encouraged them for their own petty manipulations. Just as
now Americans and Britishers no very well that Modi or Hindus in
general are not inhuman and among the most tole rent people in world.
We all respect Human rights much more than Americans and Britishers.
Modi is quite right about it. It is again only extreme Muslims in
India who are singing songs of Human rights in India. They are being
supported by Feudal rulers in Congress and other parties, so called
secular politicians, anchors and editors and Americans and Britishers
for their own petty manipulations. We need (all of Hindu or Muslims or
any body ) to keep focus on development as Modi is trying to do and
keep away from these petty manipulations of these corrupt people and
manipulative Foreigners.
Agree (3)Recommend (3)

asif (lucknow) replies to anserazim
18 hrs ago (09:10 PM)

If you have to choose between corrupt and an able administrator who
had some past records. its better to choose the later one. especially
when there is no able leader to lead the country and the only news we
hear about is scam scam and scam
Agree (28)Disagree (1)Recommend (17)

Tiru (Hyd) replies to anserazim
18 hrs ago (09:09 PM)

A murder at right time to protect the nation’s intrest is like a
solder defending his country. See the intention behind the action not
the action. Had Godse not killed Gandhi, Pak would have been granted a
passage accross India to B’Desh. Know the history first before
commenting. Gandhi was a good man, but falling to the tricks of ….XYZ
we all know who they are
Agree (16)Disagree (1)Recommend (10)

Kiran (Bangalore) replies to anserazim
18 hrs ago (09:08 PM)

You only think of one murder. What about the slow poison being fed to
all Indians by congress team. For us, patriotic murderer is better
than corrupt politician.
Agree (17)Recommend (9)

vk (India) replies to anserazim
18 hrs ago (08:59 PM)

That’s the whole point. Modi is not just a patriot but an efficient
and non-corrupt administrator too. That should indeed make him
Agree (18)Disagree (3)Recommend (11)

rohit (india)
19 hrs ago (08:48 PM)

modi for pm
Agree (15)Disagree (3)Recommend (9)

pankaj aggarwal (Rohini, Sector – 18, Delhi)
19 hrs ago (08:46 PM)

Modi ji, thnks god that truth itself prevail. Such ki hamesha jeet
hoti hai. I m greatest fan of you, and wants to see u as a PM of this
country, before i die. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, Bhart Mata ki jai, Vandey
Agree (18)Disagree (5)Recommend (14)

sparsh.mba2008 (USA) replies to pankaj aggarwal
18 hrs ago (09:07 PM)

Sorry Pankaj You are wrong Actually I am the greatest fan of Modi ji
and Infact I may be wrong in this too, May be there are millions out
there who are bigger fan of modi, way to go modi ji, you are up for
PM. INDIA LOVES YOU , JAI HIND, Forget what happened in 2002, lets
move ahead.
Agree (7)Disagree (1)Recommend (3)

Arbind Sinha (Bangalore) replies to pankaj aggarwal
18 hrs ago (08:58 PM)

Hi Pankaj, Now I become fan of you as you have said Jai Hind, Jai
Bharat, Bhart Mata ki jai, Vandey Mataram, Now a days Very few people
says these words.
Agree (11)Recommend (9)

Mohnish (USA) replies to pankaj aggarwal
18 hrs ago (08:57 PM)

Jai, Jai Bhagwan Shri Modi Jee Maharaj.
Agree (13)Disagree (2)Recommend (6)

J.K. Ashraf (USA/Surat)
19 hrs ago (08:46 PM)

India nneds leaders like Modi who only sees how he can Improve the
life of an Indian Hindu! Nice! Now read the sarcasm in it too. He is a
murderer. If my sister-in-law and her 15 year old were attacked,
raped, burnet to death in his watch then he is a MURDERER! Portraying
as a clean and non corrupt CM doesn’t mean you are!
Agree (10)Disagree (38)Recommend (3)

Sceptic (USA) replies to J.K. Ashraf
16 hrs ago (11:42 PM)

Since more Sikhs were killed on Congress watch 1n 1984, Would you say
that they are a party of murderers? Let us settle for a definition of
murderer before casting stones.
Agree (2)

h.kailash (India) replies to J.K. Ashraf
17 hrs ago (10:03 PM)

We need to have people like him to deal with jihadis like you.You
always want everyone to see Muslims as victims but others can go to
Hell,that is what your mindset
Agree (10)Recommend (4)

SAM (Ahmedabad) replies to J.K. Ashraf
18 hrs ago (09:09 PM)

Ur Brothers have killed un countable Hindus in Kashmir and still doing
the same today…. they are killing innocent people all around the
world… they brutally burnt 59 passengers in train… ALIVE….
Agree (26)Disagree (2)Recommend (13)

sparsh.mba2008 (USA) replies to J.K. Ashraf
18 hrs ago (09:08 PM)

Go to Pakistan
Agree (18)Disagree (3)Recommend (9)

SAM (Ahmedabad) replies to J.K. Ashraf
18 hrs ago (09:05 PM)

Does Modi came and raped??? or he Ordered to Rape??? and Are they
still getting raped today also???
Agree (26)Disagree (4)Recommend (16)

ricko (UK) replies to SAM
18 hrs ago (09:36 PM)

I can ask the same about hitler , that does not make him a good
Agree (2)Disagree (12)

Sceptic (USA) replies to ricko
16 hrs ago (11:45 PM)

Since Rajiv Gandhi did not stop 1984 riots, would you classify him
along with Modi? If you do, then we may agree with you.
Agree (3)Recommend (2)

Mk (London) replies to ricko
17 hrs ago (10:21 PM)

Modi didnt make any law to kill people but Hitlar did and your Islamic
states still have these laws in place
Agree (9)Recommend (5)

Roger (Toronto) replies to J.K. Ashraf
18 hrs ago (09:02 PM)

Blame those who set on fire Godhra coach and burned so many innocent
Hindus alive that resulted in backlash. You should go to the root of
the problem for permanent and just solution.
Agree (28)Disagree (2)Recommend (19)

NS (Delhi) replies to J.K. Ashraf
18 hrs ago (08:59 PM)

Your brothers, and fathers have burned fifty nine (59) innocent train
Agree (30)Disagree (3)Recommend (18)

sharama karte (bombay)
19 hrs ago (08:45 PM)

what about killing minorities, do india want taleban like terrorists
to fight against him for their brutal murders.
Agree (7)Disagree (22)Recommend (1)

sparsh.mba2008 (USA) replies to sharama karte
18 hrs ago (09:08 PM)

Abe ja na, pakistan chale ja (Sharama karte)
Agree (8)Recommend (4)

Raj (India) replies to sharama karte
18 hrs ago (09:06 PM)

Nopes. Actually, He is preventing taliban like terrorists from taking
over india. What stops those same people who burned so many people
from repeating that feat all over the country?
Agree (9)Disagree (1)Recommend (7)

santosh (ahmedabad) replies to sharama karte
18 hrs ago (08:58 PM)

thr’s not been a single riot /oppression of minorities case in gujarat
after godhra riots.. this proves Modi’s clean image. what shiv sena is
doing in maharashtra is more dangerous than what people allege modi
did in gujarat in riots..gujaratis do not tolerate ineffiecient
corrupt leaders like maharshtra former CM.
Agree (11)Disagree (3)Recommend (7)

Avin (Kerala) replies to sharama karte
19 hrs ago (08:55 PM)

Wat abt majority who r killed in Train or Kashmir by these Minority…
Jab aap kare to sab Sahi or hum kare to atyachhar…
Agree (18)Disagree (3)Recommend (8)

Rishi (Kerala)
19 hrs ago (08:45 PM)

Modi is what Hitler was. Financially non-corrupt and efficient
adminstrators. But both are power-corrupt beyond redemption. Wooed by
finanically non-corrupt and efficient adminsitrator image, Germans
elected Hitler to head the country. After delivering in terms of
development and prosperity, Hitler brought unprecedented destruction
to Germany. Lets not make the mistake Germans dis in 1930s. Power
corruption is way dangerous than financial corruption.
Agree (11)Disagree (33)Recommend (2)

Sceptic (USA) replies to Rishi
16 hrs ago (11:51 PM)

Hitler did not have to reckon with mobs angry over a burning train.
Also, he made laws that institutionalized what he did. Modi is not a
consistent minority baiter like Hitler was. He is only asking for
sanity and fairness. Is that too much to ask? What did you expect?
After a burning train, he turn the state into a killing field to
protect secularism? He did better than Congress did in 1984. There
were far less casualties in 2002.
Agree (2)Recommend (1)

Rishi replies to Sceptic
5 hrs ago (10:48 AM)

Sceptic, Read Germany’s history and Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Prior to
Hitler, Germany was a multi-ethnic country with tensions between
communities. He exploited those tensions instead ironing them out.
Very strikingly similar to what Modi is doing, though nature of events
might vary in their appearances. India with its unique diversity
needcs a unifier, not a divider, no matter how financially non-corrupt
and efficient he is.

Gaurav (USA) replies to Rishi
18 hrs ago (09:33 PM)

If someone do good he is power corrupt, if someone is genuinelly
corrupt, you say him corrupt, do not be hypocrite (a person who
pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles,
etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person
whose actions belie stated beliefs)
Agree (4)

NC (Toronto) replies to Rishi
18 hrs ago (09:10 PM)

smelling congress in your comments ;-)
Agree (15)Disagree (2)Recommend (6)

Girish (Nagpur) replies to Rishi
18 hrs ago (09:00 PM)

So you want to say by giving power into hands of the so called Gandhi
family will prosper india in any way possible. Modi is the only person
who can help India become a superpower and throw away the slavery we
are enduring since generations. There always be some pros and cons of
any systems. even if he goes out of limit our democracy is fool proof
to tackle that as well…..
Agree (13)Disagree (1)Recommend (8)

Indian (UK) replies to Rishi
18 hrs ago (08:59 PM)

Amazing Non Sense!! how can you compare hilter with modi and how can
you the era of 1930′s with current time. We are in 2011 when even Arab
are revolting against established anrachies. Modi has turned Gujrat
into the best state of India. He is efficient leader and non-corrupt,
as per you, WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?????? Do you believe in continuous
congress/gandhi legacy of corruption!!!! Get ur facts straight and
dont be prejudiced.
Agree (18)Disagree (2)Recommend (11)

PS (India) replies to Rishi
19 hrs ago (08:56 PM)

Hitler was ‘elected’?
Agree (9)Disagree (1)Recommend (1)

anser azim (Chicago)
19 hrs ago (08:44 PM)

Interestingly they both (US&modi) have blood on their hands of many
innocent people!!
Agree (7)Disagree (30)Recommend (1)

h.kailash (India) replies to anser azim
17 hrs ago (10:04 PM)

Why the hell are you staying in USA and eating their bread you
moron..get the hell out of there if you have any shame
Agree (8)Recommend (2)

vijay (mumbai) replies to anser azim
18 hrs ago (09:44 PM)

leave us and go to pakistan
Agree (9)Recommend (2)

SAM (Ahmedabad) replies to anser azim
18 hrs ago (08:59 PM)

then why you are living in that country…. leave it….
Agree (18)Disagree (2)Recommend (8)

indian (mother earth) replies to anser azim
18 hrs ago (08:58 PM)

Who are innocent, Mr. AZIM?
Agree (16)Disagree (2)Recommend (7)

Kaly (India) replies to indian
18 hrs ago (09:24 PM)

Pakis..off course…
Agree (6)Disagree (1)Recommend (4)

Pankaj (Bangalore) replies to Kaly
17 hrs ago (09:57 PM)

hahahahahahaha…and talibanis too!
Agree (6)Disagree (1)Recommend (3)

DP (London) replies to anser azim
19 hrs ago (08:53 PM)

And you are living in a country which has blood of so called “innocent
Agree (14)Disagree (1)Recommend (6)

Badrinath (Chennai) replies to DP
14 hrs ago (01:45 AM)

azim’s stay in USA and his anti usa comments remind me of an incident
when a group of muslims approached Nehru after partition lamanting, as
usual, about their greivances.Nehru, always ready to address concerns
of a particular community, talked to patel that concerns of
Nationalist Muslim should be addressed.Patel Jokingly asked
Nahru”Nehru I want to see the bath tub in which after taking a bath a
muslim becomes nationalist”.Aren’t Mr Azim and guys celebrating pak
victory in India confirming what Patel said?
Agree (1)

Anil (Delhi)
19 hrs ago (08:44 PM)

Why is Mr Modi, so happy about US certificate? US itself is not a
example of virtue. And what would have been Mr Modi’s response, had
the same US said something adverse? I think we all give undue
importance to the opinion of others about us. I personally feel that
if I am ok with myself, there is no need for me to look for
affirmations outside.
Agree (5)Disagree (15)

Sceptic (USA) replies to Anil
16 hrs ago (11:55 PM)

By denying visa the USA took sides on the Modi debate. Now that they
have acknowledged his greatness, he has every right to flaunt it.
Agree (1)

Brad (USA) replies to Anil
18 hrs ago (08:58 PM)

I agree. He proclaims that the US is not in a position to critique
others, yet he uses the US endorsement to further his cause. He is a
true politician, nothing more.
Agree (4)Disagree (4)

soumya srajan (columbus) replies to Brad
16 hrs ago (11:01 PM)

If you hear his statement you do not feel any happiness. He seems to
be only conveying facts as they are. It is only corrupt and
manipulative politicians, anchors and editors and Foreign diplomat and
commentators like Anil and Brad who claim to be secular but have
adopted style of being most communal and have been using such words
like happiness etc. to defame Modi and one of the most secular society
(Indian people) and spread communalism and hatred in India using such
Agree (2)Recommend (2)

Rajesh (USA)
19 hrs ago (08:44 PM)

Dear Modi, Again we don’t have to believe in what other country think
about you. I am not from Gujarat but my Gujrati friends even Muslim
friends have praised you and your work. You should be next Indian
leaders. If anyone disagree, tell me which leader you prefer over Modi
and why? If you are real Indian and want development and remove
Agree (17)Disagree (3)Recommend (11)

Indian (India)
19 hrs ago (08:43 PM)

Mr Modi..you don’t need any stamp of approval from a foreign country
to prove that you are incorruptible. You have done great work in
Gujrat which is to be applauded. Yet again it proves that MacMohan
Singh is a “Nikkamah”
Agree (12)Disagree (3)Recommend (6)

True Indian indian (India)
19 hrs ago (08:42 PM)

I don’t think Mr Modi even needs a certificate from the US. He is and
indeed remains the one hope in an otherwise bleak list of corrupt
leaders that India has, who vie with one another to see who can steal
more than the other. Mr Modi, in fact, should not be bothered about
petty issues like visas to a nation that does not believe in
practicing that they preach. Their attitude towards human rights is
autrocious to say the least, with all the incidents of abuses coming
out from Iraq, Afghanistan, Guatanamo bay etc. And yet they want to
brand others as militant, anti-human rights etc. I think its high time
we stood up and the US in as many words, “Shut the f*** up and first
improve your own self before talking about others!”
Agree (14)Disagree (2)Recommend (10)

Gaurav (USA) replies to True Indian indian
18 hrs ago (09:50 PM)

What we have to understand here is USA is very smart creature, who has
the diplomatic, military, financial power to bring in growth OR
Destruction. It depends on what its interests are. every one of us do
what is good for us right depending on understanding, so criticizing
will not help instead we need to do what is good for us, may be some
things are in interest of both the countries, but we need to make sure
US is not dictating us and getting it interest fulfilled not ours.

Hindian (USA)
19 hrs ago (08:39 PM)

Mr. Modi will make a great PM. It will be better to get rid of this
spineless MM Singh and install this honest and efficient Modi. It is
very urgent. He will take care of these Italian mafias.
Agree (32)Disagree (5)Recommend (22)

Anand (US) replies to Hindian
19 hrs ago (08:49 PM)

Could not agree more! Modi ji for PM!!
Agree (13)Disagree (3)Recommend (7)

Gaurav (USA) replies to Anand
18 hrs ago (09:54 PM)

Sure, very good for PM position, but no disrespect.I want to see Modi
as CM of Many states at one time. PM is tough job, problem is PM can
not get anything done with out the CM of states, i think we better
have good people working at the CM post first, then jump to PM post.
let have effective administration in all the states.

Yash (India)
19 hrs ago (08:39 PM)

If Narendra Modi becomes our PM, thats the day I stop worrying about
India’s defence. It would be a fool of a country who dares step into
my land.
Agree (41)Disagree (5)Recommend (26)

umesh (ahmedabad) replies to Yash
17 hrs ago (10:43 PM)

absolutely true…and problem of Pakistan will b solved…forever..either
they will mind their own business or they wont b on worlds map…

Shain (Belgium)
19 hrs ago (08:36 PM)

I agree that Modi is capable of managing economic progress and
prosperity. But, I really doubt the judgement of Mr. Owen here. How
can Mr. Modi be an efficient adminstrator, if he could not prevent
Gujarat riots? The first and the foremost duty of our prime minister
and chief ministers is to protect our lives. The rest of their duties
are only second to this primary duty. Mr. Modi was a big failure in
Gujarat during the riots and his minister was involved in fake
encounters to kill innocent civilians. In my view, our prime minister
and chief ministers should stand up and guard for our constitution and
thereby, ensuring our fundamental rights. Frankly, no amount of wealth
or prosperity will compensate for our rights to live peacefully and
exercising our legitimate freedoms.
Agree (10)Disagree (30)Recommend (2)

Sceptic (USA) replies to Shain
15 hrs ago (12:06 AM)

If USA could not prevent 9/11 how do you expect Modi to prevent the
train burning and following riots?

Gaurav (USA) replies to Shain
17 hrs ago (10:07 PM)

Was USA able to prevent or stop the person who kills the 13 people
including the USA Colorado Senate? Question is not that he is not able
to stop, question is will you be able to prevent anything from
happening, if not was the justice done at the end. If someone comes
and slap you, you will react and slap, unless you are scared to death
and a coward and alone. That is what happened post godhra. And will
keep happening, no one can stop that. Who ever try to stop also will
be killed. So we should make sure we behave as a civilized community,
have tolerance, and do not be religiously blind.
Agree (3)Recommend (1)

Dhruv (Ghaziabad) replies to Shain
18 hrs ago (09:09 PM)

Since partition so many Hindu-Muslim riots have taken place in
continuance of British policy of divide and rule particularly after
Mrs Gandhi came to power,the latest genocide of Sikhs in 1984 of
thousands of people in the whole of country and no one is pointing a
finger towards Rajiv Gandhi or his Govt what a pity
Agree (9)Recommend (3)

Pappu (India) replies to Dhruv
18 hrs ago (09:42 PM)

Hey Dhruv, I am pointing fingers at the congress govt for instigating
violence against sikhs in 1984. So here is an example where the state
went one step ahead and orchestrated genocide. Yet Dhruv, this govt
definitely been supported by Shain from Belgium and people like her.
She was also silent on why kar sevaks were burnt alive in the train
which triggered this riot. What feeling of the minority community in
Godhra instigated this action? What if I say the Gujarat Govt’s action/
inaction during riots actually good for the state as the riots
actually acted as detterent and such riots never happened afterwards.
Agree (5)Recommend (1)

MAS (India) replies to Shain
18 hrs ago (09:04 PM)

Totally agree with you
Agree (3)Disagree (8)Recommend (1)

Gujarati (Bangalore) replies to Shain
18 hrs ago (09:00 PM)

It was an act\action against the illfactors which were rampant in
Gujarat. It is because of those days Gujarat is seeing the economic
progress and prosperity and even better administration. It happens
that while eradicating illfactors some damage is done to the normals
but that is always justifiable. Being a Gujarati I didnot realise this
all these at first, but when I moved out of Gujarat I can compare
better compare this and justify the riots in Gujarat
Agree (3)

KSV (Chennai) replies to Shain
19 hrs ago (08:54 PM)

Dear Shain The Gujarat riots was a instantenous reaction from one
religion based on the enormity of killings done by the Muslims – which
am sure cannot be prevented in any country. Hindus have been killed in
jammu for the past many years and have been even chased away from
their own land, but nobody has ever talked about it. But when it comes
to Muslims or christianity – a big hue and cry is raised by Human
Rights activists, political parties and even foreign governments but
nobody has talked life is a life, color of blood is red only
irrespective of any religions and hence why this discrimination.
Reason being very simple – Dirty politics and to remain in power, for
the West it is OIL.
Agree (20)Disagree (2)Recommend (8)

Rav (USA) replies to Shain
19 hrs ago (08:54 PM)

shahbuddin was not innocent dear. He was the most wanted gangster of
MP, Gujarat region. Everyday police kill lot of criminals in
“encounters”; it’s just the UPA’s “crying foul” attitude which brought
Shahbuddin case into limelight. It is because of people like you that
Sonia maino and her puppet govt. can rule India without any fear. Vote
for Modi !!!!
Agree (14)Disagree (2)Recommend (7)

Gujarati (Bangalore) replies to Rav
18 hrs ago (09:32 PM)

If at all 26/11 would have happened in Gujarat, Kasab would be no
more. He would have been shot instantly and Gujarat Government
especailly Modi would wait for nothing. This is called true
administration. Beware if terror wants to enter our country!!!
Agree (3)Recommend (1)

Siv (Ind) replies to Shain
19 hrs ago (08:50 PM)

Cry baby. Could the congress stop the Bhopal disaster OR the anti-sikh
Agree (13)Disagree (1)Recommend (5)

sgdas.jps (Bangalore) replies to Shain
19 hrs ago (08:46 PM)

Disagree with u
Agree (10)Disagree (2)Recommend (3)

West Towel Towel (not near gslv launchpad)
19 hrs ago (08:36 PM)

modi ,jai ho.
Agree (14)Disagree (3)Recommend (14)

zahir (mumbai)
19 hrs ago (08:35 PM)

Mr. Modi may be described by wikileaks as non-corrupt, but various
public opinion as well as commission already proved his inability in
controlling Gujarat and discriminatory approach during the riots. Non-
corrupt aspect may be accepted partially, as there is no evidence, but
the certificate as an efficient administrator can not be accepted
Agree (11)Disagree (30)Recommend (2)

Gaurav (USA) replies to zahir
17 hrs ago (10:14 PM)

If we change the scenario a bit, let say we have Muslim CM, Muslim in
the godra train, hindu who burned the train, now what will you say, It
is the lesson for all (hindu,muslim) of us that we have to make sure
we behave as a civilized community, have tolerance, and do not be
religiously blind, we should believe in what we believe in , not what
religion tells you to believe in.
Agree (1)Disagree (1)

PK (Bangalore) replies to zahir
18 hrs ago (09:43 PM)

Only Muslim public will prove his inability in running the state of
Gujarat coz, its like “Chor ulta Kautwal ko dantee” Muslims are
involved in all wrong doings and if the chief minister or Govt takes
any action then they will give definitely wrong view about him.
Muslims are involved in all brutal acts and this has tarnished their
community. Muslim means a person who has self respect or Emman, Mr.
Zahir Why dont you stand against the SIMI or Taliban, or LeT, not only
you no muslim will do that because they dont have their Emman i,e they
are not true muslims they are psychic. If such a mentality is
prevailing in muslim community then definitely people like you have
wrong opinion about a person doing right thing…..
Agree (3)Disagree (1)Recommend (1)

Zing (India) replies to zahir
19 hrs ago (08:54 PM)

By mere commonsense and logic, looking at the number of victims, guj
riots were an unfortunate reaction to a communal incident. It cant be
termed state sponsored riot. State sponsored is something like
genocide in germany (holocaust). Do not waste your time and other’s
time in repeating nonsense argument. Be progressive my friend.
Agree (12)Disagree (2)Recommend (5)

rohietangel (Mumbai) replies to zahir
19 hrs ago (08:53 PM)

We do not need your certificate nor your vote. Modi will be PM one day…
accept it.
Agree (13)Disagree (4)Recommend (8)

Siv (Ind) replies to zahir
19 hrs ago (08:52 PM)

Another cry baby. Could the congress prevent either the bhopal
disaster or the anti-sikh riots if not the mega scams or the bofors?
Can any clown in the congress camp match the integrity or the
efficiency of Modi?
Agree (12)Disagree (1)Recommend (6)

cirsig (TN)
19 hrs ago (08:35 PM)

Modiji will become PM definitely as one day truth will triumph.
However I would like to have him as Cheif Minister of Tamilnadu for
some time to throw out the corrupt politicians especially DMK &
Family. I know Im too selfish & impractical. But Nevertheless its just
my wish & dream.
Agree (27)Disagree (5)Recommend (18)

Gaurav (USa) replies to cirsig
17 hrs ago (10:16 PM)

But i want him to be the CM of Many states at one time.
Agree (1)

ashish (coimbatore) replies to cirsig
19 hrs ago (08:44 PM)

u r absolutely right. TN has all the credentials to be a top
commercial state if we get rid of all corrupt politicians.
Agree (11)Disagree (2)Recommend (5)

sgdas.jps (Bangalore)
19 hrs ago (08:35 PM)

Congress- Marks Card Corruption-100% Security-0% Minority
appeasement-100% Communal-100% Development-1% (Sonia Maino and her
stooges are developing) BJP Corruption-10% Minority appeasement-0%
Communal-0% Development-30% Self 70% Nation Security-one goofup other
wise because of nuclear tests-90%
Agree (31)Disagree (5)Recommend (21)

karan (Delhi)
19 hrs ago (08:34 PM)

Great work Mr. Modi
Agree (15)Disagree (5)Recommend (10)

Ravi (India)
19 hrs ago (08:31 PM)

Modi for PM !
Agree (16)Disagree (4)Recommend (9)

Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to Ravi
19 hrs ago (08:47 PM)

Yes, Modi for PM in 2014!!!!
Agree (24)Disagree (4)Recommend (11)

Varun (Kerala)
19 hrs ago (08:30 PM)

I am pro-congress and I dont know a whole lot about Modi other than
what I read in the papers. Judging from the same, I think he is an
excellent prospective for the BJP party head. If BJP should get
elected in some way, he should be made PM. However, I also wonder if I
would regret this based on his attitude towards non-hindus. Modi Sir
if you would be a little more non-aggresive to the non-Hindu
populations, I am pretty sure that you would be our next national
Agree (13)Disagree (4)Recommend (4)

DP (London) replies to Varun
18 hrs ago (08:57 PM)

You are a fence sitter not pro-congress
Agree (3)Disagree (1)

Ram (Karad , Maharashtra)
19 hrs ago (08:30 PM)

Guys …please help BJP come back to power !! BJP is the only option for
India !!
Agree (18)Disagree (6)Recommend (12)

Kamran Behroozi (Mumbai)
19 hrs ago (08:30 PM)

Your commentlet him try and use that ceritificate to apply for a USA
Agree (4)Disagree (10)

Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to Kamran Behroozi
19 hrs ago (08:48 PM)

He doesn’t need US visa
Agree (9)Disagree (2)Recommend (5)

khanna (Chennai)
19 hrs ago (08:29 PM)

Persons like Modi are are the hope and much needed ones for india.
India needs people with self respect and who instills self respect in
fellow citizens. Its a long overdue after independence.
Agree (12)Disagree (4)Recommend (6)

indian (KSA)
19 hrs ago (08:28 PM)

“Arreee aarree wah wah”, lets do garlands to beloved uncorrupted modi.
because modi feels US words as GOD words,but modi cannot fraud himself
and god. But Modi forget that US did not allow him to enter in the
united states few years ago.
Agree (7)Disagree (20)Recommend (1)

Dipak (London, ON) replies to indian
19 hrs ago (08:39 PM)

Mr. indian, You don’t have to agree with everything for being friend
and not disagree being enemy. And.. If you are considering US and modi
are enemy of each other then isn’t that good that enemy is praising
it’s opponent!
Agree (11)Disagree (1)Recommend (4)

Aaditya (Delhi) replies to indian
19 hrs ago (08:38 PM)

His not getting a Visa has no relation to this comment made by him.
The US hates him for being incorruptible.
Agree (13)Disagree (2)Recommend (6)

Dinesh (UAE)
19 hrs ago (08:27 PM)

we expect all public servants and their responsible chief to be non –
corrupt naturally. The chief being incorrupt and so should be
appreciated doesnt sound sense. what actions or policies have been
taken to make the juristiction under him non corrupt and
correspondingly increase efficiency in public service is the matter
people and the country are waiting to hear. god bless.
Agree (6)Disagree (3)Recommend (2)

sant_o_s (Hyderabad)
19 hrs ago (08:26 PM)

UPA/Cong I have one more chance to cry at Narendra Modi and show off
their sycophancy.
Agree (17)Disagree (2)Recommend (9)

Manoj N (Pune)
19 hrs ago (08:25 PM)

Modi should start participating in Laughter Challenge..with these
interpretation- he is incorrputible? At least with this wikileaks have
proven that their cables have no verity and one should shun it and
move on. His leaks didnt do any wonders back in the US, India mein
kaunsa teer marega?
Agree (4)Disagree (13)

Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to Manoj N
19 hrs ago (08:49 PM)

You should participate in laughter challenge!
Agree (7)Disagree (1)Recommend (3)

SJ (Singapore)
19 hrs ago (08:25 PM)

US does not like “non-corrupt and efficient administrator ” , they
like the one which are corrupt and can bend the laws to sell there
products in India while compromising with quality… I wil Modi becomes
our PM. He will have to work a little on his image for muslims. He
will have to prove to the world that his actions were justifiable.
Agree (19)Disagree (3)Recommend (12)

Rohit (Mumbai)
19 hrs ago (08:24 PM)

Yes, UnitedStates know Modi well, that is why they denied US Visa !.
They dont want a criminal like Modi to enter their soil. Foolish Gujus
will accept Modi as a leader, but not rest of India. Even states like
Bihar dont allow his presence for election.
Agree (12)Disagree (42)Recommend (5)

Mk (London) replies to Rohit
19 hrs ago (08:49 PM)

Im from rest of India and i accept Modi. You better be with Raj or Bal
Agree (11)Disagree (2)Recommend (4)

Sallu raja (USA) replies to Rohit
19 hrs ago (08:42 PM)

Gujjus are not fool They are ‘Phool’. It is Other part of india who
elect UPA and suffer for next 5 years ignorant mumbikars elect corrupt
congress see see mess all over. They live in self created mess. God
bless Modi and long live Inida(after they throw out UPA)
Agree (16)Disagree (1)Recommend (6)

Aaditya (Delhi) replies to Rohit
19 hrs ago (08:41 PM)

These incidences are there only because our political parties want to
appease a minority community that has been brainwashed to the fact
that Modi is out there to kill them. None of the readers can say based
on thier observation that Modi was responsible for killing of the
minority community members in Gujarat, but, each one of us can say
that he is the best administrator in India and Gujarat is the most
progressive state.
Agree (17)Disagree (1)Recommend (12)

Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to Aaditya
19 hrs ago (08:50 PM)

Very apt observation!
Agree (12)Disagree (1)Recommend (6)

Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra)
19 hrs ago (08:24 PM)

In the mob of corrupt politicians, Modi Ji Rocks!!!!!!
Agree (22)Disagree (5)Recommend (16)

Madrasee (Chennai)
19 hrs ago (08:23 PM)

I prefer a corrupt to a communal.
Agree (12)Disagree (54)Recommend (2)

varun (chennai) replies to Madrasee
16 hrs ago (11:15 PM)

get ur facts right…dont just go by the false propaganda…atleast read
in wikipedia about godhra,communal violence in india,history of
gujarat..listen to speeches of Modiji…
Agree (5)Recommend (1)

h.kailash (India) replies to Madrasee
17 hrs ago (10:06 PM)

That’s the reason we need people like Modi to deal with scums like you
Agree (7)Disagree (1)Recommend (3)

Akash (Pune) replies to Madrasee
18 hrs ago (09:32 PM)

No wonder the ultra-corrupt DMK family blessed by the Gandhi family
are looting your state !
Agree (9)Recommend (6)

Neel (Mumbai) replies to Akash
17 hrs ago (10:01 PM)

wow, good one!
Agree (6)Recommend (2)

DP (London) replies to Madrasee
18 hrs ago (09:02 PM)

In TN you don’t have an option.
Agree (8)Recommend (4)

Madrasee replies to DP
16 hrs ago (11:09 PM)

Yes, in our state BJP is known as ‘Begging Janata Party’. It is
similar in most of the states.
Disagree (4)

Mk (London) replies to Madrasee
19 hrs ago (08:51 PM)

Go to Pakistan where you will find more corrupt and secular brothers
Agree (15)Disagree (2)Recommend (7)

indian (mumbai) replies to Madrasee
19 hrs ago (08:48 PM)

why he is nt communal.Congress is communal they rising issue always
even we r indian we had only one community that s indian .If ur indian
thn ya want uncorrupted gov. they should have power to change india to
develop country
Agree (6)Disagree (1)Recommend (3)

tejas (Gujarat) replies to Madrasee
19 hrs ago (08:42 PM)

Again, who knows how many of your corrupted leaders have hidden their
communal images using corruption?
Agree (11)Disagree (1)Recommend (5)

Surya (chennai) replies to Madrasee
19 hrs ago (08:38 PM)

Every one has to be communal, because democracy is all about, of
community by the community and for the community. Communal means for
the people its not something to feel shame! Seem your one of the most
corrupt person waiting to usurp communities money to Swiss banks ala
your supporters and precedors.
Agree (11)Disagree (2)Recommend (6)

indian (india) replies to Madrasee
19 hrs ago (08:33 PM)

Tell this to India’s neighbours
Agree (12)Disagree (1)Recommend (7)

Raj (USA) replies to Madrasee
19 hrs ago (08:33 PM)

Because u guys have only that kind of politicians till now… can’t help
it.. old habit… right???
Agree (11)Disagree (1)Recommend (5)

Pranay (Delhi)
19 hrs ago (08:23 PM)

If Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister of India than that would
be the good fortune for all the people of India.
Agree (34)Disagree (4)Recommend (25)

Neha (Delhi)
19 hrs ago (08:22 PM)

Although it is good, but did we really need a US certificate for your
adminitrative ablility…Also in this case they were not issuing
certificate, basically they were discussing the truth..You are a Gem,
but Congress has succesfully polluted people’s mind against you…I wish
we could think out of the box, and vote Modi for PM…I’m sure India
will progress on all fronts.
Agree (50)Disagree (6)Recommend (35)

PREM (BELGIUM) replies to Neha
18 hrs ago (09:20 PM)

Neha, I agree with you.
Agree (3)Recommend (1)

Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to Neha
19 hrs ago (08:51 PM)

Rightly said!
Agree (5)Disagree (1)Recommend (2)

Praveen (Bangalore)
19 hrs ago (08:20 PM)

Wonderful. Kudos to Modi
Agree (32)Disagree (3)Recommend (22)

indian (mumbai) replies to Praveen
19 hrs ago (08:44 PM)

Congress corrupted minister are utilizing our money increase there
wealth atleast there is politician in india who not only uncoorrrupted
but also develop his state.See maharastra which turning U turn from
develop state to undevelop state why due 2 corrupted minister.We are
paying tax by working hard. Politicial enjoy on our money. see there
child studying abroad and our child in Muncipal school.
Agree (6)Disagree (2)Recommend (3)

Buvera (Portland)
19 hrs ago (08:20 PM)

After all every one cannot be targeted for the same reason!
Agree (4)Disagree (3)Recommend (1)

Aj (Delhi)
19 hrs ago (08:19 PM)

modi ji the most honest leader today, the real candidate for PM’s
Agree (22)Disagree (3)Recommend (16)

Pranay (Delhi)
19 hrs ago (08:18 PM)

If Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister of India than that would
be our good fortune.
Agree (24)Disagree (3)Recommend (18)

prahlad (Bengaluru)
19 hrs ago (08:17 PM)

I never want to see Narendra Modi as India’s PM, solely because of the
way he gained power in Gujarat, he walked on 100′s of his fellowmen
dead bodies and became CM… Imagine what he will do to be a PM….
Agree (11)Disagree (50)Recommend (4)

h.kailash (India) replies to prahlad
17 hrs ago (10:07 PM)

We need a leader like him to control muzzie scums in this country who
are wagging their tail too much
Agree (12)Disagree (1)Recommend (7)

Raj (USA) replies to prahlad
17 hrs ago (10:05 PM)

What is ur real name?? That will clear lots about your thinking on
this to others.
Agree (8)Recommend (6)

Hitesh (Adelaide, Australia) replies to prahlad
19 hrs ago (08:52 PM)

Agree With Naveen, He(Modi) Will Do his first THAT(f**K U) job after
become a PM. MODI = PM.
Agree (5)Disagree (1)Recommend (1)

surya (chennai) replies to prahlad
19 hrs ago (08:47 PM)

India became a nation on dead bodies, the congress and left stand on
them… do you want to disband this country then? The more the blood we
shed the better for our country. it will decrease the global worming /
warming and contribute for the progress.
Agree (7)Disagree (2)Recommend (5)

Manas (USA) replies to prahlad
19 hrs ago (08:40 PM)

As they say everyone deserves a second chance. I am willing to give
him a second chance just for the fact inspite of Congress being at the
center for so long they have not been able to prove anything
substantial against him. India is a secular country and in this day
and age good work, not communal policies will take a political leader
far. Modi knows this first hand.
Agree (13)Disagree (1)Recommend (12)

Aaditya (Delhi) replies to prahlad
19 hrs ago (08:34 PM)

He was already CM when Godhra happened. And after the riots also the
“suffering minority” voted for him and BJP won from Godhra.
Agree (42)Disagree (2)Recommend (22)

prahlad replies to Aaditya
4 hrs ago (11:32 AM)

So, Do you agree that what he has done is right surrounding Godhra
massacre Or Do you feel he has no hand in it…
Disagree (3)

Aaditya replies to prahlad
2 hrs ago (01:44 PM)

He could have done more to curb it. However, he is not directly
responsible for it. Such unfortunate instances take place in out
country regularly (bitter truth) but, the media and govt. has been
gunning for Modi exclusively. “I can provide you ten proofs that Modi
run Gujarat is the best performing state in India but, nobody in this
forum can provide a single proof that he was the mastermind behind

Indian (India) replies to prahlad
19 hrs ago (08:30 PM)

When he becomes PM, he will walk on 1000′s of his corrupt fellowmen
dead bodies. I won’t mind another Chanakya in Indian History who is
born to cleanse our corrupt system. I am lucky to be in a age where
there is hope that corruption will finally come to an end in India.
Agree (30)Disagree (1)Recommend (20)

SimpleIndia (Pune) replies to prahlad
19 hrs ago (08:29 PM)

all the info which is coming out of wikileaks are not correct.
wikipleak is also a scam itself. don;t trust.
Agree (5)Disagree (19)

Siv (Ind) replies to SimpleIndia
18 hrs ago (09:27 PM)

You dreamt that eh? Wake up Sid!
Agree (4)Recommend (1)

Kes (US) replies to SimpleIndia
18 hrs ago (09:01 PM)

Whole world except few believe it. If you cannot believe the truth,
self consolation help sometimes?
Agree (7)Recommend (2)

Naveen (US) replies to prahlad
19 hrs ago (08:27 PM)

He will F*** you and your relatives to become PM.
Agree (10)Disagree (6)Recommend (5)

Piyush (Kolkata) replies to Naveen
11 hrs ago (04:40 AM)

What a great language! People from your religion will praise you!!!!!!!
Because anywhere in the world the leaders belonging to your religion
have practiced this very well. Shame on you!!!!!

TERRY (MANCHESTER) replies to prahlad
19 hrs ago (08:26 PM)

Agree (7)Disagree (26)Recommend (1)

Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to TERRY
19 hrs ago (08:53 PM)

Don’t fall into false propaganda by congress!
Agree (11)Disagree (2)Recommend (3)

piyush (pune)
19 hrs ago (08:17 PM)

We need leaders like Mr.Modi who can make and stand on their
decisions,not like our current PM who for every single decision
depends on the Italian Queen and her son. Indians get up and look
where Gujrat stands and where the rest of India stands.Even after
facing a tremendous earthquake and riots Gujrat is still far more
developed and prosperous than the rest of the states just because we
are still not identifying the correct people to lead us. I hope to see
leaders like Modi leading this country in the near future if people
wake up and stop casting their votes blindly…
Agree (39)Disagree (4)Recommend (30)

Dr.G.G.Rajan (India )
19 hrs ago (08:17 PM)

Nobody with National Integrity can be cowed down with the money
power.Corrupt congress, which was responsible for the division of
united India, knows who are the internal looters gradewise and will
not open their mouth until a big scam explodes soon, involving all the
top brasses.When a party cannot identify a true Indian leader to head
the party and has stooped down to elect an Italian waitress, the
party’s standard and it’s capability to govern the country is well
Agree (38)Disagree (4)Recommend (28)

Avinash (Bangalore)
19 hrs ago (08:17 PM)

Modiji is only hope for India
Agree (62)Disagree (11)Recommend (44)

subramanian (salem)
19 hrs ago (08:16 PM)

Let this be read by every indigenous and imported Gandhis and the
party’s slaves.
Agree (20)Disagree (4)Recommend (15)

rajeev (delhi)
19 hrs ago (08:15 PM)

Yes , you are incorruptible but MURDERER. so i will vote CORRUPT than
MURDERER, anytime.
Agree (12)Disagree (40)Recommend (6)

Sachin Sharma (Pune, Maharashtra) replies to rajeev
19 hrs ago (08:54 PM)

You are influence by false propaganda spread by Congress!!! Who just
want to stay in power through appeasing minorities! Its high time we
have a leader which focuses on development rather than minority
Agree (13)Disagree (2)Recommend (7)

pk (dubai) replies to rajeev
19 hrs ago (08:46 PM)

thats why we are far behind,due to you type people living in india.
Agree (12)Disagree (2)Recommend (6)

M A Choudary (Delhi) replies to rajeev
19 hrs ago (08:37 PM)

Let the SIT conclude whether he is the culprit or not. Let the highest
court conclude based on the evidence. Let us not forget that the
Godhra incident is the main cause of communal riots where in a country
with 80 % Hindus, a minority community has dared to indulge in such a
dastardly incident. It shows how much Hindus are tolerant as a
religious community. The incident was not pepetrated by some
terrosists. it is perpetrated by the orthodox religious maulvis etc.
Keep your ___ hole shut and participate in the development of India.
Agree (16)Disagree (3)Recommend (11)

Tejas (Gujarat) replies to rajeev
19 hrs ago (08:36 PM)

I am sure your CORRUPT leaders have MURDERED many and then then
burried skeletons using corruptions. I will choose opposite. so at
least I know what I am voting for and not taken for a ride by corrupt
Agree (12)Recommend (8)

AJAY (Goa)
19 hrs ago (08:15 PM)

Mr. Narendra Modi is the successful administrator is proved by
developmet in Gujrath. Narendra Modi Type leadership is the need of
the Hour.congress is looting our country & we are helpless , we are
witnnessing distruction of our country through nacked eye. I DO KNOW
WHAT TYPE OF PEOPLE WE ARE?…. its high time to wake up to save our
Agree (24)Disagree (4)Recommend (19)

Shashank (Secunderabad)
19 hrs ago (08:14 PM)

One more feather in the hat of Modiji Long live Narendra Modi the true
leader in Indian politics.
Agree (39)Disagree (7)Recommend (26)

tejas (pune)
19 hrs ago (08:12 PM)

Narendra Modi for PM
Agree (34)Disagree (7)Recommend (24)

deval (Pune)
19 hrs ago (08:11 PM)

nobody has doubt about it..
Agree (20)Disagree (3)Recommend (19)

NS (Delhi) replies to deval
19 hrs ago (08:45 PM)

Not even DogVijay Singh.
Agree (8)Disagree (1)Recommend (7)

Kumar D Kapasi (Toronto)
19 hrs ago (08:08 PM)

Bravo, Mr. Modi…!!! US does not have double standards. It has multiple
standards. US seldom practises what it preaches and has all the good
advice about what others should do. It reminds me of Oscar Wilde’s
famous quote “I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do
with it. It is never of any use to oneself.”.
Agree (10)Disagree (4)Recommend (8)

Ricko (UK)
19 hrs ago (08:08 PM)

Moti was responsible for godhra. Period. Everything else is huff-
Agree (12)Disagree (40)Recommend (3)

Mk (London) replies to Ricko
18 hrs ago (08:57 PM)

Modi is also responsible for 9/11, 26/11, Kasmir, CVC, S-Band, 2G,
CWG, and all the Gs in India.. HAHA.. I can just pitty on your
Agree (15)Disagree (2)Recommend (9)

Ricko replies to Mk
18 hrs ago (09:34 PM)

You do not have an argument. You are nothing more than a loud twat!
Agree (2)Disagree (16)

Mk replies to Ricko
17 hrs ago (10:26 PM)

The way you are arguing the way you will getting the reply.
Agree (6)Disagree (1)Recommend (2)

Raj (India) replies to Ricko
19 hrs ago (08:55 PM)

yeaaah! That same unproven lie.. We’ve heard that soooo many times
these past few years from your likes, that it almost looks rude for
you not to repeat it. Once More..
Agree (11)Disagree (2)Recommend (8)

Kushal (UK) replies to Ricko
19 hrs ago (08:32 PM)
And do you know who initiated Godhra riots? Why do you only mention
the response and not the originator?? You’re ignorant!
Agree (21)Disagree (1)Recommend (15)

Ricko replies to Kushal
19 hrs ago (08:54 PM)

To fight & riot is human nature…to use that as a opportunity to commit
a massacre is something else. It because of brainwashed sheep like you
he is still in power.
Agree (2)Disagree (17)Recommend (2)

Raj (UK) replies to Ricko
17 hrs ago (10:04 PM)

Take a break dude, I don’t think u needed in India. Open ur mind if
you have one.
Agree (6)Disagree (1)Recommend (1)

Abhimanyu (Ahmedabad) replies to Ricko
18 hrs ago (09:25 PM)

Massacare… you kidding. Than why do you remember only Godhra. Why
don’t you remember Kashmir, 26/11, Mumbai attack, 9/11, London,
Madrird… You ignorant religious extremist,, do you know what is human
Agree (11)Disagree (2)Recommend (7)

Mk (London) replies to Abhimanyu
17 hrs ago (10:33 PM)

Ricko is a Paki and only knows Islam.
Agree (4)Recommend (2)

M A Choudary (Delhi) replies to Ricko
19 hrs ago (08:28 PM)

Let the SIT conclude whether he is a culprit or not.
Agree (9)Disagree (4)Recommend (3)

Abhimanyu (Ahmedabad)
19 hrs ago (08:08 PM)

Bravo Narendra Modi Bravo You set an example for Modern Indian
Politics. Because of people like you every Indian still have some hope
in our leaders. To all those people (specially congress backed media
who misguided entire county) who blamed him about the riots, they must
visit Gujarat. There have been not a single riot in Gujarat after
Godhra incident (Congress is still doing its best to have riots). Modi
has given equal opportunity to Muslims in business & trading. To all
those people (so called seculars) who are going to comment against my
comment, first explain & justify the situation of Hindus in Kashimir.
All Pandits were forced to leave Kashmir, that is not the situation
for muslims in Gujarat. I am from Gujarat & proud to be Gujarati and
having such a leader. I wish in each state we have such leader.
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19 hrs ago (08:08 PM)

This is the Man to be NEXT PRIME MINISTER of India. Mr. Modi we like
to see India changed in next ten years as you have changed Gujarat
Agree (31)Disagree (4)Recommend (21)

19 hrs ago (08:07 PM)

Wait and see how the intolerable minds going to mud this great and
efficient leader through their comments.
Agree (43)Disagree (8)Recommend (29)

Rahul (Patna) replies to RK
19 hrs ago (08:16 PM)

yes efficient but KILLER leader who has staged GODHRA the biggest
enemy of Humanity.
Agree (8)Disagree (36)Recommend (3)

Dave (Ahmedabad) replies to Rahul
19 hrs ago (08:33 PM)

And what do you think about people who were burned alive by a mob?
Agree (13)Disagree (3)Recommend (6)

Gujarati (Bangalore) replies to Dave
18 hrs ago (09:14 PM)

Its simple if mob burns them, there is always a reason behind it. They
were the illfactors of the society.
Agree (1)Disagree (3)Recommend (1)

varun (chennai) replies to Gujarati
16 hrs ago (11:25 PM)

Agree (2)

19 hrs ago (08:05 PM)

Narendra bhai, please shut up and keep up the good work. You do not
want US to certify about your corruption credentials, but people of
Gujarat should be happy with you. Make Gujarat experience rapid
progress under your leadership that it becomes business capital of
Asia in next ten years.
Agree (29)Disagree (14)Recommend (15)

Just Thinking (Mumbai) replies to JP
19 hrs ago (08:34 PM)

Confused assessment !! You are supporting him with all wrong reasons.
Agree (7)Disagree (1)Recommend (2)

PREM (BELGIUM) replies to JP
19 hrs ago (08:12 PM)

You are right, Mr. modi does not need to say any thing to any one. Mr.
Modi you are the ONLY hope to SAVE INDIA.
Agree (19)Disagree (5)Recommend (14)

jigar (Ahmedabad)
19 hrs ago (08:04 PM)

yes 100% right…. i want to see narendra modi as a prime minister
Agree (72)Disagree (15)Recommend (53)

Dharmakarma (kerala) replies to jigar
18 hrs ago (09:21 PM)

Unfortunately, it will not happen. Congress killed Netaji and sanjay
and now Modi will also will have the same fate. Pity India. Pity to
you and me, for unable to stop this Congress cruelties!

Mangal Pandey Misra (Sydney)
19 hrs ago (08:03 PM)

Truth alone triumphs … Satyamev Jayate.
Agree (64)Disagree (10)Recommend (43)

digiloveslicking (noida)
19 hrs ago (08:02 PM)

Modibhai, Do not provoke the family. You know that its chamchas will
try every dirty trick in their books to malign you and the BJP. The ED
letter and Sibal’s outburst yesterday are only the latest
manifestation of their chamchagiri.
Agree (58)Disagree (11)Recommend (43)

suman (bangalore) replies to digiloveslicking
19 hrs ago (08:13 PM)

well said.
Agree (11)Disagree (5)Recommend (7)

Average_Indian (India)
19 hrs ago (07:59 PM)

Going great Mr. Modi. You’re the best. You have sigled out from our
corrupt politicians who licks anything to satisfy the Americans. We
are with you.
Agree (58)Disagree (14)Recommend (42)

Kishore (China) replies to Average_Indian
19 hrs ago (08:13 PM)

Will you vote?
Agree (14)Disagree (3)Recommend (8)

NS (Delhi) replies to Kishore
19 hrs ago (08:43 PM)

I will always vote for Mr Modi as PM
Agree (19)Disagree (7)Recommend (12)

WikiLeaks: Chaos wins over Parliament debate
Updated Mar 23, 2011 at 03:04pm IST

New Delhi: Stalling activities in the Parliament yet again, the
Opposition continued to target the government over the WikiLeaks
disclosure on Wednesday, even as the Congress party stuck to its guns
claiming no wrongdoing.

The general uproar and constant shouting by Opposition MPs
overshadowed whatever cogency there may have been in the discussion
over Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s controversial statement on the
cash-for-votes scam.

Not to be outdone, Congress MPs also shouted slogans as CPI leader
Gurudas Dasgupta and Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj
took the floor.

WikiLeaks: Chaos wins over Parliament debate

Dasgupta called the UPA’s bid to bribe MPs during the trust vote a
case of parliamentary piracy and accused the government of a cover-up,
sparking off ruckus in Parliament.

Political thugs bought MPs: CPI(M)

“It’s a case of parliamentary piracy because some members were
hijacked. The suspicion is that organised group of political gangsters
were at work,” he said.

“I concede that the PM was precise in his statement and the statement
was cogent. PM was very prompt in throwing the ball in the court of
the Opposition, his tone was very firm, normally he is not. He was
firm in rejecting the complaints on cash-for-votes during the last no
confidence motion,” said Dasgupta.

PM evading truth: BJP

Swaraj slammed the prime minister for disregarding the KC Deo probe
panel’s findings.

“The publication in Hindu on March 17 was not new to us, it only
became a proof against the government,” said Sushma Swaraj, Leader of
Opposition, Lok Sabha.

“I challenge the PM that he should go through this report, as the
report has conclusions and the committee asked for an inquiry, which
never happened. Somnath Chatterjee has written in his autobiography
that this needed to be inquired for further investigations. The case
was registered under prevention of corruption act on March 22, 2009.
PM should have brought these facts out,” said Swaraj.

“The WikiLeaks report had names in its conclusion, Committee asked for
an inquiry and a case was registered. PM, were you not given any of
these details. Delhi police is investigating the case. CFL has
verified that the tapes are not tampered. How come you being the PM
unaware of all this?

“PM has to take responsibility, he is the head of the government, he
cannot run away from responsibilities. If the PM does not know then
why is he the PM?” said Swaraj.

Congress defends PM

“Parliament has been made a prisoner after Wikileaks report in Hindu
on March 17. PM gave his statement soon after on March 18. I
understand that PM by mistake did not show the statement before
reading it out in the Parliament,” said Congress leader Pawan Kumar
Bansal in Lok Sabha.

“PM said ‘I wish to make it clear that nobody from the congress party
indulged’. The Opposition leaders believe that their utterances are
divine truths, they suffer from selective amnesia,” said Bansal.

“PM said ‘That committee had concluded that there was insufficient
evidences to prove bribery’. Was the PM writing thesis on this report?
Sushma Swaraj is giving her own interpretation of the committee
report,” said Pawan Kumar Bansal in Lok Sabha.

Cash-for-votes debate in LS

The government agreed to a short duration discussion on Tuesday after
sustained pressure from the BJP and other parties.

Last week, the prime minister had told the Lok Sabha that no money
exchanged hands during the 2008 trust vote over the Indo-US nuclear

BJP Spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said there was enough proof that
money exchanged hands ahead of the trust vote. He is accusing the
prime minister of ignoring the Lok Sabha panel report on the matter.

The government is hoping to counter the Opposition by talking about
Advani’s so-called double-speak on the nuke deal that also came up in
another US cable revealed by WikiLeaks.

The whistleblower website confirmed a CNN-IBN sting operation that
showed MPs being bought by the UPA ahead of that crucial vote.

…and I am Sid Harth

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India’s Superpower Euphoria CCXC

PM and PM Wannabe

Tarapore Nuclear Power Plant

New Delhi, March 24, 2011
Tehelka comes in handy for defensive Congress
Smita Gupta

Days after being on the defensive on the WikiLeaks disclosures of a
possible cash-for-votes scam back in 2008, a belligerent Congress went
for the jugular, bringing cheer to the ruling party. In the Lok Sabha,
it was a combative Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Human Resource
Development Minister Kapil Sibal; in the Rajya Sabha, Home Minister P.
Chidambaram held the fort.

Emboldening the Congress on Wednesday was the publication of a news
story in Tehelka, suggesting that the BJP had masterminded a cash-for-
votes sting operation through the CNN-IBN channel in 2008, to
destabilise the government.

Indeed, the Tehelka report came in handy, with Mr Chidambaram
emphasising that the sting operation was not an independent
journalistic exercise but a “deliberate attempt in collaboration with
a political party” to destabilise the government, and adding the Delhi
Police would include these new revelations in its investigations into
the cash-for-votes scam.

In the Lok Sabha, Mr. Sibal quoted at length from the Tehelka report,
to great effect. And Congress president and United Progressive
Alliance chairperson Sonia Gandhi, usually very circumspect, was
provoked into heckling a surprised BJP member Yashwant Sinha.

The Prime Minister, too, stunned the Lok Sabha when he quoted a Urdu
couplet to mock Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj, before going
in for the kill, attacking the former Deputy Prime Minister L.K.
Advani. Dr. Singh said Mr. Advani had never forgiven him as the BJP
leader believed that “being the Prime Minister was his birthright.”

The impact of the combative performance of Dr. Singh, Mr. Sibal and
Mr. Chidambaram, together with the publication of the Tehelka report,
visibly lifted the mood of a despondent Congress. The Congress may not
have been exonerated, but with the spotlight now on the BJP, the heat
is no longer on just the ruling party. A Congress MP summed it up:
“After today’s discussion, there is really very little left to say.”

The Tehelka report, which quotes the former CNN-IBN reporter,
Siddharth Gautam, who was involved in the sting operation, says
neither the Congress nor the Samajwadi Party was actively looking for
MPs to buy — rather, it was the BJP which “had wilfully set out to
entrap either the Congress or the SP into buying three BJP MPs so it
could pull off a successful sting operation and discredit the

This sting operation “appears to have had the sanction and collusion
of respected BJP leaders like Sudheendra Kulkarni, Arun Jaitley and
even L.K. Advani,” says the Tehelka report. The story is based on
three pieces of evidence — the firsthand account of the former CNN-IBN
reporter, 10 crucial phone recordings that show the BJP’s Ashok Argal
frantically calling up people and shopping for someone to buy him and
the other two BJP MPs on the night of July 21, 2008, the eve of the
nuclear vote; and the parliamentary panel report which, it says, “is
full of contradictory accounts which prove that every player in the
scandal resorted to either blatant lies or at least half-truths.”

The Tehelka report, however, does not totally exonerate either the SP
or the Congress: while the report shows there is absolutely no
credible evidence to support the allegations against the Congress, it
also “demonstrates that the parliamentary panel headed by Congress MP
K.C. Deo and the Delhi Police did little to collate the evidence and
nail the accused.”

Keywords: cash-for-votes scam, Tehelka sting operation

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Watch out for dangers of hearsay: PM

New Delhi, March 23: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today warned the
Opposition not to take the “dangerous path” of destabilising the
government on the basis of what one embassy official says about
something, as was the case with WikiLeaks.

“Tomorrow, if another official of a foreign embassy takes it into his
head to create a feeling of strife and distress among the political
parties in our country, all that he has to do is to plant a diplomatic
message, and also ensure that somehow it leaks,” he said.

“I think… this august Parliament should reflect as to what we are
doing to our country. It is not in a spirit of any partisan upmanship
I say this, but as someone who is worried about the aftermath, the
after-effect of this development on the future management of our

The Prime Minister reiterated that his government had committed no
wrong during the trust vote in 2008 and accused the BJP of selectively
quoting from the Kishore Chandra Deo Committee report to prove their

Defending his statement that there was insufficient evidence to draw a
conclusion of bribery, he recalled that the then Speaker Somnath
Chatterjee had also said the Deo report did not establish the bribery

Quoting from Somnath’s observations, he said: “Finding of the
committee is that material on record does not conclusively prove that
the money contained in the bag which was eventually displayed in the
House was actually sent by the persons who were alleged to have sent
it for the purpose of winning over the MPs to vote in favour of the
motion of confidence”.

The same conclusion emerges when we study the report of the committee
in totality, Singh said, adding “it is no use quoting sections which
suit one’s convenience or which support one’s argument.”

The BJP was clueless for a few minutes after the reply and then walked
out of the House, but by then the Prime Minister had already left.

Singh received full support from Congress members who forcefully
rebutted the Opposition’s arguments on bribery and the veracity of the
leaked US diplomatic cables.

Kapil Sibal made a powerful intervention, accusing the BJP of
denigrating the Prime Minister’s office in its desperation to seek
political advantage at every stage.

He cited a Tehelka report this morning that said the BJP’s top leaders
had masterminded the cash-for-votes sting operation in collusion with
a television channel. “Sushma Swaraj wanted to know who did it, it was
done at your behest and the person who got it done is the leader of
the other House,” he said.

Sibal also confronted Sushma for selectively quoting WikiLeaks owner
Julian Assange to prove that the cables were authentic. “Assange also
said that the contents may or may not be authentic,” he claimed.

If WikiLeaks was reliable then would the BJP accept what it says about
Modi, that he was an insular and distrustful person and ruled through
fear and intimidation, Sibal asked. Parliamentary affairs minister
Pawan Bansal, who was the first speaker from the Congress, lamented
that the House had to be held hostage over WikiLeaks only because the
BJP was “desperate to grab power” by any means. He said other
countries had rubbished WikiLeaks and described it as “cyber

Bansal denied that Singh had used the electoral logic to justify
anything, pointing out that the Prime Minister had clearly said no
crime had been committed by the government.

This was in answer to Sushma’s question why Narendra Modi was not
acquitted in the Gujarat riots after his successive election victories
and whether Rajiv Gandhi’s stunning win in 1985 washed off the blame
for the anti-Sikh riots.

New Delhi, March 23, 2011
No cash was given for votes: Manmohan
J. Balaji

The Hindu Prime Minister Manmohan Singh listens to Bharatiya Janata
Party leader L.K.Advani at the Parliament House in New Delhi on
Wednesday. Photo: R. V. Moorthy

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday reiterated that no one from
the Congress or the government had indulged in any lawful act as
alleged in a U.S. Embassy cable published in The Hindu on March 17.

“I would like to make it clear once again that none from the Congress
party or the government indulged in any such unlawful act during the
trust vote in 2008. We have not been involved in any such transaction
and we have not authorised any one to indulge in such transactions,”
he said in both Houses of Parliament, while replying to a short-
duration discussion on the WikiLeaks report.

Refusing to entertain the cable’s charge of a Congress politician
showing two chests of bribe money to a U.S. Embassy staffer, Dr. Singh
devoted a substantive portion of his reply to an attack on the
Opposition benches, particularly the BJP.

Targeting senior BJP leader L.K. Advani, he said: “Advaniji believes
that becoming the Prime Minister was his birthright and therefore, he
has never forgiven me…All I can say to Advaniji is that people of
India have voted us to power in free and fair elections. Please wait
for another three-and-a-half years.”

This was not the first time in his parliamentary career that he was
facing an Opposition onslaught of this type. “I have had to go through
that as Finance Minister and as the Prime Minister. The main
Opposition party, right from 2004, adopted the attitude that we are a

On the WikiLeaks cables, he said it was not possible for the
government to confirm the veracity or the contents of such
communication. “If they exist, they would be communications from U.S.
diplomats stationed in Delhi to their government in Washington. It is
not open to us to enquire from either of the two regarding the
communications they exchanged among themselves.” Many persons referred
to in those communications had strongly denied their veracity, he

On the report of the V. Kishore Chandra Deo committee, set up by the
14th Lok Sabha to go into the allegations of some BJP MPs that they
were offered money to cross-vote in the confidence motion, Dr. Singh
said the Committee had concluded that there was insufficient evidence
to conclude “bribery” had taken place. “I am convinced that taking the
report as a whole, this is a correct inference.” The Opposition had
earlier accused him of distorting the contents of the report.

To buttress his argument, Dr. Singh read out the statement of then
Speaker Somnath Chatterjee, who, while introducing the Committee’s
report in the House on December 16, 2008, had said: “…material on
record does not conclusively prove that the money contained in the
bag, which was eventually displayed in the House, was actually sent by
the persons who were alleged to have sent it for the purpose of
winning over Shri Ashok Argal, Shri Faggan Singh Kulaste and Shri
Mahavir Bhagora to vote in favour of the Motion of Confidence. The
Committee have, however, found the evidence given before the Committee
by three persons involved in this episode as unconvincing, and the
Committee have suggested that their role in the matter needs to be
investigated by investigating agencies.”

Later the matter pertaining to the three MPs was referred to the Union
Home Ministry for appropriate action. Subsequently it was sent to
Delhi police for a probe which was on the job now.

The Prime Minister said he wanted to leave it to the good sense of the
House to decide for itself whether the report of the Committee in any
way substantiates the wild allegations levelled by some Opposition
members against the government.

Keywords: Cable162458, The India Cables, WikiLeaks, Cablegate, cash-
for-votes, trust vote, confidence motion, Manmohan Singh government,
nuclear deal

New Delhi, March 23, 2011
Manmohan can’t shrug off blame: Sushma
Vinay Kumar

Sushma Swaraj

Disclosures made by the WikiLeaks and published by The Hindu continued
to rock both Houses of Parliament as a united Opposition on Wednesday
slammed the UPA government over the “cash-for-votes” scam. It trained
its guns on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as he happened to be the
“biggest beneficiary” of the trust vote he sought in July 2008.

Raising a discussion in the Lok Sabha on Dr. Singh’s March 18
statement on The Hindu’ s report made under Rule 193, which does not
entail voting, Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj launched a sharp
attack on the Prime Minister, saying as head of the government he
could not shirk his responsibility. Dr. Singh was intently listening
to the discussion.

Objecting to his description of the WikiLeaks cables as “unverified,
speculative and unverifiable,” she said the disclosures could not be
dismissed in such a manner.

“It is the habit of the Prime Minister to blame others. If it is price
rise, then Sharad Pawar [Agriculture Minister] is responsible; if it
is 2G, then it is A. Raja [former Telecom Minister] and if it is
Commonwealth Games scam, then [Suresh] Kalmadi is to be blamed.”

Ms. Swaraj said people were fed up with the Prime Minister’s excuses
like “I don’t know anything, I am not aware of anything, there are
coalition compulsions and I am not that much guilty as I am made out
to be.” She said people were asking, “If you do not know anything,
then why are you the Prime Minister?”

Amid frequent interruptions by Congress members, she said that after
the Parliament Inquiry Committee had recommended further probe into
the cash-for-votes scam, the Delhi Police Crime Branch registered a
case in January 2009 and the Central Forensic Science Laboratory
verified the authenticity of the tapes of a sting operation.

Pointing out that the Prime Minister had not mentioned this in his
statement, Ms. Swaraj said: “Nobody tells you anything? This is why I
have given notice of a breach of privilege motion.”

The Opposition leader also objected to the Prime Minister’s reference,
in his statement, to the 2009 electoral victory of the Congress,
saying it was a dangerous argument. For, a poll victory could not wash
the stains of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots on the Congress.

Ms. Swaraj said India’s democracy was “shamed” by the ‘cash-for-votes’
scam and an electoral victory or loss would not wash it off.

Earlier, initiating the discussion, CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta
accused the Prime Minister of having resorted to “parliamentary
piracy” to win the vote of confidence in 2008 and demanded that he
come clean.

The parliamentary panel report had recommended “investigation by an
appropriate agency” into the alleged attempts to purchase votes to win
the trust vote, he pointed out.

“It’s a case of parliamentary piracy because some members were
hijacked. The suspicion is that an organised group of political
gangsters was at work,” Mr. Dasgupta said even as his remarks evoked
angry protests from the treasury benches.

As the CPI leader demanded a probe into the large-scale absenteeism
among opposition members during the trust vote, ruling party members
including the Congress’ Raj Babbar, Sanjay Nirupam, Annu Tandon and
Mahabal Mishra were on their feet protesting the reference.

“Might is right”

Mr. Dasgupta said “electoral verdict cannot condone criminality if it
has been perpetrated.” However, Dr. Singh’s argument gave credence to
the “might is right” theory, a dangerous proposition in a functional

“I concede that the Prime Minister was precise in his statement and
the statement was cogent. He was very prompt in throwing the ball in
the court of the Opposition, his tone was very firm and he was firm in
rejecting the complaints on cash-for-votes,” Mr. Dasgupta said adding
a “linguistic fervour” was used to conceal the facts.

Did you verify documents?

Defending the government, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar
Bansal said Dr. Singh’s statement was based on facts and accused the
Opposition of creating an “environment of crisis” on the basis of
WikiLeaks documents which should not be given any importance.

Contending that the BJP was misinterpreting the facts, he asked
whether the main Opposition had verified the contents of the WikiLeaks
documents or whether it could do so.

“You consider it the truth? … Whenever you attacked the Prime
Minister, he has emerged stronger because he has that kind of

Mr. Bansal said there was nothing wrong in the Prime Minister
mentioning about the 2009 electoral win. He said the BJP was raising
the issue as it was not able to digest the UPA’s victory in 2004 and
again in 2009.

In an oblique reference to the ‘turf war’ in the BJP, Mr. Bansal said
the “problem is within” and appealed to it to rely on facts and not
give credence to “wild allegations.”

When he pointed out that the Parliament Inquiry Committee had
recommended a probe against Sudheendra Kulkarni, former close aide of
BJP leader L.K. Advani in the ‘cash-for-vote’ scam, the BJP members
including Yashwant Sinha countered, asking why the case had not been
pursued for the last three years.

Keywords: Wikileaks, The India Cables, WikiLeaks, Cablegate, freedom
of speech, cash-for-vote scam

Gandhinagar, March 22, 2011
Modi upbeat but rivals say there is nothing to crow about
Manas Dasgupta

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Photo: P.V. Sivakumar

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and the ruling Bharatiya Janata
Party are buoyant over the WikiLeaks revelations, as reported in The
Hindu on Tuesday, suggesting that the U.S. was “recognising” the “fast-
paced developments” in the State.

Mr. Modi was happy about U.S. Consul-General in Mumbai Michael S. Owen
describing him as an “incorruptible” leader. “It is one thing to
describe someone as non-corrupt and quite another to be told that he
or she is incorruptible. It feels great to be described as
incorruptible,” Mr. Modi told journalists on the sidelines of a
seminar on “Water for inclusive growth” held on the occasion of World
Water Day here.

He said he was happy that at a time when other WikiLeaks reports had
raised accusing fingers against the Congress-led UPA government at the
Centre, the cables described the Gujarat administration under him as
“corruption-free” and attributed the State’s development to this

Mr. Modi was also happy that the U.S. Consul-General reported
“faithfully and correctly” the details of the meeting he had with Mr.
Owen in November 2006. “When he broached the subject of alleged human
rights violations in Gujarat in 2002, I looked straight into his eyes
and told him that at least the U.S. is not competent to teach me about
human rights. I told him that I am a proud son of India where human
rights are highly honoured and recounted a list of instances where the
U.S. had blatantly violated human rights. It is nice on Mr. Owen’s
part that he had reported this to his higher-ups faithfully and
correctly as revealed from the WikiLeaks,” Mr. Modi said.

Asked whether he considered the cables on the Gujarat riots and such
other issues as U.S. interference in the internal matters of the
country, Mr. Modi said the question should be directed at the Central

“U.S. keen on ties”

State Cabinet spokesman and Health Minister Jaynarayan Vyas said the
revelations proved that the U.S. was not only “repenting” the
“mistake” of not granting Mr. Modi a visa but had also showed keenness
to try to improve relations with the Chief Minister. “Now has the U.S.
started realising the reality,” he said.

BJP spokesman Vijay Rupani said the WikiLeaks reports would propel Mr.
Modi into the national stage. The reports showed the importance the
U.S. attached to the Gujarat Chief Minister as a prospective national
leader. “This has become a matter of pride for us.”

Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly Shaktisinh Gohil, however,
described Mr. Modi’s “interpretations” of the WikiLeaks as “day-
dreaming” and said the Chief Minister was deliberately “misreading”
the reports to mislead the people in the State.

“Now that he has realised that he cannot get a good conduct
certificate from the people of Gujarat, he is trying to get “bogus
certificates” from outside,” Mr. Gohil said. At no stage had the U.S.
Consul-General described Mr. Modi as “incorruptible” and only stated
that corruption at the lower levels of the administration had been
considerably reduced. The same cable mentioned that at the higher
levels and particularly in relation to the big industrial houses,
“corruption had increased manifold,” Mr. Gohil claimed.

Human rights activists and other non-governmental organisations also
refused to attach much significance to the WikiLeaks reports. “They
merely show that the U.S. is concerned about his rise. Had the U.S.
been really warming to him, they would have lifted the embargo on
him,” Fr. Cedric Prakash, human rights activist and director of the
voluntary organisation, Prashant, said.

Keywords: Cable84043, The India Cables, WikiLeaks, Cablegate, Narendra
Modi, visa denial, post-Godhra riots, Muslims in Gujarat, Vibrant

New Delhi, March 22, 2011
Food Ministry to give comments on Narendra Modi’s report in 15 days

PTI Prime Minister Manmohan Singh receives the Report of Working Group
on Consumer Affairs from its Chairman and Gujarat Chief Minister
Narendra Modi in New Delhi. A PTI file photo.

The food and consumer affairs ministries will soon submit their views
to the Prime Minister on the recommendations made by the Gujarat Chief
Minister Narendra Modi-led working group, including a ban on futures
trading in essential commodities to control inflation.

“We are examining the suggestions of the working group headed by
Gujarat CM and we will submit our views on the recommendations related
to my ministries to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the next 15
days,” Food and Consumer Affairs Minister K V Thomas said yesterday.

Asked about the ministries’ view on the working group’s suggestion of
banning futures trade in essential items, Thomas said, “We have an
open mind (on this issue),” but refrained from further comment.

The Working Group on Consumer Affairs, set up in April, 2010, to find
ways to control retail prices, had submitted the report to Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh on March 2. Apart from Gujarat, the Chief
Ministers of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra were members
of the group.

The group has made 20 recommendations with 64 action points, ranging
from banning futures trade in essential items to making offences under
the Essential Commodities Act as non-bailable. It has also suggested
setting up special courts for early trials.

“Considering the lack of strong linkages between spot and future
markets at present, the Modi Report suggested that for the time being,
essential commodities should be kept out of the futures market,” an
official release had said.

Commodity markets regulator FMC has already suspended futures trading
in rice, tur and urad, but wheat and sugar are still traded.

The working group had also asked the government to explore unbundling
of Food Corporation of India’s (FCI) operations in terms of its
procurement, storage and distribution functions.

Keywords: Inflation, Commodity trading, Study group, Consumer affairs,
Narendra Modi, K. V. Thomas

CHENNAI, March 23, 2011
India sought help in IC-814 case; FBI said ‘no fishing’
Nirupama Subramanian

AP File photo of JeM founder Maulana Masood Azhar. U.S diplomatic
cables, accessed by “The Hindu” through WikiLeaks, show that
Washington was wary about sharing information that could have helped
India pursue the 1999 IC-814 hijack case.

New Delhi wanted access to Taliban records seized by the U.S.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) did not respond to Indian
requests for assistance in the investigation into the IC-814 hijacking
as it did not want to cooperate in what it internally described as
“fishing expeditions.”

Wearying of playing the go-between, the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi
urged Washington to bring to an end “this ongoing cycle of requests”
by giving the Indian government a “clear negative response” rather
than “perpetuating a fruitless dialogue.”

But on a later occasion, it urged greater cooperation with Indian
investigators in the interests of the developing bilateral strategic

U.S diplomatic cables of 2005, accessed by The Hindu through
WikiLeaks, reveal how wary Washington was just a few years before the
Mumbai 2008 attacks about sharing information with India, especially
where it concerned Pakistan.

The Indian Airlines flight from Kathmandu to New Delhi was hijacked
and taken to Kandahar in Afghanistan in 1999.

India surrendered to the hijackers’ demand for the release of three
militants including Masood Azhar, who went on to form the Jaish-e-

In exchange, the government secured the freedom of all but one — the
hijackers killed him — of the 178 passengers and 15 crew on board the
aircraft. The Taliban government in Afghanistan provided safe passage
to the five hijackers and the three released militants.

India registered a case and began investigations into the hijacking.
The U.S. too registered a case as there was one American citizen among
the passengers.

When U.S. forces invaded Afghanistan in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks,
ousted the Taliban government and detained many of its leaders, India
asked the Americans for access to those linked to the hijacking. New
Delhi also wanted access to records the U.S. may have seized in
Afghanistan that could help India’s case.

Two non-papers

More than three years later, India was still pushing for its “pending
requests”. In March 2005 and again in May that year (Cable 29497:
confidential, March 24, 2005; 32567: confidential, May 13, 2005 ) the
Ministry of External Affairs handed over identical “non-papers” —
diplomatic jargon for an informal memorandum — to U.S. Embassy
officials in New Delhi, reiterating the requests.

Both times, Deputy Chief of Mission Robert O. Blake transmitted the
non-papers to Washington, along with the response from the Embassy
Legal Attache, an FBI position in U.S. diplomatic missions.

In both instances, the Legal Attache had the same response: “Legatt
noted that the FBI has shared all its information relevant to the
hijacking of IC-814 with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI),
India’s lead federal law enforcement agency, but has not acquiesced on
requests it deems ‘fishing expeditions’.”

The only addition he made to his response in May was that he had not
conveyed the FBI’s “fishing expedition” sentiment to India.

However, Mr. Blake added that the MEA request showed “senior-level
attention to the IC-814 matter and perception at that level that the
USG has been less than fully forthcoming.”

Making an “action request,” he urged that “we need to bring an end to
this ongoing cycle of requests […] and a clear negative response would
be preferable to perpetuating a fruitless dialogue. The FBI has
reportedly exhausted its ability to cooperate, and we should directly
inform both CBI and MEA to that effect, with specific confirmation on
what evidence is or is not in US possession.”

Later that year, Mr. Blake sent another cable on the subject (45536:
secret, November 18, 2005), this time urging Washington to take the
Indian request seriously: cooperate more.

Reason: MEA Joint Secretary (Americas) S. Jaishankar had told him and
the Embassy Political Counselor at a meeting on November 18 that “a
USG failure to respond to earlier information requests […] regarding
the hijacking of IC-814 could infringe on the broader US-India law
enforcement/intelligence relationship.”

The trial of the 10 persons who were accused in the hijacking — seven
of them in absentia — was winding down. Dr. Jaishankar conveyed “that
the GOI, in absence of a US reply, will be forced to state in court
that they are unable to proceed further due to US inaction.”

Immediate action now, the MEA official said, “would forestall such an
embarrassing event.”

Mr. Blake urged that “to prove our new strategic partnership extends
to the intelligence areas, we should share fully what we know. Such a
step may prompt India to share more fully as well. Jaishankar is
clearly testing the limits of our transformed relations.”

His requested action this time was “to verify the Indian’s claims
about the hijackers’ detention status. If they are in USG detention,
we should grant Indian access or share information we have gleaned on
the IC-814 hijacking.”

Keywords: Cable 29497, cable32567, cable45536, The India Cables,
WikiLeaks, Cablegate, IC-814 hijacking, Kandahar, Masood Azhar
release, Taliban, FBI

March 23, 2011
Corrupt means taint the nuclear deal
Brahma Chellaney

The HIndu The mounting Tarapur spent-fuel stockpile poses greater
safety and environmental hazards than probably at any other plant in
the world. A view of the Tarapur Atomic Power Plant 1, at Tarapur.
File photo: Vivek Bendre

The new bribery revelations, a rigged process to import reactors and
safety-related concerns must lead to the long-blocked scrutiny of the
nuclear deal by Parliament.

The world’s worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl raises troubling
questions about India’s plans for a huge expansion of its nuclear
power programme through reactor imports. Given its low per-capita
energy consumption, India must generate far more electricity to
economically advance. So it needs more nuclear-generated power. The
real issue thus is safe and cost-competitive nuclear power.

What is disconcerting about India’s plans for massive imports is that
they are not part of a well-thought-out strategy but a quid pro quo to
the United States, France and Russia for bringing the Indo-U.S. civil
nuclear deal to fruition, including through a Nuclear Suppliers Group
waiver. For example, while keeping Parliament in the dark, the UPA
government faxed a letter to U.S. Undersecretary of State William
Burns on September 10, 2008 — just hours before the White House sent
the deal to the U.S. Congress for ratification — committing India to
import a minimum of 10,000MW of nuclear-generating capacity from the

As the WikiLeaks’ revelations, published by The Hindu, underscore, the
U.S. has a big stake in the nuclear deal and went to unusual lengths
to drum up support in India and ensure the outcome it desired. And
although the deal is loaded with largely one-sided and irrevocable
conditions for India, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh staked his
premiership on getting the deal through.

The WikiLeaks’ disclosures over the cash-for-votes scandal during the
consummation process only confirm the role mucky money played in
lubricating the deal. Now big money is influencing the opaque contract

Those who pushed the deal through without building national consensus
or permitting parliamentary scrutiny now seem too invested in this
deal to objectively gauge long-term safety or the cost competitiveness
of reactor imports. One indication of this is the unabashed manner in
which a nuclear park has been exclusively reserved — without any
competitive-bidding process — for each of the four preferred foreign
vendors. Yet after Fukushima, several major safety concerns stand out:

India is committed to importing reactor models that are yet to be
operated in any country, including state-owned Areva’s 1630MW European
Pressurised Reactor (EPR) and the General Electric-Hitachi’s 1520MW
Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR), which is still to
receive the final U.S. design certification.

There is no justification for importing untried reactor models. In the
1960s, GE sold India the first two prototypes of its Boiling Water
Reactor (BWR), whose designs it later supplied for all six reactors at
the now-crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant. India had little option then
because nuclear power was relatively new. The GE-built Tarapur plant
faced important operating and safety issues, in part because the
Americans cut off supply of even safety-related replacement parts in
response to the Pokharan I test. Today, the rush to buy untried
foreign-reactor technology is simply indefensible.

It is only after the Fukushima nuclear crisis unfolded that India’s
nuclear chief belatedly acknowledged the need for an earthquake- and
tsunami-related safety evaluation of Areva’s EPR design. Why wasn’t
this done before committing India to buy the EPR prototype?

The drive to build energy “security” by importing foreign fuel-
dependent reactors — that too without transparency, open bidding and
public accountability — is nothing but a money-spending boondoggle,
with the potential to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in
kickbacks for the corrupt.

In an openly manipulated process, price negotiations are taking place
only after each of the four chosen foreign vendors has been gifted an
exclusive seaside nuclear park to build reactors. What bargaining
power are the authorities left with when they have already reserved
each park for a particular firm?

With the rise of the corporate nuclear lobby, the line between the
seller and the buyer has blurred. The nuclear deal was pushed through
by the Prime Minister’s Office with the aid of some serving and
retired nuclear officials, private-sector companies attracted to
nuclear business, and interested foreign governments and vendors. The
very entities and consultants that are set to reap major commercial
gains helped build the dubious case for massive reactor imports by

Now an incestuous and unethical relationship exists between the buyer
and seller, underscored by the moves to place initial import contracts
worth more than $10 billion without any competitive bidding. It may
require the Supreme Court’s intervention to stop this brazen cronyism,
or else a 2G-style scam would likely unfold, but with long-term safety

To compound matters, the line between the regulator and the operator
has also blurred. And the secrecy enveloping the nuclear military
programme has unwarrantably been extended to a purely commercial
sector — nuclear power.

Structurally, the national regulator, the Atomic Energy Regulatory
Board, is in no position to act independently because, like the
operator, it is under the Department of Atomic Energy. More worrying,
however, is the manner in which the Board has become the handmaiden of
the political agenda set in New Delhi.

Before embarking on a major expansion of its programme, shouldn’t
India first create a strong, truly independent nuclear regulator?

Worse still, the planned import of four different types of new Light
Water Reactor (LWR) technology will make India’s nuclear-power complex
the most diverse in the world. Technological diversity may be good to
obviate reliance on one supplier. But the wide-ranging diversity India
is getting into will make its safety responsibilities extremely
arduous and complex, given the multiplicity of reactor designs it
already has in place.

It takes a long time to create teams of experienced safety engineers
for any reactor model. But when a particular reactor model is still
not in operation anywhere, training of engineers cannot even begin. By
contrast, India has immense experience in building, operating and
safeguarding indigenous CANDU-style reactors.

The chain of incidents engulfing all six Fukushima Daiichi reactors
was triggered by their close proximity to each other. With a flare-up
at one reactor affecting systems at another, Japan ended up with
serial blasts, fires, spent-fuel exposures, and other radiation leaks.

This seriously calls into question India’s decision to approve the
construction of six and more large reactors at each new nuclear park.
The plans to build clusters of reactors must now be abandoned.

At Fukushima, the spent-fuel rods — holding most of the highly
radioactive uranium at the site — have proved a bigger radiation
problem than the reactor cores. This shines a spotlight on the spent-
fuel challenges at the sister but older plant in Tarapur, where the
discharged fuel has been accumulating for over four decades because
the U.S. has refused to either take it or allow India to reprocess it.

The mounting Tarapur spent-fuel stockpile poses greater safety and
environmental hazards than probably at any other plant in the world.
The spent-fuel rods — unlike the reactors — have no containment
structure, and they endanger public safety in India’s densely-
populated commercial heartland.

The spent-fuel bundles are kept under water in bays at a special
facility at Tarapur. But such temporary pools have proven Fukushima’s
Achilles heel.

The cost to move the spent-fuel rods in secure dry casks to a faraway
desert area will be prohibitive. India already has borne high storage
costs at Tarapur. Those costs should not only be billed to Washington,
but India must exert pressure on America to agree to the immediate
spent-fuel reprocessing under international safeguards — the only
viable option to contain the risks.

India’s nuclear accident-liability legislation has seriously burdened
the Indian taxpayer by capping the liability of foreign suppliers at a
modest level. With the foreign vendors also freed from the task of
producing electricity at marketable rates, the taxpayer is to
subsidise the high-priced electricity generated. For the foreign
vendors, there is no downside risk; only profits to reap. Yet GE and
Westinghouse are unhappy with the state operator’s right of recourse.

The legislation was passed after the BJP — a party too compromised to
be able to withstand pressures — cut a deal with the government. But
after Fukushima, it is important to tighten some provisions of the
legislation, which goes beyond U.S. law to channel both economic
liability and legal liability to the state and abridge victims’ legal

More broadly, before signing multibillion-dollar contracts, India must
first formulate a coherent nuclear-power policy that also addresses
safety issues. After all, Dr. Singh is seeking to take India from a
largely indigenous capacity to a predominantly import-based programme
by implicitly jettisoning Dr. Homi Bhabha’s vision and strategy. Not
only is the goal of a self-reliant thorium fuel cycle now pie in the
sky, but India is also set to become dependent on foreign suppliers
even for critical safety-related replacement parts.

Actually, the corrupt means employed in engineering the nuclear deal
must now lead to its long-blocked scrutiny by Parliament. A larger
question haunting the country is whether it has institutionally become
too corrupt to be able to effectively uphold nuclear safety in the
long run — a concern reinforced by the troubled state of internal
security, high incidence of terrorism and politicisation of the
nuclear establishment.

Keywords: Indian nuclear policy, safety measures, Fukishima nuclear
crisis, WikiLeaks’ revelations

New Delhi, March 18, 2011
`Pause a little’, Ramesh on safety of n-plants in India

Amid growing concerns over the nuclear catastrophe in Japan,
Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh on Friday said the country should
“pause a little” to look at the “state of preparedness” of the atomic
plants to deal with emergencies like tsunami and earthquake.

Mr. Ramesh, however, said he was not making a case for the country to
forever abandon nuclear power.

Terming as “horrendous” what happened to Japan’s nuclear safety in the
aftermath of devastating earthquake and the resultant massive tsunami
on March 11, Mr. Ramesh said, “We have to draw the appropriate

“I think we have to pause a little, we have to look at the safety
system. We have to look at our state of preparedness for emergencies
like tsunamis and so on,” Mr. Ramesh said on the sidelines of the
“India Today Conclave 2011” here.

“It is not an abandon button. It is a time for calm and cool
thinking,” Mr. Ramesh said but made it clear that India is not going
to abandon nuclear energy forever.

“That is clearly an unrealistic position to take given the need of our
energy requirement. What happened in Japan is fully shocking and we
have to do a thorough independent professional audit of our systems,”
the Minister said.

His comments came amid concerns by environmentalists over safety of
the planned Jaitapur nuclear plant in Maharashtra if it is affected by
an earthquake or a massive tsunami.

Keywords: nuclear energy, nuclear safety, Indian n-plant

Opinion » Editorial

March 23, 2011
All set for the fight

By taking three weeks for their pre-electoral exertions such as
cobbling together alliances and identifying seats and candidates,
political parties in Tamil Nadu have taken up half the time the
Election Commission of India gave them to face a general election to
the State Assembly on April 13. None of the parties was quite ready
for elections at such uncomfortably short notice, but the election
authorities perhaps felt that the campaign phase might be better
supervised and the possibility of voter bribery and more subtle
blandishments more effectively curbed if the campaign phase was kept
to the minimum. The campaign dust is set to swirl from now on, marking
the beginning of an acrimonious spell of electioneering. This is
essentially a two-cornered contest between the fronts led by the
Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) and the All India Anna Dravida
Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK). History bears down on the DMK as no party
has been elected back to power since 1984. But its veteran leader,
Chief Minister Muthuvel Karunanidhi, nurtures hope of bucking this
trend, armed with what he believes is a winning election manifesto and
a track record of implementing a number of welfare measures. On the
other side, the AIADMK led by a charismatic and strong leader has
roped in the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) led by actor
Vijayakant, whose ambition to emerge a leading player in the State
political stage has been tempered by experience and is now a willing
ally in the project to oust the DMK regime. With the Left parties on
her side, the alliance leader, former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa,
will seek to cash in on the DMK’s 2G-related travails and other
embarrassments, besides anti-incumbency ingredients such as the price
spiral, the power shortage, and allegations of corruption and ‘family

With DMK-Congress ties coming under strain in the shadow of the
Supreme Court-monitored investigation into the 2G spectrum allocation
scandal, the Congress resorted to unabashed arm-twisting to extract 63
seats from the DMK kitty, thereby shrinking the ruling party’s own
presence in the poll fray to just 119 candidates of its own and a few
from minor allies contesting on its symbol. There is no chance of the
DMK forming a government on its own strength, as any party would need
118 seats to touch the majority mark in the 234-member legislature.
Despite the fight being mainly between two muscular opponents, the
bewildering array of smaller parties — which bank on caste support or
whose sway is confined to regions — in both fronts makes Tamil Nadu a
laboratory specimen for notions of alliance arithmetic and inter-party
chemistry. The alliance leaders will hope that the bitterness and
brinkmanship of the negotiation phase would not spill over to the
campaign stage. But across the divide, the fight is set to be fierce.

Keywords: Tamil Nadu Assembly polls, Election Commission, voter
bribery, Tamil Nadu politics, political scandals

23 Mar, 2011, 04.08PM IST,TNN
2G scam: CBI will name Raja, Balwa KTV boss in chargesheet

Read more on »videocon|tata|swan telecom|shyam mobile|shahid balwa|s
tel|r k chandolia|loop telecom|dot|dmk|dishnet|cbi|alliance infra|2g

NEW DELHI: The CBI is set to file its first chargesheet in the 2G
scam , naming former telecom minister A Raja, Swan Telecom promoter
Shahid Balwa , former telecom secretary Siddharth Behuria, Raja’s
former private secretary R K Chandolia , and Kalaignar TV MD Sharad

According to dependable sources, the chargesheet would also name at
least two corporate houses, Swan Telecom and Unitech. Official sources
said the CBI would stick to the deadline set by the Supreme Court and
file the first chargesheet before March 31.

The SC is monitoring the CBI investigation into the arbitrary
allocation of the 2G spectrum to chosen companies in 2008, which may
have caused a loss of up to Rs 176,000 crore to the exchequer.

Sources said the first chargesheet would focus on the criminal
conspiracy to doctor eligibility and alter the first-come-firstserved
policy. The chargesheet would also include charges under forgery and

There would be more chargesheets, given the scope and number of
conspirators in the case. CBI sources said the subsequent chargesheets
could name DMK patriarch Karunanidhi’s daughter MK Kanimozhi, a Rajya
Sabha MP and promoter of Kalaignar TV, and many others. Several
companies directly or indirectly involved in the scam and many
officials involved in allocation of 2G spectrum and licences would
also be named, sources said.

The CBI is still investigating the role of Anil Ambani’s Reliance
group, Loop Telecom , Essar group, Tata group, Videocon , S Tel ,
Shyam Mobile , Alliance Infra , Dishnet and others. It is also looking
at the role played by individuals, including many corporate leaders,
DoT officials and others.

Sebi cracks the whip on online stock manipulation

ENS Economic Bureau Tags : Securities and Exchange Board of India,
SEBI, market regulator, Facebook, Twitter Posted: Thu Mar 24 2011,
00:26 hrs Mumbai:

The market regulator is cracking the whip on manipulators who use
internet blogs, chat forums, emails and social networking sites for
price rigging.

In a bid to check circulation of unsubstantiated news which could
distort normal functioning and prices of stocks, the Securities and
Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has announced a new set of code of
conduct for staff of broking houses and other market intermediaries.

The registered market intermediaries, regulated by the Sebi, are
directed that proper internal code of conduct and controls should be
put in place, the regulator said in a circular.

“The staff of broking houses and other intermediaries should be
discouraged from circulating information obtained from clients or
others without proper verification,” it said, adding that there should
not be any kind of unsubstantiated news, which could distort normal
functioning the prices of stocks. Sebi has observed that
unauthenticated news related to various scrips are circulated in
blogs, chat forums or e-mails by employees of broking houses and other
intermediaries in violation of rules.

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“The intermediaries do not have proper internal controls and do not
ensure that proper checks and balances are in place to govern the
conduct of their employees,” Sebi said, adding that such speculative
news and “rumours” can affect the functioning of the markets and
distort prices of bourses. In the circular, the watchdog further said
that access to blogs, chat forum and other sites should either be
restricted under supervision or access should not be allowed.

“Logs for any usage of such blogs/chat forums/messenger sites shall be
treated as records and the same should be maintained as specified by
the respective regulations which govern the concerned intermediary.
Any market related news should be forwarded only with approval of
concerned personnel,” it added.

“If an employee fails to do so, he/she shall be deemed to have
violated the various provisions contained in Sebi Act/Rules/
Regulations etc and shall be liable for actions,” it said. The stock
exchanges have also been directed to make necessary amendments to the
relevant rules and regulations for implementation of decision. A
committee, appointed by the regulator comprising representatives from
market intermediaries, had earlier suggested the need for such a code
of conduct.

Sebi is putting in place new software tools that would analyse
discussions on social networking platforms such as Facebook and
Twitter. The regulator has implemented a new tool for speedy analysis
of data and identification of possible violations like insider trading
and front running. The new tool, named Data Ware Housing and Business
Intelligence System, will enhance Sebi’s surveillance functions, it

Coalitions of caste

Gopu Mohan Tags : Election 2011 Tamil Nadu, most backward class,
Pattali Makkal Katchi, Vanniyar community Posted: Thu Mar 24 2011,
02:49 hrs Chennai:

Ahead of the polls in Tamil Nadu, a number of outfits — established,
nascent and unknown — have emerged from the shadows with a claim to
transfer their captive, caste-based votes for respect, recognition and
other benefits.

The power of this transferable vote share has been exhibited best by
the Pattali Makkal Katchi, a party of the numerically strong most
backward class (MBC) Vanniyar community and founded by Dr S Ramadoss.
They comprise nearly 30 per cent of the population. The community has
leaders in all parties, yet the poor among its members remain so.

The social outfit Vanniyar Sangam was born in 1980, and from it the
PMK was formed nine years later. Though its vote share has remained
single digit, the party has two advantages: its votes are considered
transferable en bloc, and its votes are concentrated, in the north.

Also dominant in these districts is the Dalit party Viduthalai
Chiruthaigal Katchi, led by Thol Thirumavalavan, MP. The party,
earlier known as Dalit Panthers of India, has considerable influence
among the Paraya sub-sect of Dalits, and was involved in a series of
communal clashes with the Vanniyars. Now that both are in the DMK-led
alliance, their leaders have made the right noises about working
towards the same goal.

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The PMK is contesting from 30 seats and the VCK from 10. In the west,
known as Kongu region, which the DMK has failed to conquer yet, it has
brought in the Kongunadu Munnetra Kazhagam, a new party formed by the
influential Gounders. Stitched together as a political outfit merely
months ahead of the general elections, the KMK still garnered 5.79
lakh votes from 12 constituencies. The DMK has allocated it seven
seats, getting in return the support of a community that forms about
40 per cent of the region’s population.

To gain the support of the Thevars, a dominant community in the south,
the ruling front has Muvendar Munnetra Kazhagam, conceding one
Assembly seat that will be contested on the DMK symbol.

Most of the DMK’s partnerships have been countered with equal and
opposite moves by the lead opposition party, the AIADMK.

The Thevars have largely sided with the AIADMK since the period of
party founder M G Ramachandran, an allegiance that was cemented after
present general secretary J Jayalalithaa’s close aide Sasikala, a
member of the community, became a decision-making figure in the party.

Besides this, the front has the All India Muvendar Munnani Kazhagam, a
Thevar party that has been allotted one seat. A splinter group of the
MMK has also sided with her, while yet another Thevar organisation,
Pasumpon Desiya Kazhagam, has extended support.

The All India Samathuva Makkal Katchi (AISMK) floated by actor-
politician Sarathkumar got two seats from the AIADMK as it has the
backing of the Nadar community. Soon after the deal was signed in the
opposition camp, the DMK president allotted one seat (on a DMK ticket)
to the little known Perunthalaivar Makkal Katchi which claims support
of the same community.

Perunthalaivar is a sobriquet of legendary late Congress leader K
Kamaraj — the national party still enjoys support from the Nadars.

After the PMK changed its alliance for yet another time — following
the Lok Sabha disaster where it won none of the seven seats it
contested along with the AIADMK — a rival group, Vanniyar Federation,
moved closer to Jaya’s party.

Incidentally, minister of state S Jagathrakshakan merged his
Jananayaga Munnetra Kazhagam with the DMK before the general election,
a move that helped him return to Parliament. He defeated the PMK’s R

If the VCK can help bring in Dalit votes to the ruling front in the
north, the opposition front has Puthiya Thamizhagam, a party of
another sub-sect of Dalits, the Pallars who represent several votes in
the south. The party has been allotted two seats.

With only three weeks left for polling, Jaya has got the support of a
confederation of Dalit outfits which includes Parayar Peravai, Dr
Ambedkar Peravai, Ambedkar Makkal Padai, a faction of BSP, Adidravidar
Puratchi Kazhagam, Dalit Makkal Munnani among others.

Compared to its rival, the AIADMK is in a better position in the Kongu
region, which was evident from its lack of enthusiasm to rope in the
KMK. Instead, when the DMK struck a deal with the KML, Jaya’s side
responded by giving the Tamil Nadu Ilaignar Kongu Peravai one seat.

A coalition of community-based organisations has been newly floated to
challenge the two fronts. On board are the Indian Jananayaka Katchi
launched by education entrepreneur T R Pachamuthu and backed by his
community; Bhargava Kula Vellalar; Tamizhaga Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam
(TMMK) of Dalit leader John Pandian who converted his Devendrakula
Velalar Munettra Kazhagam into the party; Yadava Maha Sabha; Tamil
Nadu Vaaniyar Chettiyar Peravai; and newly-formed Samooga Samathuva
Padai founded by former bureaucrat and Dalit activist A Sivagami who
quit the BSP.

There are also caste-based organisations like Dalit outfit Puratchi
Bharatham and Muthiraiyar community-backed Singa Tamilar Munnetra
Kazhagam, not part of any front yet.

Among religious groups, the Indian Union Muslim League, a UPA partner,
has been allotted three seats; their intra-community opponent,
Manithaneya Makkal Katchi got a similar deal from AIADMK.

A new entrant is the Indian Christian People’s Party (ICPP), launched
on Sunday by Archbishop of Madras-Mylapore A M Chinnappa. For the
record, there already exists an All India Christian Makkal Katchi.

Whether the tie-ups would help is anybody’s guess. For instance, a
decade ago, Karunanidhi had cobbled up an alliance comprising 18
outfits, both political and casteist, but had to sit in Opposition as
the citizens preferred to vote against his government rather than in
favour of their community organisations.

Five months after CWG, flat owners wait in vain
Akshat Kaushal / New Delhi March 24, 2011, 0:54 IST

Although the Commonwealth Games ended more than five months ago,
owners of around 400 apartments in the Games village have still not
got possession of the flats they have already paid for.

“After paying 95 per cent of the flat cost, no one in the government
or Emaar-MGF (the developer) is giving us any indication on the timing
of the possession of the flats,” said a flat owner.

The owners of these flats say that according to the Project
Development Agreement, which was signed between the Delhi Development
Authority (DDA) and Emaar-MGF, the apartments were to be handed over
by the DDA to Emaar-MGF within two months of the Games and
subsequently to the owners. However, five months since the Games,
there appears to be no sign of when they will be allotted their flats.

“Emaar-MGF has informed us that they can give possession only after
getting handover from DDA. However, due to the financial disputes with
DDA, we are not confident that the builder is doing its best to
resolve its disputes and give us a timely possession,” said a flat

When contacted, Emmar-MGF said in an email response, “The flats were
to be handed over to Emaar-MGF by DDA within two months after the
completion of the Games, however, despite several reminders to DDA we
are still awaiting the handover from them.”

The spokesperson of the DDA, Neemo Dhar said: “The flats have not been
handed over to Emaar-MGF because the completion certificate has not
been prepared.” She further added that “there is no time-frame” by
which the DDA would be able to complete these formalities.

Emaar-MGF, under a private-public partnership with DDA, had won the
contract to develop 1,168 flats. The company had hoped to sell 70 per
cent (778) of these and to use the cash from the sale to finance the
construction. However, because of the global recession, Emaar was
unable to sell all the flats and had to be bailed out by DDA. As part
of the bailout, DDA purchased 333 of the flats for Rs 700 crore at the
rate of Rs 11,000 per sq ft. Later, DDA seized Emaar’s entire bank
guarantee amounting to Rs 183 crore as damages for its failure to
complete the Commonwealth Games village project in time.

Meanwhile, the owners are caught in the crossfire because of the
disputes between DDA and Emaar-MGF.

“Emaar-MGF says DDA has not returned the possession to them, which is
the cause of the delay. I am paying an EMI of Rs 2.5 lakh and I don’t
know when I will get possession of my apartment,” said Vikas Kapoor,
who owns a flat in the Games village.

Another owner V Vasu said, “I sold an existing house to raise money
for buying this flat, but now because of the delay I am forced to live
in a rented apartment. The delay is also causing damage to the
building, as there is no maintenance.”

Carrying coals to New Delhi

Doubts on coal reserves raise questions about thermal power
Business Standard / New Delhi March 24, 2011, 0:15 IST

It would seem that disappointment or controversy is never too far away
from India’s energy sector. The recent admission by the Union ministry
of power that even the ‘revised’ target of 62,000 MW for the 11th five
year plan (the initial plan target was 78,000 MW) would be missed by
20 per cent, while disappointing, barely surprised those familiar with
the Power Ministry’s record of meeting set targets. A recent report by
The Energy Research Institute (TERI) pricks the sanguine belief,
widely held, about India’s limitless coal reserves, deemed adequate to
support a significant proportion of India’s energy ambitions well into
the next century. Total coal reserves in India are estimated to be of
the order of 276 billion tonnes, of which 110 billion tonnes are
‘proven’ resources. These estimates are based on the Indian Standard
Procedure (ISP), a time honoured practice to estimate all minerals,
dating back to the 19th century. This, according to the authors of the
study is the crux of the problem. In not adequately considering the
techno-economic costs associated with extraction, the ISP tends to
overestimate mineral reserves that can be feasibly mined. An
alternative estimation method called the United Nations Framework
Classification (UNFC) that was designed to overcome the limitations of
the ISP has not been implemented, despite a government go-ahead in
2001. Adopting the UNFC methodology, would provide a more realistic
estimate of India’s mineral endowment, which in turn would lead to
appropriate policy responses.

The report’s logic is persuasive: if the marginal cost of extraction
exceeds the price at which it can be sold, it would make little
economic sense to do so, unless the government subsidises the
difference. Some of India’s reserves are indeed in thickly-forested
areas in states such as Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh.
Even if the activist positions adopted by the Ministry of Environment
& Forests (MoEF) were to be downplayed for the moment, getting the
coal from pit to plant would require considerable investment in
logistics and infrastructure, which even in a best-case scenario would
be a gradual process. The central findings of the report are sobering
for India’s energy policy. If present ISP-based estimates were
discounted conservatively by 40 per cent, ‘proven’ reserves would come
down by about 44 billion tonnes to about 66 billion tonnes. At present
levels of consumption, they would suffice for 110 years. A dynamic
forecast of the future supply-demand scenario would necessarily
consider the higher demand as the Indian economy grows at
approximately 9 per cent over the next two decades, as well as the
potential of technology to access reserves currently classified as non-

India’s energy mix, which currently relies heavily on thermal power
and is expected to do so in the foreseeable future makes it imperative
that the findings of the report be treated seriously. For example,
supply of coal from Coal India Limited (CIL) to power producers has
been notoriously erratic. While this was ascribed to systemic
inefficiencies, mainly in the form of inadequate infrastructure and
transport networks, the TERI report might raise more fundamental
questions about the reliability of CIL as a coal supplier, given that
its actual reserves may be lower than stated. Coal imports, mainly in
the form of high-grade thermal coal are already close to 25 per cent
of total consumption. If the findings of the report are true, India
might have to reconcile to imported coal becoming an even more
important part of the total fuel mix in the foreseeable future.
Forewarned is forearmed!

…and I am Sid Harth

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